The New Papo Styracosaurus Replica

Papo, that famous model and figure manufacturer based in France has launched the first of its two new dinosaur models this year.  The new interpretation of Styracosaurus measures over sixteen centimetres long and depicts this horned dinosaur from the Campanian faunal stage of North America in colourful salmon pink.  It is a super Papo dinosaur model.

The Papo Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model

Picture Credit: Papo/Everything Dinosaur

To view the Papo Dinosaurs model range: Dinosaur Toys – Papo Dinosaur Models

Of the nineteen prehistoric animal models currently marketed by Papo, three are members of the Ceratopsidae family, Styracosaurus joins Triceratops and Pachyrhinosaurus.  Indeed, if you consider the Marginocephalia (the Sub-Order to which the Ceratopsidae belong), there are four models in the current Papo range that are classified as members of the Marginocephalia – the fourth Papo dinosaurs model being the Pachycephalosaurus replica.

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