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15 12, 2018

News of Papo Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

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Papo Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

Everything Dinosaur has teamed up with their chums over at the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables to bring dinosaur model fans news about which models from the Papo “dinosaurs” range are being retired.

News may have already leaked out about which models Papo intends to release in 2019, Everything Dinosaur will make an official announcement soon about the new for 2019 models.  However, in the meantime, here is a special press release in association with JurassicCollectables that provides information about which figures from the popular Papo range are being withdrawn.

Details of Papo Model Retirements for 2019 – JurassicCollectables Video Announcement

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Papo Model Retirements

Everything Dinosaur has already released information about two Papo model retirements – the Papo Archaeopteryx and the Papo Tupuxuara pterosaur figure, back in October.  In total, a further three models are being dropped, namely:

  • Papo Allosaurus
  • Papo running T. rex colour variant
  • Papo Dimorphodon

Models Being Withdrawn by Papo in 2019

Papo prehistoric animal model retirements in 2019.

Papo model retirements in 2019.  The Papo Allosaurus figure, along with the Papo running T. rex colour variant, Archaeopteryx, Tupuxuara and Dimorphodon are being withdrawn.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Further Details

The Papo Archaeopteryx, first introduced in 2014, is being retired, it has been left out of the 2019 catalogue.  The Papo Tupuxuara, which came out in 2015, is also being retired, but it will feature in the new for 2019 Papo catalogue which will be sent out to distributors in January.  It has officially been retired but has been included in the catalogue print run to permit what limited stocks that are left to be sold.

The Papo Allosaurus model (55016), a stalwart of the range for many years is also being withdrawn.  This figure is not in the 2019 Papo catalogue, it is being replaced by a new colour variant Allosaurus model.  The Papo running T. rex colour variant (55057), which was introduced in 2016, has been retired.  It too, is out of the new for 2019 catalogue, the idea is that whilst the green running T. rex will remain (55027), the first widely available colour variant will be superseded by the new, brown running T. rex model (55075).

Furthermore, the Papo Dimorphodon model  (55063) is being dropped.  This flying reptile was added in 2017, but it is not included in the new catalogue and it has been withdrawn.

Some further news for fans of the Papo range, despite the introduction of a new colour variant Stegosaurus model (55079), the original Stegosaurus figure (55007), is still in the 2019 catalogue.  Everything Dinosaur team members have speculated that it has been included for the time being, but it will most likely be withdrawn in the future.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s article about the retirement of the Papo Archaeopteryx and Tupuxuara models: Two Papo Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

The Papo Green Running T. rex Figure and the Original Version of the Stegosaurus Remain

Staying for now, the green running T. rex and the original Papo Stegosaurus models.

Papo Stegosaurus (original) and the green running T. rex.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

For model reviews, updates on dinosaur figures and other fantastic prehistoric animal themed videos take a look at the amazing YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables

To view the Papo range of prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

13 12, 2018

December Newsletter from Everything Dinosaur

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December Newsletter from Everything Dinosaur

Subscribers to Everything Dinosaur’s regular newsletter have been kept up to date with all our special offers for Christmas.  In addition, newsletter readers have had the chance to reserve the new for January 2019, Rebor limited edition “Club Selection” Hatching Baryonyx “Hurricane” as well as to ensure they are amongst the first in the world to receive the forthcoming Eofauna Scientific Research Giganotosaurus scale model.

Countdown to Christmas – Special Offers from Everything Dinosaur

Buy a pair of Rebor tyrannosaurid figures.

Countdown to Christmas! Everything Dinosaur offers the Rebor “Vanilla Ice” tyrannosaurid figures Mountain and Jungle as a pair.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Beasts of the Mesozoic “Raptors”

Everything Dinosaur stocks the full range of these amazing 1/6th scale, Beasts of the Mesozoic articulated dinosaur figures, including the difficult to acquire accessory sets and the build-a-raptor kits.  The Beasts of the Mesozoic dinosaur figures are targeted at discerning replica and figure collectors.  All the figures are hand-painted and articulated and these prehistoric animal models are great to display.  Everything Dinosaur is the exclusive European distributor for the Beasts of the Mesozoic range of models.

