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27 08, 2019

Picturing a Papo Gorgosaurus

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Picturing a Papo Gorgosaurus

The recently introduced Papo Gorgosaurus model has been very well received by dinosaur fans and model collectors.  Everything Dinosaur team members have been sent lots of photographs from customers showing us how this tyrannosaurid figure has fitted into their prehistoric animal collections.  We have also received some wonderful outdoor shots of this dinosaur model.  Take for example, some photographs sent to us by Amy.

The Papo Gorgosaurus Goes for a Wander Around the Garden

The Papo Gorgosaurus has a wander in the garden.

A Gorgosaurus in the garden.

Picture Credit: Amy

Our thanks to Amy for sending in such a splendid set of photos.

Gorgosaurus in the Garden

Amy has skilfully used the available light and ensured that the model is the central focal point.  The dinosaur is shown in stark contrast to the blurred background, permitting the fine details on this excellent dinosaur replica to be displayed.

The Papo Gorgosaurus Dinosaur Model Roars as the Sun Sets

The Papo Gorgosaurus model has an articulated lower jaw.

Roaring at the sunset – the Papo Gorgosaurus.

Picture Credit: Amy

Having a Stroll and Sniffing the Air – the Papo Gorgosaurus Figure

On display in the garden, the Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model.

The Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model displayed in the garden.

Picture Credit: Amy

Amy sent us a Facebook message, commenting:

“Hi, I recently made my first purchase with your company and bought the new Papo Gorgosaurus and was amazed by the quick and easy service I received.  Here are some snaps I took of my new model, I will definitely be coming back to you guys again!”

A Dinosaur in Water

Amy has produced some very clever shots, including a very well composed photograph of her Papo model in water.  Water lilies were around when Gorgosaurus roamed the Late Cretaceous landscape of Laramidia.  Gorgosaurus would have been familiar with these flowering plants.  The model is waterproof and the spines along the back make this dinosaur look a little crocodilian.

A Gorgosaurus Goes for a Dip

The Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model goes for a swim.

A Papo Gorgosaurus takes a dip.

Picture Credit: Amy

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We really appreciate the photographs sent into us by Amy.  The Papo Gorgosaurus has been one of the most eagerly anticipated models this year and in these pictures, the details on this replica are superbly displayed. Our congratulations to Amy for her imaginative and creative pics.”

A Gorgosaurus Lurks!  Gorgosaurus is Ready to Ambush Other Dinosaurs

Setting an ambush the Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model in the garden.

A Gorgosaurus sets an ambush.

Picture Credit: Amy

The Papo Gorgosaurus Roars

A roaring Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model in the garden.

Papo Gorgosaurus roars.  A “roarsome” dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Amy

To view the Papo Gorgosaurus and the other prehistoric animal figures in the Papo “Dinosaures” range: Papo Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaurs

25 08, 2019

Oxfordian Britain – The Kingdom of Metriacanthosaurus parkeri

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Oxfordian Britain – The Kingdom of Metriacanthosaurus parkeri

Our thanks once again to young Thomas who has spent part of his summer holiday compiling blog articles for Everything Dinosaur.  In this, his second piece, he focuses on the theropod fauna of the Late Jurassic of the British Isles and in particular a dinosaur known as Metriacanthosaurus parkeri, fossils of which come from Dorset.

The Oxfordian in the UK is a rather mysterious faunal stage of the Late Jurassic, especially when it comes to what was living on land at the time.  There are four described dinosaurs from this time one of which lived later in the Oxfordian than the others.  These three are the metriacanthosaurid Metriacanthosaurus parkeri at 7.5 metres long and just over 2 metres tall, the megalosaurid Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis which had a juvenile length of 5 metres and hypothesised adult length of 6 metres and the ankylosaurian Priodontognathus phillipsii which was probably, only a few metres long, maybe 2 to 3 metres long.

Approximate Size Comparisons of Late Jurassic British Theropods

Late Jurassic theropods size comparison.

