Scale Drawing of Nasutoceratops

With both CollectA and Safari Ltd producing replicas of the basal Centrosaurine dinosaur known as Nasutoceratops (N. titusi) in 2015, team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy preparing a fact sheet all about this horned dinosaur.  The discovery of the fossils of this large, herbivorous dinosaur has thrown the world of Centrosaurine phylogeny into confusion.  The large brow horns, bigger in both absolute and relative terms than the brow horns of any other known Centrosaurine dinosaur along with a number of other anatomical traits seen in Nasutoceratops, has led many palaeontologists to question the division of the Ceratopsidae into two distinct clades.  Is the sub-division of the Ceraptosidae into Chasmosaurinae and Centrosaurinae clades too simplistic?

The debate is likely to continue and it will be further complicated by new fossil discoveries from North America.  Perhaps, a revision similar to the changes seen in the Theropoda with the virtual abandonment of terms such as Carnosaur which was originally applied to meat-eating dinosaurs of a certain size.  However, this point has been set aside as we focus on creating a fact sheet for these new dinosaur models.  Every named prehistoric animal model that Everything Dinosaur supplies is sent out with its own fact sheet.  As part of our research, we commission a scale drawing so that our customers can see the approximate size of the animal represented by the fossil material.

The Scale Drawing of Nasutoceratops

A scale drawing of the Late Campanian horned dinosaur called Nasutoceratops.

A scale drawing of the Late Campanian horned dinosaur called Nasutoceratops.

Picture Credit: Mike Fredericks/Everything Dinosaur

We are looking forward to the arrival of the two models of Nasutceratops, we wonder which one will prove to be the most popular amongst dinosaur fans and model collectors?

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