To see the amazing Beasts of the Mesozoic “raptors” available from Everything Dinosaur: Beasts of the Mesozoic Prehistoric Animal Figures

Beasts of the Mesozoic Models Flocking Your Way

Beasts of the Mesozoic figures from Everything Dinosaur

Beasts of Mesozoic figures available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Models and Trilobite Soft Toys

The Everything Dinosaur December newsletter also featured an update on the articulated, very rare, Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex figures from Japan.   All three colour variations including “smoke green” and the “classic” colouration are still available, but stocks are getting low.  Safely arrived at our warehouse is a new soft toy, a wonderful example of Palaeozoic plush!  We have a cute and cuddly Trilobite soft toy in stock.  The soft toy Trilobite measures a fraction over 16 centimetres in length and we know the eyes are wrong (Trilobita had compound eyes), however, the soft toy is so wonderful we had to add it to our soft toy range.

A Perfect Pair – Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurs and a Soft and Cuddly Trilobite

Rare Kaiyodo T. rex figures and a soft toy Trilobite.

Kaiyodo Tyrannosaurus rex figures and a soft toy trilobite.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Priority Reserve Lists for January Releases are Now Open

Our newsletter also featured an update on what is coming out early in 2019.  Our reserve list for the forthcoming (January release), Rebor Club Selection limited edition hatching Baryonyx “Hurricane” has now opened and subscribers have been given VIP access to this figure, after all, only 1,000 “Hurricanes” have been made.  Team members promise to set aside figures for list members and then email them to let them know that their hatching Baryonyx is available to purchase.

Priority Reserve Lists Open for New Rebor and Eofauna Scientific Research Figures

Priority reserve lists for new for 2019 dinosaur models.

Reservation lists open for new dinosaur models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Furthermore, our December newsletter featured an update on the eagerly anticipated Eofauna Scientific Research 1:35 scale Giganotosaurus model.  This beautifully crafted model is also due to arrive in January.  A reserve list has been opened and Everything Dinosaur customers have been urged to let us know their requirements to avoid disappointment when this figure is released.

To request a subscription to Everything Dinosaur’s regular newsletter, simply drop us an email: Email Everything Dinosaur

10 12, 2018

Please Order Early for Christmas

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Please Order Early for Christmas

There are only eleven more shopping days to Christmas, but with Christmas falling on a Tuesday this year, this means that there will be little movement in the international and domestic mail network from the 22nd December onwards.  Customers are advised to order early to avoid any potential disappointment on the big day.

Confirmation of the Last Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas Delivery

Last posting dates for Christmas.

Last recommended posting dates for Christmas (Royal Mail) in 2018.

Table Credit: Royal Mail

Recommended Last Posting Dates

The table above has been put together using information from Royal Mail.  Whilst staff at Everything Dinosaur do all they can to send out goods promptly and to provide accurate information on posting dates, it is certainly worthwhile checking with Royal Mail and other national carriers to obtain the latest postal information and updates.  Please note, the dates highlighted in the table above, are the last recommended dates for posting.  It is always sensible to send out gifts as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment.  Postal services get very busy in the run up to Christmas, posting early is always prudent and rest assured, our staff will be on hand to help customers with any queries or questions that they might have.

Everything Dinosaur Team Members Working Hard to Ensure a Rapid Despatch of Parcels

Team members working hard to despatch parcels.

Everything Dinosaur working hard to manage Christmas deliveries.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Working Hard to Ensure a Rapid Turnaround and Despatch of Orders

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been working all weekend to ensure that orders placed for Christmas delivery get packed and sent out as rapidly as possible.  Extra collections have been organised to cope with the large volume of orders the UK-based company receives at this time of year.  Orders placed before 2.30pm each afternoon will normally be despatched by 5.30pm the same afternoon (5.30pm is the last scheduled collection of the day).

Everything Dinosaur personnel have also been organising a special collection service to make sure that any last minute gifts get sent on their way as quickly as possible.  Royal Mail have stated the last recommended posting dates for UK parcels (see table above), however, if you are waiting for a gift to arrive, it is worth remembering that there are a number of areas in the UK where extra deliveries are taking place and Royal Mail has also organised Sunday deliveries in many parts of the country, especially in cities.

Please Check Your Delivery Address and Remember the Postcode

There are lots of things that customers can do to help ensure that parcels are delivered promptly.  For example, prior to finally hitting the “submit” button, it would be very sensible just to check the zip/post code and to ensure that the house name or house number has been included in the delivery address information.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Team workers are doing all they can to despatch parcels as quickly as possible, please help us to help you by ensuring that delivery addresses are correct and please place orders as early as possible.  Placing orders early can make a huge difference at this time of year.”