Size comparison of Late Jurassic theropods.

Image credit: Eotyrannu5 (Dan Folkes)


red = Juratyrant langhami

tan = Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis

blue = “Megalosaur”

green = Metriacanthosaurus parkeri

Note – scale bar = 1 metre and J. langhami and the blue “Megalosaur” are dated to approximately the same time (Late Jurassic).

Indeterminate Dinosaur Fossil Remains

Strata associated with the Oxfordian faunal stage, (early Late Jurassic), yields fragmentary, indeterminate dinosaur remains including an indeterminate sauropod found nearby to Metriacanthosaurus, a femur of a juvenile stegosaur and a large tooth from North Yorkshire belonging to a theropod, possibly metriacanthosaurid in nature.  In addition, footprints have been found indicating other types of dinosaur present and based on fossil discoveries associated with strata from geologically older and slightly younger rocks than those ascribed to the Oxfordian, it can be concluded that megalosaurine megalosaurids, tyrannosauroids and ornithopods would have lived in the Oxfordian too, we just haven’t found them yet.

A Scale Drawing of Metriacanthosaurus parkeri

Scale drawing of Metriacanthosaurus.

A scale drawing of the Theropod dinosaur Metriacanthosaurus.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The British Isles During the Late Jurassic

The ecology of the time is also mysterious.  We know for certain that the UK was separated into a series of islands, many of the islands were close enough to allow dinosaurs like Metriacanthosaurus and Eustreptospondylus to travel between them.  However to reconstruct the flora and habitat we can look back to the Callovian stage as its likely the environment wasn’t too different from then which allows for the conclusion to be drawn that the islands were semi-tropical and lush in plant life with forests located in the middle of the islands spreading outwards and ending near or in some places at the coast.  Mixed in with the forests would have been rivers, streams, small lakes, swamps, floodplains, open woodland areas closer to the coast and at the coast, estuaries, marshes, ooid beaches, bars, lagoons, coves and other coastal structures.

A Seasonal Climate

The dry season on the islands would have been long and dry with humid areas and during the wet season, the islands would have had to endure harsh tropical storms with hurricane force winds.  Plant life consisted of pollen and spore releasing plants, gymnosperms like ginkgoes, conifers and cycads, ferns, other pteridophytes along with other plants such as horsetails.  The climate would have been warm and subtropical to tropical.

Ooid Beaches – an Explanation and Metriacanthosaurus

For context, ooid beaches are where beaches are made of small, fine sand-like granules of calcium carbonate, the largest quarry in the UK (Ketton Quarry), has a portion of it that dates to just before the Oxfordian stage and might help unravel the mystery behind the Oxfordian of Britain.  Metriacanthosaurus was most likely the apex predator of the time, hunting anything from smaller theropods to perhaps the sauropod dinosaurs it coexisted with, it would have had powerful jaws with large sharp teeth and long powerful arms tipped with large hand claws for grasping prey. Metriacanthosaurus’s raised neural spinal ridge was probably used for extra back muscle attachment anchor points allowing the animal to be physically stronger than other similarly sized theropods of the time, although this assessment remains largely speculative.  Metriacanthosaurus means “moderately-spined lizard”.

The CollectA Prehistoric Life Metriacanthosaurus parkeri Dinosaur Model

The CollectA Metriacanthosaurus.

“Parker’s moderately-spined lizard”.  This dinosaur was named after its tall neural spines.

Eustreptospondylus is a rather unique megalosaur, it may have been a lot like today’s Komodo dragon frequenting many islands combing beaches, hunting down smaller animals, perhaps raiding nests of larger dinosaurs and possibly even hunting fish.  Despite Eustreptospondylus’s hypothesised adult size, it would have still been prey for the likes of Metriacanthosaurus.  A specimen of another dinosaur found from this geological time is an ankylosaur called Priodontognathus.  It was around 2 to 3 metres long and is known from Yorkshire.

Our thanks once again to Thomas for sending in his article to us.

