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24 01, 2019

New Papo Gorgosaurus (Sneaky Peek)

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New Papo Gorgosaurus Previewed

Everything Dinosaur team members had the opportunity this week to view the new for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur figure.  As well as taking plenty of photographs, we were able to shoot a short video demonstrating that this dinosaur model stands on its hind legs and it does not need to balance on its tail in order to stand.

Everything Dinosaur Previews the New for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus Dinosaur Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Beautiful Model that is Beautifully Balanced

In this short video, we demonstrate that the Papo Gorgosaurus does not need to rest on its tail in order to balance.  This figure is one of five new for 2019 Papo prehistoric animal models, it should be available in quarter three of this year, perhaps around June/July .  It could arrive a little sooner, it could be in stock at Everything Dinosaur a little later.  At least our customers and dinosaur model fans have had the chance of a sneak peek of this new tyrannosaurid dinosaur figure from the French manufacturer..

The Papo Gorgosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model.

The new for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

New Papo Models for 2019

In total, five new figures are being introduced by Papo this year, there will (most likely), be a box set released in the autumn and we are already working on new for 2020 and 2021 production ideas.

The five new Papo models are:

  • Brown Running T. rex due into stock in a few days at Everything Dinosaur.
  • Papo Allosaurus (new colour variant), also due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur, in just a few days.
  • Papo Gorgosaurus (see images and video), which is scheduled to be available sometime in quarter 3.
  • Papo Pentaceratops – also due to be in stock sometime in quarter 3 of 2019.
  • Stegosaurus, (new colour variant), this figure is also planned for launch in quarter 3 of this year.

Everything Dinosaur has also been made aware of a number of model retirements from the Papo “Les Dinosaures” range of figures.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s article about forthcoming Papo prehistoric animal model retirements: News of Papo Model Retirements

Coming Soon a New Gorgosaurus Figure from Papo

Papo Gorgosaurus.

The Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model.  This dinosaur model will have an articulated lower jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the current range of Papo dinosaurs and prehistoric animal figures, including some of the increasingly rare retired figures: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Figures

Everything Dinosaur customers will also be able to get their hands on the new for 2019 Papo consumer booklet, it’s up there on our website.

20 01, 2019

Eofauna Giganotosaurus Articulated Jaw

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Eofauna Giganotosaurus with an Articulated Jaw

One of the great things about supplying dinosaur models and prehistoric animal figures to collectors all around the world, is that we get to examine the models in our warehouse before they get allocated space on the shelves in readiness for being purchased and dispatched.  When a shipment of new models arrives, there is a lot of excitement around the office and whilst unpacking all the cases, we have the opportunity to examine up close and in detail the latest editions to Everything Dinosaur’s product portfolio.

This week has seen the arrival of the eagerly anticipated Eofauna Scientific Research Giganotosaurus model in 1:35 scale.  The model is beautifully detailed and we thought it fitting to make a short video of the articulated jaw, after all, the size estimate for this meat-eating dinosaur of around 13-14 metres in length was based on the discovery of some super-sized Giganotosaurus teeth.

Admiring the Articulated Jaw on the 1/35th Scale Giganotosaurus carolinii Dinosaur Model by Eofauna Scientific Research

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fifty New Prehistoric Animal Models Coming to Everything Dinosaur in 2019

At the beginning of the year, we predicted that we would be adding approximately fifty new models to our already extensive range.  That’s just about one new model every week.  To read about our palaeontology crystal ball gazing and other predictions for 2019: Our Predictions for the Forthcoming Year.

The Eofauna Giganotosaurus is the first dinosaur model to be created by this talented company.  We knew about the introduction of this Theropod many months ago, when we met up with the senior management team of Eofauna Scientific Research, we even helped with the production of the text that accompanies this beautifully-crafted dinosaur model.

We have added this figure to our own prehistoric animal model collection (we already have the two prehistoric elephants – the Steppe Mammoth and the Straight-tusked Elephant), we chose to create a short video just to demonstrate the skilfully sculpted skull and to highlight the model’s articulated jaw.

The Eofauna Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Model

Eofauna Scientific Research Giganotosaurus carolinii.

The 1:35 scale Eofauna Giganotosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Eofauna Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Model

Over the last few days we have been busy emailing all those people who had contacted us so that they could reserve a model.  We have already received lots of amazing feedback and even seen some of video reviews posted up by our customers.  We are already looking forward to the fourth model to come out from Eofauna Scientific Research.  No doubt, details about this will be posted up on this blog site and on Everything Dinosaur’s social media sites in the near future.

