Ichthyosaurus Coprolite

A Picture of Coprolite from a Marine Reptile

At the request of several blog site readers, Everything Dinosaur has posted up a picture of the coprolite (poo) of an Ichthyosaur.

The Picture of the Coprolite

Marine reptile poo.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We at Everything Dinosaur obviously aim to please our readers.

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  1. Cherie Delphin says:

    Thank you for putting a picture of your fossil on the web. I now have the nerve to go to my geologist and say “See, I’m not crazy!” By the way, I have been looking at fossil heads for 21/2 years and just discovered that some are pterosaurs. I have one similarly coloured to yours with black edges where the beak should be and its bent back three times! I wonder if the geologist(there aren’t any paleontologists here in Tasmania) will listen to my theory. I believe the heads were thrown into lakes or rivers where the tides washed over them thus turning them into silica or other minerals.

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