New Dinosaur Raincoats now in Stock

With the autumn weather closing in and the first of the frosts forecast for the UK this week, it is good to know that the new range of dinosaur raincoats has arrived at Everything Dinosaur.

With a 100% waterproof polyurethane outer and a soft and cosy terry cotton lining these durable, hooded raincoats are ideal for budding young palaeontologists.  Available in a range of sizes, the raincoats have a really funky dinosaur motif and they are bound to be a big hit with little explorers.

The New Dinosaur Raincoat

Picture Credit: Hatley

This dinosaur raincoat even has two super-sized front pockets for budding palaeontologists to keep their fossil finds in.

To view the raincoats, just part of the extensive range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal inspired range of children’s clothing from Everything Dinosaur:

Dinosaur Raincoat and Dinosaur themed clothing: Dinosaur Clothing

On the theme of water, a little something to “float your boat” as it were.  The rain that falls on us, also fell on dinosaurs – it is the same water (hydrological cycle).  So the next time you get caught in a shower, imagine how a 30 metre Diplodocus felt!

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