A Plastic Cradle Helps Protect the Model in Transit and Also Prevents any Issues with Legs Warping

The Eofauna Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.

Eofauna Giganotosaurus model.  The third prehistoric animal model to be created in this exciting replica range.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Three of a Kind – The Current Eofauna Model Range

Three Eofauna replicas illustrated.

Illustrations based on the three Eofauna replicas (left to right), Palaeoloxodon antiquus, Mammuthus trogontherii and Giganotosaurus carolinii.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Eofauna Scientific Research

To view all the models in the Eofauna Scientific Research range available from Everything Dinosaur: Eofauna Prehistoric Animal Models

19 01, 2019

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Schleich Spinosaurus

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Schleich Spinosaurus Review by JurassicCollectables

Those clever and talented film-makers at JurassicCollectables have produced a review of the new for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus, a figure that has received a lot of praise from dinosaur enthusiasts and model collectors.  Schleich, the German model and figure manufacturer, have produced several Spinosaurus figures over the years.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur have considered writing an article highlighting how changes in these models have reflected scientific understanding, but for the time being we have this wonderful video review of the Spinosaurus to watch.

JurassicCollectables Reviews the 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

The Schleich Spinosaurus (2019)

This is the first Spinosaurus model produced by Schleich that portrays this dinosaur as a quadruped.  In this well-crafted and highly informative video the narrator takes viewers on a guided tour of this excellent addition to the Schleich model range.  The video itself is just a little over seven minutes in length and a video review such as this, really helps dinosaur model fans to get a good look at a figure, helping them to decide whether or not to add it to their collection.

An Impressive and Highly Praised Schleich Spinosaurus is Reviewed by JurassicCollectables

A video review of the Schleich Spinosaurus by JurassicCollectables

JurassicCollectables have produced a video review of the 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus model.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables provides a comprehensive resource for dinosaur and prehistoric animal model reviews.  The videos are skilfully produced and provide viewers with the opportunity to examine prehistoric animal figures and dinosaur models in detail.

Visit the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables here: JurassicCollectables on YouTube , Everything Dinosaur recommends that dinosaur enthusiasts and prehistoric animal model fans subscribe to JurassicCollectables.

The New for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

New for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus model.

The new for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus model, depicting Spinosaurus as a quadruped.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Crocodilian Features

In the video, the quadrupedal stance is commented upon.  The influence of crocodilan anatomy on the model is also stated, many palaeontologists believe that Spinosaurus was semi-aquatic and took up an ecological niche similar to large crocodilians today – that of an aquatic predator.  The narrator takes care to point out the long tail with its crocodilan scutes.  The skull is also shown in detail and there are plenty of close-up shots of those long, narrow crocodile-like jaws.

The Spinosaurus Model is Carefully Measured in the Video Review

The Schleich Spinosaurus model is measured.

Measuring the new for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

Measuring the Model

JurassicCollectables include a video segment in which the model is carefully measured.  At Everything Dinosaur, we also measure the models in our inventory.  The length of the Schleich Spinosaurus is approximately 29 centimetres.  Later on in the video, the Spinosaurus is compared with the classic Papo green Tyrannosaurus rex figure, off-colour Alan also makes a welcome return and helps to demonstrate just how large this new Schleich figure is.

This Spinosaurus is one of five new prehistoric animal models introduced by Schleich in early 2019.  The other models are:

  • Dimorphodon
  • Dimetrodon
  • A new colour version of their Giganotosaurus model
  • Animantarx (armoured dinosaur model)

To view the new for 2019 Schleich Spinosaurus and the other models in the Schleich prehistoric animal model range: Schleich Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

15 12, 2018

News of Papo Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

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Papo Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

Everything Dinosaur has teamed up with their chums over at the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables to bring dinosaur model fans news about which models from the Papo “dinosaurs” range are being retired.

News may have already leaked out about which models Papo intends to release in 2019, Everything Dinosaur will make an official announcement soon about the new for 2019 models.  However, in the meantime, here is a special press release in association with JurassicCollectables that provides information about which figures from the popular Papo range are being withdrawn.

Details of Papo Model Retirements for 2019 – JurassicCollectables Video Announcement

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Papo Model Retirements

Everything Dinosaur has already released information about two Papo model retirements – the Papo Archaeopteryx and the Papo Tupuxuara pterosaur figure, back in October.  In total, a further three models are being dropped, namely:

  • Papo Allosaurus
  • Papo running T. rex colour variant
  • Papo Dimorphodon

Models Being Withdrawn by Papo in 2019

Papo prehistoric animal model retirements in 2019.