To read the first article submitted by Thomas: The “Scunthorpe Pliosaur.”

22 08, 2019

Praise from America

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Praise from America

Everything Dinosaur has thousands of customers all over the world.  We are always delighted to hear feedback from our customers, here at home in the UK and of course, overseas.  For example, we recently received this kind email from one of our customers in the United States, she had just purchased some Papo prehistoric animals and wrote to say:

“I just received my order from Everything Dinosaur and once again, I am just BLOWN AWAY at the quality and workmanship of the Papo dinosaur figures.  I mean, truly blown away!  They are so realistic!  I really enjoy and appreciate the info sheets that accompany my order from Everything Dinosaur as well.  I have been collecting for my four-year-old daughter since she was two years old.  I loved dinosaurs myself as a little girl.  I lived in Germany growing up and the toys in the stores there were top notch.  I collected Schleich animals as companies really didn’t have nice dinosaur figures available like this then.  It has been so fun sharing this love of dinos with my daughter and learning more about the prehistoric world through the toys we get her.”

Our thanks for the feedback and kind comments, Everything Dinosaur is a 5-star rated company as monitored by the independent survey company Feefo.

Everything Dinosaur Has Been Awarded Feefo’s Highest Accolade for Customer Service

Gold Trusted Service Award to Everything Dinosaur.

Feefo awards top marks to Everything Dinosaur.  Everything Dinosaur has been awarded the accolade of the “Gold Trusted Service Award” from Feefo for its 5-star service.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Customer Feedback

As a mail order company, Everything Dinosaur gets a large number of emails from customers offering us feedback and praise on our products and customer service.  Potential customers can view over five hundred independently verified customer reviews by clicking the “Feefo” tab on our website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.  In addition, we have over 1,800 customer and product reviews on our website.

Dinosaur model collector William, for instance, has posted up several reviews of his recent PNSO Age of Dinosaurs purchases.  One of his reviews concerned the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Abelisaurus (Martin the little Abelisaurus).

William commented:

“PNSO’s Abelisaurus  is a mighty mini.  Paint applied to perfection and very natural markings.  Martin has a wry little cheeky expression fantastic.  GREAT SERVICE from Everything Dinosaur.”

Praise for the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Abelisaurus Model

PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Abelisaurus dinosaur model.

PNSO prehistoric animals that accompany your growth – Martin the Abelisaurus.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained that they were always pleased to receive feedback from customers and that each and every email that the company received was read by team members and the company did all it could to respond quickly to customer queries.

Wonderful Customer Service

Our American customer went onto add:

“I am very impressed with Everything Dinosaur.  Your prices are so much better than they are here in the United States and I appreciate the wonderful customer service.  Thank you so much for letting me know when all the figures I was looking for came back in stock.  I will definitely be back to shop at Everything Dinosaur in the future.”

21 08, 2019

Rebor Oddities Foetus Models are in Stock

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Rebor Oddities T. rex and Velociraptor Foetus Models

The Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor models are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  They are fantastic dinosaur display pieces, consisting of a beautifully sculpted theropod (either T. rex or Velociraptor), a special display jar with lid and a light-up base, so that you can highlight the figure inside.  To complete the display, simply carefully add water to the jar (tap water is fine) and then immerse the model into the water and place the lid back on.  Don’t forget to turn the light on, which is incorporated into the base (there is even a battery included).

As part of Everything Dinosaur’s promotional activities, we shot a quick unboxing video in our still to be completed studio.

The Rebor Oddities Foetus T. rex Contents

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Oddities Foetus Tyrannosaurus rex Figure

In this short video, we unpack one of the Rebor Oddities T. rex models and we demonstrate how this intriguing display piece is put together.  The video is just under 1 minute 40 seconds in length.  Our studio is not yet complete, we have still got some sound proofing to do and there are more lights to sort out, but we could not wait to put together a brief video highlighting this most original item from the extensive Rebor range.