If you have a query about Christmas deliveries, or indeed any aspect of Everything Dinosaur’s delivery service please email: Email Everything Dinosaur

To view Everything Dinosaur’s website: Visit Everything Dinosaur’s Website

9 12, 2018

“A Guide to Fossil Collecting on the West Dorset Coast”

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“A Guide to Fossil Collecting on the West Dorset Coast” – Book Review

At a conference in a rather chilly Helsinki held seventeen years ago this week, delegates of the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), confirmed that World Heritage Site status would be conferred upon a 95-mile stretch of the coastline of southern England covering the east Devon and Dorset coast.

In the minutes of the conference, the reason for this award was recorded:

“The Dorset and East Devon Coast provides an almost continuous sequence of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous rock formations spanning the Mesozoic Era, documenting approximately 185 million years of Earth history.  It also includes a range of internationally important fossil localities – vertebrate and invertebrate, marine and terrestrial – which have produced well-preserved and diverse evidence of life during Mesozoic times.”

However, this description does not convey the true majesty of this location, nor does it provide a sense of awe that this part of the British Isles inspires in so many people.  Neither does it do justice to the simple pleasure of finding a fossil, gazing at it and realising that you are the first living creature in 180 million years to set eyes upon the petrified remains of what was once another inhabitant of our planet.

Then a book is published, a book that provides a sense of the stunning natural landscape, a book that transports the reader back in time, a book that conveys the sense of excitement and achievement associated with fossil collecting – “A Guide to Fossil Collecting on the West Dorset Coast” – does all this and more.

The Front Cover of “A Guide To Fossil Collecting on the West Dorset Coast”

"A Guide to Fossil Collecting on the West Dorset Coast" published by Siri Scientific Press

A beautifully illustrated guide to fossil hunting on the West Dorset coast.  RRP of £18.95 – highly recommended.

Picture Credit: Siri Scientific Press

Conveying a Sense of Beauty, Conveying a Sense of Wonder

Authors Craig Chivers and Steve Snowball focus on one part of the “Jurassic Coast”, that beautiful coastline that runs east from Lyme Regis to the foreboding cliffs of Burton Bradstock.  First the scene is set.  There is a brief description of the geological setting and an outline of the contribution to science of arguably Dorset’s most famous former resident, Mary Anning, and then the reader is taken in Mary’s footsteps through a series of guided walks travelling eastwards along the coast and forwards in time to explore the geology and remarkable fossil heritage of this unique sequence of sedimentary strata.

The Book is Filled with Stunning Photographs of Fossil Discoveries

Prepared specimen of Becheiceras gallicum.

A Lower Jurassic ammonite (Becheiceras gallicum) from the Green Ammonite Member (Seatown, Dorset).

Picture Credit: Siri Scientific Press (fossil found and prepared by Lizzie Hingley)

A Reference for All Collectors and Fossil Enthusiasts

Drawing on their detailed knowledge of fossil collecting, Craig and Steve describe what to look for and where to find an array of fossil specimens along this part of the “Jurassic Coast”.  The landscape is vividly portrayed and the book provides a handy, rucksack-sized reference for fossil collectors, whether seasoned professionals or first time visitors to Dorset.  We commend the authors for including copious amounts of helpful information on responsible fossil collecting and for publishing in full the West Dorset Fossil Collecting Code.

Breath-taking Views of the Natural Beauty of the Coastline

Fossil hunting around Seatown.

Golden Cap – excursions around Seatown.  Majestic views of the “Jurassic Coast”.

Picture Credit: Siri Scientific Press

Recreating Ancient Environments

Talented palaeoartist Andreas Kurpisz provides readers with digital reconstructions of ancient environments and brings to life the fossil specimens, showing them as living creatures interacting with other prehistoric animals in a series of Jurassic landscapes and seascapes.  These reconstructions help to document the changing environments that are now preserved within the imposing cliffs of this remarkable part of the British coastline.

Crinoids (Sea Lilies) from the West Dorset Coast

Crinoids from the "Jurassic Coast".

The book contains stunning photographs of fossils from the “Jurassic Coast”.

Picture Credit: Siri Scientific Press

Spokesperson for Everything Dinosaur, Mike Walley commented:

“This guide manages to capture the beauty and the fascination of this part of the “Jurassic Coast”.  It is a “must have” for all fossil collectors and if ever the delegates at that UNESCO conference needed to reaffirm their decision to grant this stunning part of the British coastline World Heritage Site status, this book provides ample evidence to justify their original decision.”

