An Exciting Number of New Model Releases from Collecta in 2015.

Everything Dinosaur can exclusively reveal the list of new prehistoric animal models being introduced by Collecta in 2015.  It seems that next year is going to be a bumper year for Collecta with their “prehistoric life” model range.

Here is what Collecta will be bringing out and Everything Dinosaur will be stocking next year.

Medusaceratops (trend for Ceratopsians continues)
Daxiatitan – Chinese Titanosaur
Nasutoceratops (what did we say about Ceratopsians and trends)?
Xiongguanlong (Early Cretaceous tyrannosaur)
1:40 scale Pliosaurus (marine reptiles rock)!
1:40 Acrocanthosaurus (articulated lower jaw)
1:40 Feathered T. rex (articulated lower jaw)
1:4 scale Pterosaur with moving jaw – Guidraco
Moropus (knuckle-walker – Chalicothere)
Deluxe Smilodon
Deluxe Daeodon (vicious Entelodont)
Temnodontosaurus (for those who wanted an Ichthyosaur)

More details and of course, pictures will follow soon.  It is Everything Dinosaur’s intention to stock them all.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s current range of Collecta replicas: Collecta Prehistoric Animal Figures

To view the Deluxe (scale model) series: Scale Models from Collecta

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