The Rebor Oddities Foetus Tyrannosaurus rex Figure

The Rebor Oddities Foetus (T. rex) figure on display.

The Rebor Oddities Foetus (T. rex) figure with the uplighter in operation.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Oddities Foetus Velociraptor Replica

In addition to the excellent T. rex figure, those talented people at Rebor have created a second display piece, this time featuring a Velociraptor foetus.  The Velociraptor figure is the slightly smaller of the two, it stands twenty-two centimetres high when on its uplighter display base, whilst the T. rex figure is a little taller at approximately twenty-four centimetres high.

The Rebor Oddities Foetus Velociraptor Figure

The Rebor Oddities foetus Velociraptor figure.

The beautiful Rebor Oddities Foetus (Velociraptor).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view these Rebor figures and the rest of the Rebor prehistoric animal replicas and models: Rebor Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

At Everything Dinosaur, the Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus rex foetus replicas are sold individually, but for a limited period these two figures are available as a pair at a special offer price with additional subsidy on the postage and shipping costs.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“These are fascinating prehistoric animal figures and it is great to see such innovative models being introduced by Rebor.  We were so impressed that even though our film and photography studio is not finished we wanted to shoot an unboxing video anyway.”

The Rebor Oddities video is up on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube page, we intend to make lots and lots of prehistoric animal model videos in the future, including more model reviews.

To visit Everything Dinosaur on YouTube: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube

20 08, 2019

New for 2019 Eofauna Deinotherium

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Eofauna Scientific Research Deinotherium Model Due October 2019

The second, new for 2019 Eofauna prehistoric animal figure has been announced.  A replica of the huge, prehistoric elephant Deinotherium (D. giganteum) is being added to this exciting range.  The model will be available in the autumn, probably in October, a short while before the Atlasaurus figure, which was announced a few days earlier.

The New for 2019 Eofauna Scientific Research Deinotherium Model

The Eofauna 1:35 scale Deinotherium model.

The beautiful, 1:35 scale Eofauna Scientific Research Deinotherium model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The “Famous Five”

With the addition of the Atlasaurus and the Deinotherium, this brings the total of Eofauna Scientific Figures to five.  Eofauna Scientific Research is staffed by researchers, creatives and specialists with a focus on prehistoric fauna.  The company has demonstrated expertise in the study of ancient members of the Order Proboscidea (elephants and their relatives), three of the five models produced so far are prehistoric elephants.   The D. giganteum figure will be joining a Straight-tusked elephant (Palaeloxodon antiquus) and the first of this range to be introduced, a Steppe mammoth (Mammuthus trogontherii).

A Fact Card will be Supplied with the New for Autumn 2019 Eofauna Scientific Research Deinotherium Model

The Eofauna Deinotherium model (2019)

Eofauna Deinotherium (2019) will be supplied with its own Eofauna fact card as well as an Everything Dinosaur Deinotherium fact sheet.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Deinotherium giganteum

Deinotherium fossils are known from Africa, Europe and parts of Asia.  It was not closely related to extant elephants or the Mammuthus genus.  The Eofauna model shows the long legs and long, low skull associated with this genus.  It is believed Deinotherium became extinct around 2.5 million years ago.

Everything Dinosaur has opened a priority reservation list for this figure, which should be in stock in October.  To join our no obligation, priority reserve list for the Eofauna Scientific Research Deinotherium, just drop us an email: Email Everything Dinosaur.

To view the range of Eofauna models currently in stock including the Straight-tusked elephant and the beautiful Steppe mammoth: Eofauna Scientific Research Models.

The New Eofauna Scientific Research Deinotherium Model

The Eofauna Scientific Research 1:35 scale Deinotherium model.

Striding confidently into view the Eofauna Deinotherium model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are delighted to announce that this figure will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur during the autumn.  We should have stocks of this new exciting prehistoric elephant figure and the sauropod Atlasaurus in plenty of time to ensure a happy Christmas for collectors of Eofauna models.”

