The Start of Spring?

Today, March 1st is, according to some sources the first day of Spring.  It may feel a little spring-like as we observe the frogs in the office pond cavorting about and certainly if we check the office barometer we can see that we are indeed in for a spell of relatively settled weather.  However, today most of us have not being going around with a “spring” in our step.

Firstly, we wanted to celebrate St. David’s day (patron saint of Wales), by putting up some pictures of dragons that we saw at one of the Welsh schools we visited recently.  Unfortunately, the pictures of a some beautiful, red Welsh dragons made by the pupils have been put somewhere in our office and we can’t find them – whoops.  This in the Chinese year of the dragon as well, how unfortunate, still here is a picture of a dragon-like creature, possibly Welsh by Australian artist Kate Rhode.

 A Prehistoric Winged Creature by Kate Rhode

Nearly a dragon.

Picture Credit: Kate Rhode

It may not be quite a dragon, but it gives us the excuse to post up a colourful image from the Melbourne based artist.

Today, has been fun as far as getting to grips with our new Facebook format is concerned.  As from the end of this month, all Facebook pages will automatically change to a new layout.  Just when we were getting to grips with this site, the format changes and we have to learn some new things – deep joy.

We have managed to put together a new cover as requested, not brilliant photoshop work but hopefully visitors to the Everything Dinosaur Facebook page won’t be put off too much by our limited CS5 skills.

Facebook Cover – Everything Dinosaur

Getting to Grips with Facebook

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Click on the image above to visit Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page (please give our page a “like”), that would be brilliant.

Feel free to visit our Facebook page, we post up various snippets and other bits and pieces, such as product pictures, updates on research, new models, links and so forth, just look up Everything Dinosaur on Facebook.

Hopefully, things will be back to normal for the Post Office tomorrow, we will wait and see.

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