A Review of the Collecta Kosmoceratops and Utahceratops

Collecta introduced recently another two excellent horned dinosaur models into their not-to-scale dinosaur model range.  As these two Ceratopsians, Kosmoceratops and Utahceratops shared the same Late Cretaceous habitat team members at Everything Dinosaur decided to produce a video review featuring these dinosaur models together.

A Review of the Collecta Kosmoceratops and the Collecta Utahceratops

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this brief review (five minutes), we explain  how these two models reflect the actual fossil evidence and speculate why both these horned dinosaurs had brow horns that did not face forward as seen in dinosaurs such as Torosaurus and Triceratops.  Both the Collecta Utahceratops and the slightly smaller Collecta Kosmoceratops had brow horns that faced out sideways, like the horns seem on some types of cows today.  They make exciting additions to the range of Collecta dinosaurs.

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