Deinotherium Model Measurements – Tale of the Tape

The new Eofauna Deinotherium model has a stated scale of 1:35.  The model measures around 20 centimetres in length and stands and impressive 13 cm high.  Observant model collectors will note that this new figure is depicted on the move.  Elephants do not have the gaits associated with faster moving, large mammals such as the trot and the gallop.  Instead, when an elephant moves slowly, its limbs remain relatively straight and column-like.   Locomotion studies have shown that when moving quickly, the limbs become more mobile and flexible acting like “pogo sticks”,  helping the animal to maintain velocity.  Even when moving at full speed, the four feet of the elephant do not leave the ground simultaneously, as opposed to the limbs of a horse when galloping.

16 08, 2019

Posing the Papo Pentaceratops

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Posing the Papo Pentaceratops

The Papo Pentaceratops model has a rearing pose, but the model is so well designed that it can rest in a horizontal position with three legs resting on the floor.  The Papo Pentaceratops is a beautiful figure, but it is also so well balanced that it can be placed in a couple of different poses if model collectors don’t want to feature it rearing up in their model displays.  To illustrate this point, we created a short video demonstrating the Papo Pentaceratops dinosaur figure in a rearing pose and showing how it can be displayed in other poses too.

Posing the Papo Pentaceratops Dinosaur Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Papo Pentaceratops Model

Although the French manufacturer (Papo), has produced several ceratopsian models in the past (Triceratops, baby Triceratops, Styracosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus), this is the first horned dinosaur to be depicted in a rearing pose.   Much praise has been heaped on the broad shoulders of the Pentaceratops figure, it has proved to be a big hit with collectors and dinosaur model fans.

The New for 2019 Papo Pentaceratops Dinosaur Model

The new for 2019 Papo Pentaceratops and the Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur models.

The new for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus (left) and the Papo Pentaceratops dinosaur model (right).  The Papo Pentaceratops figure is much larger than the Gorgosaurus.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Attracting 5-star Reviews

The Pentaceratops may only have been out for a short while, but it has already received several 5-star reviews from Everything Dinosaur customers.  For example, Ryan left a review on the Everything Dinosaur website saying:

“Fantastic figure!  A really dynamic pose, plenty of finer details and a great realistic paint job.  This one will really stand out amongst my collection.”

Our thanks for your comments, Ryan, we really like the cryptic quip about the model “standing out”, it certainly does with its upright rearing pose.

Model collector David, also piled praise on the model exclaiming:

“Beautiful model!  Very convincing sculpt, full of life with lovely colouration.  Excellent service from Everything Dinosaur!”

For David, the Papo Pentaceratops and our awarding winning customer service are two things worth praising.  A great big thank you to all those very kind people who have taken the time and trouble to review our models, both on our website also via our Feefo feedback pages.

The Papo Pentaceratops and the Papo Gorgosaurus model for that matter, are available from Everything Dinosaur, to view these models and the rest of the extensive Papo prehistoric animal model range: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

12 08, 2019

The Next Eofauna Model Will Be… Atlasaurus

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Atlasaurus – The Fourth Prehistoric Animal Figure from Eofauna Scientific Research

Today, Everything Dinosaur can announce that the fourth figure in the Eofauna Scientific Research range will be… Atlasaurus (A. imelakei), a peculiar sauropod from the Middle Jurassic of North Africa, whose taxonomic affinity within the Sauropoda remains uncertain.  Known from a single specimen, representing an individual animal, this is one very untypical member of the long-necked dinosaurs.  The model is one of two new for 2019 Eofauna Scientific Research figures, both will be available around October, possibly early November.

The Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus Dinosaur Model

The Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus dinosaur model.

Atlasaurus (Eofauna Scientific Research).