Papo model retirements in 2019.  The Papo Allosaurus figure, along with the Papo running T. rex colour variant, Archaeopteryx, Tupuxuara and Dimorphodon are being withdrawn.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Further Details

The Papo Archaeopteryx, first introduced in 2014, is being retired, it has been left out of the 2019 catalogue.  The Papo Tupuxuara, which came out in 2015, is also being retired, but it will feature in the new for 2019 Papo catalogue which will be sent out to distributors in January.  It has officially been retired but has been included in the catalogue print run to permit what limited stocks that are left to be sold.

The Papo Allosaurus model (55016), a stalwart of the range for many years is also being withdrawn.  This figure is not in the 2019 Papo catalogue, it is being replaced by a new colour variant Allosaurus model.  The Papo running T. rex colour variant (55057), which was introduced in 2016, has been retired.  It too, is out of the new for 2019 catalogue, the idea is that whilst the green running T. rex will remain (55027), the first widely available colour variant will be superseded by the new, brown running T. rex model (55075).

Furthermore, the Papo Dimorphodon model  (55063) is being dropped.  This flying reptile was added in 2017, but it is not included in the new catalogue and it has been withdrawn.

Some further news for fans of the Papo range, despite the introduction of a new colour variant Stegosaurus model (55079), the original Stegosaurus figure (55007), is still in the 2019 catalogue.  Everything Dinosaur team members have speculated that it has been included for the time being, but it will most likely be withdrawn in the future.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s article about the retirement of the Papo Archaeopteryx and Tupuxuara models: Two Papo Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

The Papo Green Running T. rex Figure and the Original Version of the Stegosaurus Remain

Staying for now, the green running T. rex and the original Papo Stegosaurus models.

Papo Stegosaurus (original) and the green running T. rex.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

For model reviews, updates on dinosaur figures and other fantastic prehistoric animal themed videos take a look at the amazing YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables

To view the Papo range of prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

28 11, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Quetzalcoatlus

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The Papo Quetzalcoatlus Model Video Review

The hardworking production team at JurassicCollectables have made a video review of the new for 2018 Papo Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur model.  At Everything Dinosaur, the Quetzalcoatlus figure (along with the Papo Compsognathus), represent the last of this year’s models to be introduced by Papo.  Although no Quetzalcoatlus flying reptiles appear in the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” film franchise, the video narrator makes the point that the model’s colouration, especially around that impressive beak, is very similar to the Pteranodons seen in the various movies.

In the brief video, the video is a fraction under eight minutes in length (7.58), the JurassicCollectables narrator reviews this new azhdarchid pterosaur model and compares and contrasts this figure with the aforementioned Papo Compsognathus.  Also featured is the classic Papo green standing Tyrannosaurus rex model, even mathematician Ian Malcolm makes an appearance!

JurassicCollectables – Papo Quetzalcoatlus Pterosaur Model Video Review

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

JurassicCollectables have produced videos on a whole range of prehistoric animals including all the figures that Papo have produced, to see these videos and to subscribe to their amazing YouTube channel: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables on YouTube

The Impressive Papo Quetzalcoatlus Figure

Papo Quetzalcoatlus model.

The new for 2018 Papo Quetzalcoatlus figure.  It even has an articulated beak!

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

“The Detail is Impressive”

The viewer is given a guided tour of this walking pterosaur figure, the narrator comments that the “detail is most impressive” and praises the texture given to the model by the use of “micro-feathers”, it is the pycnofibres that are being referred to.  Palaeontologists now know that many kinds of flying reptile were covered in hair-like filaments.  Quetzalcoatlus may have had a shaggy coat!

The designers at Papo have taken great care to give their figure a ruffled and naturalistic appearance, a point picked up in the video review.

To see the range of Papo prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur (including the Papo Quetzalcoatlus): Papo Prehistoric Animals

In the JurassicCollectables Video the Papo Quetzalcoatlus Figure is Reviewed

Reviewing the Papo Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur model.

JurassicCollectables reviews the Papo Quetzalcoatlus model.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The picture above shows one of the studio shots from the video review of this Papo flying reptile model.  One of the great benefits of video reviews such as this, is that potential buyers can take a really good look at a figure before purchase.

A Colourful Crest and a Beautifully Painted Mouth

The narrator comments on the very colourful crest of this pterosaur model and demonstrates how the jaw articulates.  Unlike most prehistoric animal models, it is the upper jaw that articulates.  Once the beak is open, the video narrator praises Papo for the great skill and care taken in sculpting and painting the inside of the mouth.  Size measurements are made and several other figures are used to demonstrate just how big this pterosaur figure is.  For example, in one part of the review the recently introduced Papo Compsognathus model is shown in comparison with the Papo Quetzalcoatlus.