For further information and to order this exquisite guide book: Order “A Guide to Fossil Collecting on the West Dorset Coast”

8 12, 2018

Animantarx Fact Sheet

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Preparing a Fact Sheet for the Schleich Animantarx Model

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy preparing for the arrival of the first batch of new for 2019 Schleich prehistoric animal figures.  In this first set of models from the German-based manufacturer, there is a replica of the armoured dinosaur called Animantarx (Animantarx ramaljonesi), a fact sheet providing information about this nodosaurid is being compiled, so that customers of Everything Dinosaur can learn about this enigmatic member of the Thyreophora (shield-bearers).

New for 2019 the Schleich Animantarx Dinosaur Model

The new for 2019 Schleich Animantarx dinosaur model.

The Schleich Animantarx dinosaur model (new for 2019).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Using Ankylosaurs for Biostratigraphical Dating of the Cedar Mountain Formation

The disarticulated and fragmentary fossils representing a single, individual animal were described in 1999 (Carpenter, Kirkland, Burge and Bird) and Animantarx is one of numerous Ankylosaurs known from the Cedar Mountain Formation of the western United States.  The Cedar Mountain Formation has the highest concentration of ankylosaurid species of any Lower Cretaceous formation, it is hoped that further field work will help palaeontologists to build up a better picture of their evolution and subsequent radiation.

The list of armoured dinosaurs is quite long for example:

  • Sauropelta – Poison Strip Sandstone
  • Cedarpelta – Mussentuchit Member
  • Animantarx – Mussentuchit Member
  • Peloroplites – Mussentuchit Member
  • Gastonia – Yellow Cat Member

It has been suggested that given the numbers of armoured dinosaurs present in the strata, ankylosaurids can be used to help with relative dating of rock layers (biostratigraphy).

A Scale Drawing of Animantarx

Animantarx Scale Drawing.

A scale drawing of the armoured dinosaur from Utah – Animantarx ramaljonesi.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Distinct Cretaceous Dinosaur Faunas

Recent research has identified three distinct dinosaur-based faunas represented by the vertebrate fossils from the Cedar Mountain Formation.  Ankylosaurs are the most common dinosaur of the upper part of the Yellowcat Member and Poison Strip Sandstone of the Cedar Mountain Formation but are rare in other members.  This scarcity may be due to insufficient collecting in the middle and upper parts of the Cedar Mountain.  Nevertheless, Ankylosaur dinosaurs indicate a three-fold division of the Cedar Mountain dinosaur faunas.  Intriguingly, Animantarx is known from the youngest member of the Cedar Mountain Formation (Mussentuchit Member).  These rocks hold a mixture of Early and Late Cretaceous dinosaur fossils – tyrannosaurids, ceratopsids, iguanodonts, ankylosaurids etc.  The strata might document a migration event whereby Asian dinosaurs moved into North America via an Alaskan land bridge.  This migration may have contributed to the extinction of several types of endemic North American members of the Dinosauria.

To view the range of Schleich prehistoric animal figures available from Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

4 12, 2018

New Schleich Replicas for 2019

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New Schleich Prehistoric Animal Replicas for 2019

Schleich are introducing a number of new prehistoric animal replicas in 2019.  Several models have also been retired from their “Dinosaurs” range.  The first models scheduled for quarter 1 of 2019 are:

  • Schleich Spinosaurus (quadruped pose)
  • Schleich Animantarx (an armoured dinosaur)
  • Schleich Dimorphodon (flying reptile)
  • Schleich Dimetrodon (a sail-backed pelycosaur)
  • Schleich Giganotosaurus (giant, South American dinosaur)

The New for 2019 Schleich Prehistoric Animal Figures (Quarter 1 2019)

Schleich prehistoric animal figures for 2019.

New from Schleich – prehistoric animal figures for 2019.  Spinosaurus (top left), the nodosaurid Animantarx (top right), the Early Jurassic pterosaur Dimorphodon (centre), Giganotosaurus (bottom left) and the sail-backed reptile Dimorphodon (bottom right).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The New for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus

The new for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus model will replace the current obligate biped version (Spinosaurus violet).  The German manufacturer has created a Spinosaurus dinosaur model in a true quadrupedal pose, this reflects the consensus reached about the posture of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus in a scientific paper published in 2014.  Note that the sail of this figure has also been given a makeover with the new Spinosaurus sail much less rounded in shape than on previous incarnations.  The tail is much more crocodilian and the colour scheme chosen for this replica is muted and understated.

