Sunday – Time for a Break

With just one more full week of August to go, today we have spent sometime in the office just catching up on the jobs that we had been trying to get done this month.  For example, we had some fossil casts to prepare and then send out, plus some more information on fossils to write up for a school project in the Autumn term.  This week, we have just one more engagement, once this is finished we can relax, as all our commitments for the school holidays will have been completed.

Our new website design is coming along nicely, we had a quick update on progress at Friday’s meeting and everything seems to be going well.  Not sure when the new site is due to go live, but we are hoping that this will take place before the end of August.  Let’s hope so, as we have some new items that have just come back from our test groups and these are ready to be added to our on line shop at Everything Dinosaur

It will be good to get to through next week, as the events, although very enjoyable, are really  hard work and we have been bombarded with questions from young dinosaur fans.  Some of the events and work with museums has meant that we have had very early starts and the punishing schedule is beginning to catch up with us.  However, with just one more event to go, and with a Bank Holiday coming up, at least we have something to look forward to.

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