The Papo Quetzalcoatlus is Compared in Size to the Papo Compsognathus Figure

Papo Compsognathus and the Papo Quetzalcoatlus.

Comparing the Papo Quetzalcoatlus (right) with the Papo Compsognathus (left).

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

Off-colour Alan is Missing

Regular viewers and subscribers to JurassicCollectable’s YouTube channel will know that a figure called “off-colour Alan” usually makes an appearance.  However, on this occasion, this human figure was nowhere to be found so a replica of Dr Ian Malcolm from the film Jurassic Park is used to provide an additional size comparison.   We hope that “off-colour Alan” is found soon, after all, there are a lot of prehistoric animal models coming out in the next few months, so the video review team at JurassicCollectables are going to be kept very busy.

No “Off-colour Alan” But Plenty of Views of the Papo Quetzalcoatlus Model

Reviewing the Papo Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur model.

JurassicCollectables reviews the Papo Quetzalcoatlus model.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

19 11, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews Rebor “Vanilla Ice”

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A Video Review of the Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Tyrannosaurs – Mountain and Jungle

At the end of October, Everything Dinosaur introduced the two “Vanilla Ice” 1/35 scale Tyrannosaurs from Rebor – Mountain and Jungle colour variants.  Those talented people at JurassicCollectables have created a video review, of not just one, but both replicas so that dinosaur model fans can see these two excellent models in all their glory.

The Video Review of “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain and Jungle by JurassicCollectables

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain and Jungle

In this video review, which lasts a fraction over eleven minutes, the narrator takes us through the unboxing of a Mountain colour variant and concludes by taking a look at the Jungle colour scheme model.  At JurassicCollectables, the two colour schemes are regarded as depicting the animal during daylight, out in the open (the Mountain colour variant) and within the dappled shade of a forest canopy (the Jungle colour variant).  The video is shot in such a way so as to bring out the subtle variations between the two figures such as the different coloured tongues and the variation in the painting of the teeth.

The Two Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Figures are Compared in the JurassicCollectables Video Review

The two Rebor "Vanilla Ice" tyrannosaurid figures.

“Vanilla Ice” Jungle (left) and the “Vanilla Ice” Mountain (right).

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

Most Impressive 1:35 Scale Figures

As well as providing a guided tour of each of the figures, the video review also permits people to see the “Vanilla Ice” box compared to the box of the Rebor King T. rex figure.  These two models are later compared in the video too.  Rebor has taken great care to make both these figures and the other large Theropods in their range such as the King T. rex and the Acrocanthosaurus “Hercules”, in 1:35 scale, so all the figures can be displayed together.

Comparing Rebor Figures (King T. rex and the “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain Colour Scheme)

Comparing Rebor replicas.

The Rebor King T. rex (left) is compared with the Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Mountain tyrannosaurid replica.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

Everything Dinosaur stocks the entire range of Rebor replicas including the two “Vanilla Ice” tyrannosaurid figures.  We even offer these two models together at a special discount (subject to stocks).

To view the Rebor range available from Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

Beautifully Detailed Figures

The video narrator is most impressed with the two Rebor replicas.  The articulated jaws and the poseable tails are admired and the camerawork permits viewers to get a really close-up view of all the superb texturing and osteoderm placement on the two figures.  The size dimensions are reported and size comparisons made with the classic Papo standing T. rex figure.  Particular attention is paid to the fantastic paintwork on the inside of the mouth.  Both figures have beautifully painted mouths and the inside of the jaws and teeth glisten in the light to give the impression that they are wet.

Care is Taken in the Video Review to Show the Head of the Model in Close Detail

A view of the head of the Rebor "Vanilla Ice" Mountain Tyrannosaur.

A close-up view of the head of the Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Mountain colour variant.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

This is a great video review of two great Rebor replicas.

Check out the stunning YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables, it is packed full of beautiful video reviews and other fantastic material for the dinosaur model enthusiast, including lots of reviews of Rebor replicas.

JurassicCollectables: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables on YouTube.

4 10, 2018

Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor Reviewed by JurassicCollectables

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JurassicCollectables Reviews Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor Model

Those clever and talented people at JurassicCollectables have been reminiscing about the film “Jurassic Park” and in a homage to the second film in the franchise “The Lost World”, they have produced a video review of the Rebor 1/18th scale Velociraptor model “Sweeney”.  A dromaeosaurid figure that would have looked very much at home chasing visitors to Isla Sorna in the second instalment – “stay out of the long grass”, as Dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) might say!