New for 2019 – Schleich Spinosaurus

New for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus model.

The new for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus model, depicting Spinosaurus as a quadruped.  This figure will have an articulated jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Animantarx

Also expected in quarter 1 of 2019, is the Animantarx model.  An armoured dinosaur (member of the Nodosauridae family), from the famous Cedar Mountain Formation of the western United States (Utah).  This figure is being introduced to the range, as 2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of the formal scientific description of this three-metre-long “living citadel”.  The Animantarx model is the first nodosaurid that Schleich has added to their model range since the retirement of the “Saurus” Edmontonia more than a decade ago.

Coming to Everything Dinosaur in 2019 the Schleich Animantarx Model

The new for 2019 Schleich Animantarx dinosaur model.

The Schleich Animantarx dinosaur model (new for 2019).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Dimorphodon

Flying into view comes the Schleich Dimorphodon model, a beautifully-crafted replica of a flying reptile, fossils of which were found by the famous Georgian/Victorian fossil hunter Mary Anning.  Unlike the majority of earlier Schleich pterosaur models, the Dimorphodon is not flying but modelled as a terrestrial animal, wandering around Early Jurassic forest floors on all fours.

The New for 2019 Schleich Dimorphodon Model

The Schleich Dimorphodon flying reptile model.

The Schleich Dimorphodon model (new for 2019).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The “eyespots” on the wings are very distinctive and that large skull with its big teeth has been carefully sculpted.  The tail too is also to be commended, it was very stiff and the “rudder” on the end might have been marked in some way to aid visual communication.  The Schleich Dimorphodon is due to arrive in early 2019, looks like it could be a soar away success!

Schleich Dimetrodon

A new colour version of the Dimetrodon will be introduced next year.  The 2016 Dimetrodon figure with its reticulated pattern on the sail, is being retired and will be replaced by this, predominantly green model.  Although, not a dinosaur and more closely related to modern humans than to animals such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Dimetrodon has been a staple of prehistoric animal ranges for a long time.  It might be sad to see the withdrawal of the 2016 model, but at least with this new addition, pelycosaurs will still be represented within the Schleich range.

Say Hello to a New Version of a Sail-backed Reptile – Schleich Dimetrodon

A prehistoric pelycosaur from Schleich (Dimetrodon).

New for 2019 Schleich Dimetrodon model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To read a recent article about Schleich prehistoric animal model retirements: Schleich Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements 2018

A New Schleich Giganotosaurus

The last of the new for 2019 announcements features a replacement for the brightly coloured, orange Giganotosaurus figure, which first made an appearance in 2015.  The colour scheme for the new figure is more subdued, when the paintwork on the new Spinosaurus figure is also considered, Schleich might be moving towards more subtle colouration on their prehistoric animal figures.  If this is a trend, then these new colour versions of existing replicas may have a greater appeal with animal figure collectors as well as dinosaur model fans.

The New for 2019 Schleich Giganotosaurus Model

Schleich Giganotosaurus dinosaur model (new for 2019).

New for 2019 Schleich Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

All these models are scheduled to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the first few weeks of 2019.

To view the range of Schleich prehistoric animals currently available: Schleich Prehistoric Animal Models

29 11, 2018

Schleich Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

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Schleich Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

Several prehistoric animal figures are being retired from the popular Schleich “Dinosaurs” brand in 2019.  There are going to be new models added to this range next year, but for the moment, Everything Dinosaur can announce that the following prehistoric animal figures are going out of production and into retirement.

Schleich Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements (2018/9)

Model retirements from the Schleich "Dinosaurs" range.

Schleich prehistoric animal model retirements (2018-2019).  The models being withdrawn are Dimetrodon (top left), the orange Giganotosaurus (top right), the Spinosaurus known as violet (bottom left) and the horned dinosaur Pentaceratops (bottom right).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schleich Model Retirements

  • Schleich Dimetrodon.
  • Schleich Giganotosaurus (orange).
  • Schleich Spinosaurus (violet).
  • Schleich Pentaceratops.

Making Room for More Prehistoric Animal Figures

The production team at Schleich are committed to making more prehistoric animal figures and Everything Dinosaur will announce new additions for 2019 shortly, however, some turnover of models is to be expected.  The Schleich ethos of combining educational, highly detailed figures that have been painted with great care continues as a central theme to the “Dinosaurs” product offering.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Model ranges are updated and changed periodically and some older lines have to be dropped to make way for new colour variants and new figures.  Our customers can be reassured that we still have all four of these Schleich figures in stock and we have no intention of raising our prices to exploit any rarity value that these figures might soon acquire.”

