Ferocious Kelenken – A Video Review of the New “Terror Bird”

The fragmentary fossils of a huge Phorusrhacid were discovered in Argentina in 2006.  The fossil material included a huge 46 centimetre long rostrum (part of the beak).  This rostrum is the largest found to date and when these fossils were formally described in 2007, the “Terror Bird” called Kelenken came into being.

Regarded, as perhaps the tallest of all the South American Phorusrhacids, Kelenken was a formidable predator with a viciously curved beak.  Here is a video review made by Everything Dinosaur team members of the Collecta model of this amazing prehistoric bird from the Miocene.

A Video Review of the “Terror Bird” Kelenken (Kelenken Collecta Deluxe)

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

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