Picture Credit: Eofauna Scientific Research/Everything Dinosaur

A Peculiar Sauropod Trying to Fit In

Named and described in 1999 (Monbaron, Russell and Taquet),  a significant proportion of the skeleton of Atlasaurus (A. imelakei) is known to science.  The type specimen, housed in the Musée des sciences de la Terre de Rabat (Morocco), is just missing a few pieces of bone and about half the caudal vertebrae (tail bones).  This is one very peculiar Sauropod, for instance, despite having been named and described quite recently, the type specimen lacks a specific, unique specimen number.  When first studied, it was thought that this dinosaur was similar to Brachiosaurus which was believed to have roamed both Africa and North America.   Subsequently, following a review of brachiosaurid fossils, the African material has largely been attributed to the genus Giraffatitan.   It has been suggested that Atlasaurus may not be closely related to Brachiosaurus at all, it could be a more basal sauropod and a member of the Turiasauria, long-necked dinosaurs that were geographically widespread during the Middle Jurassic.

Unlike Most of the Sauropoda, the Skull of Atlasaurus is Known

Close-up view of the beautifully painted head of the Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus model.

A close-up view of the beautifully painted head of the Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus model.  Is it us, or is this dinosaur model smiling?

Picture Credit: Eofauna Scientific Research/Everything Dinosaur

Bizarre Body Proportions

At first glance, the Eofauna Scientific Research figure might look a little strange.  This has nothing to do with the model, it’s just that Atlasaurus was a very strange-looking dinosaur.  The limbs of this dinosaur were proportionately longer than those of any other sauropod.  It had taken a different evolutionary route when compared to its relatives.  The limbs had become elongated and lengthened, whilst in contrast, the neck remained relatively short.  Relative to the length of its dorsal vertebral column Atlasaurus had a much shorter neck, a longer tail and long legs.  In addition, it had a bigger head.  It roamed North Africa around 168-164 million years ago and it has been suggested that its bizarre body proportions evolved so that it could exploit a particular niche in the ecosystem.  It lived in a seasonal, forested environment close to the coast and it is thought that this sauropod was a medium to high-level browser of the forest canopy.

Everything Dinosaur has already opened a reserve list for this eagerly awaited, 1:40 scale figure.  The model itself, measures around 30 cm in length and has a head height of approximately 22.5 cm.

A Reserve List for the Eofauna Scientific Research Atlasaurus is Now Open

Email Everything Dinosaur to join our priority reserve list for Atlasaurus.

Email Everything Dinosaur to join our reserve list for Atlasaurus.

Picture Credit: Eofauna Scientific Research/Everything Dinosaur

To join our reserve list for the Eofauna Atlasaurus model: Email Everything Dinosaur to Join the Atlasaurus Reserve List

To view the rest of the Eofauna Scientific Research models available from Everything Dinosaur: Eofauna Scientific Research Prehistoric Animal Models

11 08, 2019

PNSO Megalodon (2019) Video Review

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A Video Review of the PNSO Megalodon Model (Patton)

Our thanks to the talented “Matthew the Dinosaur King” for posting up a video review of the recently introduced PNSO Megalodon model with an articulated lower jaw.  In this short video review, the narrator discusses the taxonomy of this famous prehistoric shark and then examines the model in detail.

The Video Review of the PNSO Megalodon Shark Model

Video Credit: Matthew the Dinosaur King

Ancestor of the Great White Shark?

In this very informative video, Matthew comments on the problems involved with classifying this prehistoric fish when palaeontologists have only got the teeth and a few calcified vertebrae to study.  He points out that most scientists consider this shark to be a member of the Odontidae family (pronounced Oh-don-tid-day).  It had been thought that this prehistoric shark was closely related to and the direct ancestor of the Great White shark (Carcharodon carcharias).    It is likely that Megalodon filled a similar position in the marine ecosystem as the extant Great White, that of an apex predator, hunting and consuming a wide variety of prey including marine mammals.  Any resemblance between Carcharodon carcharias and Megalodon (now, commonly described as Carcharocles megalodon), could be attributed to convergent evolution.  In 2012, Everything Dinosaur produced a short article about a fossil discovery that indicated that Great White sharks could be descended from ancient Mackerel sharks: Getting Our Teeth into the Origins of the Great White Shark.