The Schleich Dimetrodon Model

Schleich Dimetrodon jaws.

The jaws of the Schleich Dimetrodon.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Dimetrodon figure was launched just two years ago.  This colour scheme is being withdrawn, of all the prehistoric animal figures to be retired this year, the Dimetrodon is the most recently introduced.  Fans of Permian reptiles might be disappointed, but Dimetrodon will make a return to the Schleich portfolio very soon.

The Schleich Giganotosaurus (Orange)

Introduced alongside the equally colourful Spinosaurus (violet), the Schleich Giganotosaurus (orange), has proved to be a strong seller, particularly with younger dinosaur fans.  Everything Dinosaur team members were given the chance to view this figure before its official launch in 2015.  As a model of one of the largest terrestrial carnivores to have ever lived, this brightly coloured dinosaur has proved to be a big hit.  It will be replaced by another colour variant Giganotosaurus in early 2019.

Everything Dinosaur Team Members were given a Preview of the Orange Giganotosaurus Prior to its Introduction

The Schleich Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.

“Giant Southern Lizard”.  A very colourful Giganotosaurus model introduced in 2015.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Spinosaurus Violet

The Schleich Spinosaurus (violet), was introduced to replace an earlier Spinosaurus figure that came out in 2012.  The 2012 figure had depicted this African dinosaur as a more fully bipedal animal, but the body plan of violet did lend itself to the idea that this dinosaur could have adopted a quadrupedal stance.  Schleich will introduce a new Spinosaurus figure next year, it will reflect the latest scientific thinking about this Theropod.

Schleich Spinosaurus (Violet) Retired from the Range

Schleich Spinosaurus (2015).

Beautiful Spinosaurus dinosaur model from Schleich.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Goodbye to the Schleich Pentaceratops

The Schleich Pentaceratops model, which first came out in 2014, is also being withdrawn.  It is likely to be replaced by a new horned dinosaur figure that may come out in the second half of 2019.

Saying Goodbye to the Schleich Pentaceratops Figure

Schleich Pentaceratops.

Schleich Pentaceratops available from Everything Dinosaur whilst stocks last.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the range of Schleich models available from Everything Dinosaur, including these out of production figures: Schleich Prehistoric Animals and Figures

27 11, 2018

Special Beasts of the Mesozoic New for 2019 Newsletter

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Nine New Beasts of the Mesozoic Figures Set for Spring 2019

November has been a busy time for our newsletters, with so many new models and figures coming into stock, Everything Dinosaur team members have been working hard to update subscribers on all the exciting developments.  Take for example, the Beasts of the Mesozoic range.  In the spring, this very popular series of “raptor” figures is going to be extended with the addition of another nine articulated replicas, including a limited edition Velociraptor osmolskae figure “Alpha”.

Reserve lists for all these exciting new models have been opened, but as always, it is our newsletter subscribers and social media followers who get to hear about these developments first.

New Beasts of the Mesozoic Figures Coming to Everything Dinosaur in the Spring of 2019

New additions to the Beasts of the Mesozoic range coming in 2019.

New Beasts of the Mesozoic models scheduled for spring 2019.  Look out for the limited edition Velociraptor osmolskae figure “Alpha”, an exclusive to Everything Dinosaur in Europe.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

New Beasts of the Mesozoic Dromaeosaurid Figures

The Beasts of the Mesozoic 1/6th scale “raptor” figures are stunning models and in the spring a number of new colour variants will be added to this popular range.  There will be a new Saurornitholestes model (Saurornitholestes sullivani), in a striking purple and blue colour scheme.  This model has been inspired by the famous “Road Runner” cartoon, the speedy Saurornitholestes is bound to get pulses racing.  Furthermore, there will be two new Velociraptor mongoliensis figures, the frightening Velociraptor – black and a new, colourful V. mongoliensis figure, which will replace the original Velociraptor model that came out in the first batch of Beasts of the Mesozoic releases.

There will also be a new Dromaeosaurus albertensis figure coming out in the spring, this too will be replacing the original Dromaeosaurus articulated model that was introduced in the first production run of the “raptor” series.

To view the Beasts of the Mesozoic figures, including the original Dromaeosaurus albertensis figure that is still available (whilst stocks last): Beasts of the Mesozoic Figures

New for Spring 2019 – Four New “Raptor” Series Figures

Everything Dinosaur's newsletter features four new versions of dromaeosaurids for 2019.

Four new versions of dromaeosaurids being added to the Beasts of the Mesozoic model range in 2019.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

“Eastern” and “Western” Model Sets

Breaking news for model collectors, in honour of the temporal and geographical range of these successful dinosaurs, new model sets will be introduced.

New Colour Schemes and “Eastern” and “Western” Model Sets

Beasts of the Mesozoic "raptors" for spring 2019.

New Beasts of the Mesozoic “raptors” for spring 2019.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The newsletter features a further four new figures.  There will be newly painted models in “Eastern” and “Western” model sets which reflect on the global distribution of these types of Theropod dinosaurs.  A trio of white hatchings will be launched, another addition to the highly collectable “nestlings” range and Everything Dinosaur will be stocking a second colour variant of an Asian Velociraptorinae subfamily member, the enigmatic Velociraptor osmolskae.   Looks like our team members are going to have to prepare a special fact sheet to accompany sales of this figure.

Our newsletter readers are amongst the first to learn about new replicas coming into stock.   Subscribers can also be the first to join special VIP reserve lists to ensure that they can obtain new figures.  The Everything Dinosaur newsletter is sent out periodically and it is free to join.

To reserve a new for spring 2019 Beasts of the Mesozoic articulated replica figure such as our limited edition and exclusive for Europe Velociraptor osmolskae, or to request a subscription to Everything Dinosaur’s regular newsletter service, simply drop us an email: Email Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur outlined plans for the introduction of these new figures:

“These exciting, new figures should be available to Everything Dinosaur customers in the spring.  We have reserve lists open for these new additions to the Beasts of the Mesozoic range and we are giving collectors the chance to ensure that they have priority so that they do not run the risk of missing out.”

23 11, 2018

New CollectA Models 2019 (Part 4)

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New CollectA Models 2019 (Part 4)

Today, we conclude our look at the new for 2019 CollectA models by revealing the last of the figures scheduled to be released next year.  We also provide information on a prehistoric animal play set that has an augmented reality (AR) component.

  • CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Elasmotherium model (available mid 2019).
  • CollectA Prehistoric Animals Playset with Augmented Reality (available mid 2019).

The New for 2019 CollectA Deluxe Elasmotherium Model

CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Elasmotheriuim.

The new for 2019 CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Elasmotherium model.

Picture Credit: CollectA

The CollectA Deluxe 1:20 Scale Elasmotherium Model

As one member of the Rhinocerotoidea superfamily is retired and out of production (the CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium model), so it is replaced by another member of the Rhinocerotoidea, albeit from a different branch of this large taxonomic grouping, the rhinocerotid Elasmotherium and what a fantastic looking replica it is!  Several species of Elasmotherium have been identified from the numerous fossils found in Europe and Asia and CollectA have chosen to create a model of the largest known species, and what is thought to be the largest true rhino to have ever lived, the giant, five-metre-long Elasmotherium sibiricum.

Commenting on this new Deluxe figure, designer Anthony Beeson stated:

“I thought that it would be nice to do a toy Elasmotherium sibiricum for a change rather than the usual Woolly Rhinoceros.  Our Elasmotherium is quite hefty, I plumped for a hairy animal and have based the presumed horn on the Palaeolithic cave painting from Rouffignac in France that is thought to represent the creature often referred to as ‘the Siberian unicorn’.”

The Rouffignac limestone caves (Grotte de Rouffignac), are located in the Dordogne (south-western France) and this location was given UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1979.  The cave walls depict more than 250 drawings attributed to the Magdalenian culture of the Late Pleistocene.  Many different types of animal are depicted with Woolly Mammoths (Mammuthus primigenius), predominating but there are a number of cave paintings that show Woolly Rhinos (Coelodonta antiquitatis) and one image that illustrates a powerfully built rhinoceros with a single, very large nose horn that has been interpreted as representing Elasmotherium.

The CollectA Deluxe Elasmotherium Compared to the Stylised Rhinoceros Cave Painting from Grotte de Rouffignac

Cave art compared to a prehistoric animal model (Elasmotherium).

The CollectA Elasmotherium model compared to the Palaeolithic art from Rouffignac Cave (south-western France).

Picture Credit: CollectA/Wikipedia

To view the current range of CollectA Deluxe figures and replicas: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life

 The CollectA Prehistoric Animal Playset

CollectA will also be introducing a prehistoric animal themed playset in 2019.  Sources close to CollectA have stated that this is to be a 38-piece playset with a dozen CollectA dinosaur cards with augmented reality (the figures come to life via the AR technology).