The Video Review Also Shows the PNSO Megalodon Packaging

The packaging of the PNSO Megalodon model "Patton".

The beautifully designed box of the PNSO Megalodon model “Patton”.  This aspect of the new PNSO “Patton” model is commented upon in detail in the video review.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

What’s in the Box?

The reviewer takes time to examine the packaging of this model.  The box is examined in detail and the clear plastic support base that helps to protect the model in transit is shown.  The plastic base can be used to help display this figure, although it does balance quite well on its pectoral and small pelvic fins.

In the video, the articulated jaw of this figure is highlighted.  Other models of Megalodon have been produced before, for example, the narrator comments on the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Megalodon model (introduced in 2014), but “Patton” as PNSO has named this shark figure, has an articulated lower jaw.

A Close View of the Articulated Lower Jaw of the PNSO “Patton” the Megalodon Shark Figure

Mind your fingers! A view of the PNSO "Patton" Megalodon model.

A close up view of the PNSO “Patton” Megalodon model.  Mind your fingers!

Video image credit: Matthew the Dinosaur King

This new for 2019 PNSO figure has certainly proved popular with collectors.  This is the second Carcharocles megalodon model to have been produced by PNSO, both figures are available (whilst stocks last from Everything Dinosaur).  Our thanks to model collector Luke who sent into us a photograph of his recently purchased pair of “Pattons”.  Both the figure with the articulated jaw and the larger model with a stand, are called “Patton”.

The Two PNSO Megalodon Models on Display

Thank you Luke for sending in pics of his two PNSO Megalodon shark models.

Thanks to Luke for sending in pics of his two PNSO Megalodon shark models.

Picture Credit: Luke

We thank Luke for his photograph and for “Matthew the Dinosaur King” for providing such an excellent video review.

Everything Dinosaur recommends that readers subscribe to the YouTube channel of “Matthew the Dinosaur King”: “Matthew the Dinosaur King” on YouTube.

To see all the PNSO prehistoric animal models currently in stock at Everything Dinosaur, including the two PNSO Megalodon figures: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models.

9 08, 2019

New Prehistoric Animal Model from Eofauna Scientific Research

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New Prehistoric Animal Model from Eofauna Scientific Research

Our chums at Eofauna Scientific Research will be bringing out two new prehistoric animal models this autumn.  Eofauna Scientific Research has produced a trio of stunning prehistoric animal figures and by the end of the year, a further two beautiful replicas will join their range, both of which will be available from Everything Dinosaur.

Which prehistoric animals will be depicted?  We know, but we are not going to reveal what they are just yet, model collectors will have to wait a little while to find out.  However, just for a bit of fun, in association with Eofauna Scientific Research we have put together a little teaser – can you guess which prehistoric animal it is?

Which Prehistoric Animal Figure Will Eofauna Produce Next?

Which prehistoric animal figure will they produce next?

Eofauna Scientific Research which prehistoric animal figure will they produce next?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Eofauna Scientific Research

Prehistoric Animal Guessing Game

Something like 1,200 dinosaur genera have been described to date.  Scientists have named around 120 different types of pterosaur and hundreds of genera of prehistoric mammal have been erected.  Then of course you have all the amazing and bizarre Palaeozoic creatures to consider.  The Trilobita alone has approximately 20,000 different species arranged in ten orders (sometimes 9 depending on the taxonomy, which is still debated).

Our apologies if you don’t like prehistoric animal guessing games, feel free to attribute blame to Everything Dinosaur, we suggested to Eofauna that providing a “teaser” about new models would be a good way to develop a sense of anticipation and help raise awareness about their range of replicas.

The Eofauna Scientific Research Model Range at the Beginning of 2019

The Eofauna model range (2018).