The New for 2019 CollectA Prehistoric Animal Playset

The CollectA augmented reality play set.

CollectA augmented reality play set.  This playset incorporates AR (augmented reality). 

Picture Credit: CollectA

This playset is believed to consist of, a large playmat (estimated size 37 cm by 29 cm), two prehistoric trees, twelve mini-dinosaur figures, the twelve AR cards and a further ten accessories that permit a degree of playset landscape customisation such as the building of a volcano, a small hill or some coastal features of different shapes and sizes.  This cleverly constructed playset comes in a handy carry case and skilfully blends traditional prehistoric animal figures with cutting-edge augmented reality technology.

Model Measurements

  • CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Elasmotherium – length 25.5 cm, height 13.6 cm.
  • CollectA Prehistoric Animal Playset – length of playmat 37 cm, width 29 cm.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“CollectA have continued to innovate and extend their range of replicas.  Over the next few months they will be adding scale models of Edaphosaurus, Baryonyx, Carnotaurus, the amazing pterosaur Caiuajara and a scale model of Elasmotherium.  In addition, we can expect to see Fukuiraptor and Borealopelta make an appearance plus a new mini-set of prehistoric animals and a prehistoric animal playset in which to place them.  Next year is going to be an exciting year for model collectors.”

To view the other three articles that introduce the rest of the new for 2019 prehistoric animal models from CollectA.

New CollectA models (Part 1): Part 1 (New CollectA models for 2019)

New CollectA models (Part 2):  Part 2 (New CollectA models for 2019)

New CollectA models (Part 3): Part 3 (New CollectA models for 2019)

21 11, 2018

Royal Mail Update – Deliveries to Canada

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Problems with Parcel Deliveries to Canada

Canada is a very big country and at this time of year, delays can occur in their national postal network due to adverse weather conditions and the pressure on the network from having to deal with increased volumes of parcels as the build up to the festive season continues.  However, ongoing industrial action has led to significant delays and we are writing to inform our Canadian customers that Royal Mail has suspended the despatching of parcels to Canada.

Royal Mail Have Suspended Despatching Parcels Destined for Canada

Royal Mail parcels being sorted.

Royal Mail has received a request to suspend the sending of all mail including Christmas parcels to Canada until further notice.

Picture Credit: Press Association/Royal Mail

Affecting All International Post Operators

The strike action has been going on for several weeks.  A large back-log of undelivered mail and parcels has built up in the Canadian network.  A series of rolling strikes across the Provinces has led to a build-up of over five hundred trucks, all with parcels that have to be delivered before the network can handle any more mail.  As a result, all international postal operators, including Royal Mail in the United Kingdom, have been requested to stop sending more mail to Canada.

Canada Post are aware of the huge impact this is having, especially with Christmas approaching and they are continuing to attempt to reach a settlement with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).  Royal Mail has recommended that companies like Everything Dinosaur consider delaying any parcels bound for Canada in the coming days and as this situation is likely to continue, it is not possible to say when the dispute will be settled or if the back-log will be cleared anytime soon.

Royal Mail is still accepting parcels, but they are not moving in the network, there are being held in the UK international distribution hubs until further notice.

Impact Across the Whole of the Canadian Mail Network

Negotiations between the parties are continuing but the rolling strikes have had an impact on the entire mail distribution network of Canada and at the time of writing, there seems little prospect of the industrial action over pay and conditions coming to an end.

Our Royal Mail account managers have promised to keep us informed regarding the progress and outcome of any negotiations.  If no break-through is achieved, then services to Canada are likely to remain suspended.  If the strike action is ended soon, there is still going to be a large amount of mail to be cleared before the Canadian mail network can return to normal operating conditions.  Customers sending parcels to Canada can expect their items to be subjected to many weeks of delays.

Delays Expected in Parcel Deliveries to Canada

Everything Dinosaur parcels.

Customers in Canada can expect considerable delays with regards to parcel deliveries.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We have been kept informed by Royal Mail about the ongoing industrial action.  Unfortunately, this dispute will have a very significant impact on Christmas gifts being sent from the UK to Canada.  Team members have been exploring alternative postal routes and courier networks to try to expediate deliveries.  It might be helpful to contact Everything Dinosaur before placing an order for prehistoric animal items that are destined for addresses in Canada.”

To enquire about alternative parcel delivery services to Canada: Email Everything Dinosaur

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