Eofauna model range at the beginning of 2019.  Far left the straight-tusked elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus), in the middle a Steppe Mammoth (Mammuthus trogontherii) and far right, the theropod dinosaur Giganotosaurus carolinii.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Commissioning a Scientific Drawing

As well as making preparations for the arrival of a new prehistoric animal model, team members at Everything Dinosaur will be commissioning a scientific drawing to be used in association with this new Eofauna Scientific Research figure.

Previous Scientific Drawing That Have Been Commissioned – Eofauna Scientific Research Models

Three Eofauna replicas illustrated.

Illustrations based on the three Eofauna replicas (left to right), Palaeoloxodon antiquus, Mammuthus trogontherii and Giganotosaurus carolinii.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The first of the new for 2019 Eofauna models should be with us in late October, the second figure should follow about 14 days later.  Naturally, the figures could arrive sooner, they could arrive later, but model collectors can be assured these two new models are worth the wait and we look forward to revealing the first of these new 2019 figures in about a week.

To view the current range of Eofauna Scientific Research models available from Everything Dinosaur: Eofauna Scientific Research Models

7 08, 2019

Everything Dinosaur Video – Papo Pentaceratops and Papo Gorgosaurus

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Papo Pentaceratops and Papo Gorgosaurus Video

Over the last few months, team members at Everything Dinosaur have been working on an exciting new project.  We have been converting part of our warehouse area into a bespoke film studio so that we can take more photographs and produce more videos of prehistoric animal models that we sell.  Everything Dinosaur used to make quite a few videos for posting up onto the company’s YouTube channel, but our ability to shoot these videos was lost when the boardroom that we used was no longer available.  So, we have invested in a new film studio and although it is far from complete, we still have to sort out the sound quality and to bring in the studio lighting and such like, we have shot our first video.

With the arrival of the eagerly anticipated Papo Gorgosaurus and Papo Pentaceratops figures we took the opportunity to shoot, a short (rather unsteady) video of these two amazing models.

Introducing the Papo Gorgosaurus and the Papo Pentaceratops Dinosaur Models

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To purchase these Papo dinosaur models and to see the rest of the Papo prehistoric animal models in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

Papo Gorgosaurus

The dinosaur known as “fierce or dreadful lizard”, arrived in stock a few days ago, we expect to sell out of this first batch of models very shortly, but not to worry more Papo Gorgosaurus models are on their way.  This dinosaur model is proving to be very popular with collectors, we have received lots of emails enquiring about this tyrannosaurid, almost as soon as we posted up some pictures of this model around six months ago.

The New for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model.

The new for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo Pentaceratops

One of a number of horned dinosaur figures produced by Papo over the years, the Pentaceratops has a very unusual pose.  It is depicted rearing up onto its hind legs as if confronted by a meat-eating dinosaur.  Although roughly contemporaneous with Gorgosaurus (G. libratus) – Campanian faunal stage of the Late Cretaceous, these dinosaurs lived on different parts of the North American landmass known as Laramidia.  Fossils of Pentaceratops are known from the south-central United States (Colorado and New Mexico), whilst Gorgosaurus is known from the Canadian province of Alberta, although there is some evidence to support the idea that this theropod genus roamed Montana.  Even if this is the case, there would have been hundreds of miles between any population of Gorgosaurus and a herd of Pentaceratops dinosaurs.  There is no evidence in the fossil record that these two dinosaurs ever met, there is, (as far as Everything Dinosaur is aware), no evidence of interspecific combat between these two species – however, this does not stop us from posting up a video, or indeed taking some photographs of the models together.

The Papo Gorgosaurus Confronts the Rearing Papo Pentaceratops

The new for 2019 Papo Pentaceratops and the Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur models.

The new for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus and the Papo Pentaceratops dinosaur models.  The Papo Gorgosaurus (left) confronts the rearing Papo Pentaceratops (right).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Team members are looking forward to posting up more videos and taking more photographs in our bespoke studio, we even promise to do something about our video camera shake!

Please feel free to take a look at our YouTube channel we shall be posting up more videos very soon.

Here is a link to the YouTube channel of Everything Dinosaur: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube

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