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Rebor Velociraptor Model “Sweeney”

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

An Unboxing and Video Review of the Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor

In this highly informative video review (it lasts a little over eight and a half minutes), the narrator unpacks the Velociraptor figure and then takes us on a tour of this beautifully crafted model.  It is great to see a focus placed on the packaging, the Rebor products have a very distinctive look about them and the packaging is excellent.  The narrator takes care to show the back of the box, as the Sweeney packaging features all the other Velociraptor figures that Rebor has made previously.  They make a wonderful collection.

The Reverse Side of the Packaging is Shown Revealing the Range of 1:18 Scale Velociraptor Replicas

Rebor Velociraptor "Sweeney" packaging.

The back of the Rebor Velociraptor “Sweeney” box.  Lots of different Velociraptor models to collect.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The commentator states that this figure has a colour scheme that is similar to the colouration of the Velociraptors seen in “The Lost World” and muses on the prospect of being able to depict a key scene from the film by building a long grass chase prehistoric diorama using the Rebor “Sweeney” figure as the centrepiece.

The Rebor 1:18 Scale Velociraptor Replica “Sweeney”

The stripey Velociraptor figure called "Sweeney" by Rebor.

The Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Translucent Teeth

In the video, the viewer is treated to a close-up view of the articulated jaw and the inside of the mouth of this stunning figure.  The interior of the mouth has been given a high gloss so it has a realistic wet-look about it, even the tongue can be seen to glisten in the video.  The narrator comments on the paint job on the teeth.  He extols their translucent appearance and praises the sculpture for its attention to detail when it comes to depicting the business end of these speedy carnivores.

JurassicCollectables post up lots of amazing videos and content on their YouTube channel, Everything Dinosaur recommends that you subscribe.

To visit JurassicCollectables on YouTube: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables

The vertical slit pupil in the eye is also discussed, this is the sort of pupil shape seen in cats which are largely nocturnal.  Crocodilians have this pupil shape too, the inference is that Velociraptor was a hunter in low light or at night.  There is no scientific data to support this idea, but many small, cursorial predators today are nocturnal so why not Velociraptor?

The Wet-Looking and Glossy Mouth of the Rebor Velociraptor Figure “Sweeney”

The 1:18 scale Rebor Velociraptor figure "Sweeney".

The Rebor range is certainly something to get your teeth into.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Muzzled Velociraptor

One of the highlights of this video review is the section which shows how carefully the Velociraptor figure has been wrapped.  It sits inside its foam packaging and even the jaw has been taped up to prevent it getting jarred or damaged in transit.  Such attention to detail helps to elevate the Rebor brand and the Velociraptors with their movie-going looks make great additions to any dinosaur model collection.

A Muzzled Velociraptor – Collectors and Dinosaur Model Fans Can See How Well Protected the Velociraptor Is

Unwrapping a Rebor Velociraptor "Sweeney".

A carefully wrapped and protected Velociraptor model.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

To view the entire range of Rebor prehistoric animals available from Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaurs

19 09, 2018

Beasts of the Mesozoic Reviewed by JurassicCollectables

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JurassicCollectables Reviews Beasts of the Mesozoic Figures

The talented team at JurassicCollectables have produced a review of the two figures from the amazing Beasts of the Mesozoic model collection.  This range of articulated “raptor” figures has been winning praise from dinosaur fans and model collectors and now, thanks to a super video review from JurassicCollectables, subscribers to their YouTube channel can see what all the fuss is about.  In the video, the Environmental Accessory Pack – Desert with the Mononykus figure is reviewed alongside the beautiful Linheraptor exquisitus replica.

JurassicCollectables Reviews L. exquisitus and the Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Beasts of the Mesozoic Figures

The Beasts of the Mesozoic range of figures consists of 1:6 scale, articulated “raptors”, although some of the animals featured such as Mononykus olecranus, the model that is supplied in the Desert Environmental Accessory Pack and features in this video review, is not a member of the Dromaeosauridae.  The series is the brainchild of talented designer and artist David Silva and Everything Dinosaur has an exclusive agreement to supply these figures in the European Economic Area (EEA) by on-line channels and mail order.

The JurassicCollectables Video Review Features the Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor exquisitus and the Desert Accessory Pack

Reviewing Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor and the Desert Accessory Pack.

JurassicCollectables reviews the Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor and the Desert Accessory Pack which features Mononykus.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

For Discerning Model and Figure Collectors

The state-of-the-art modelling techniques that have been used to create this range are highlighted in the JurassicCollectables video.  The narrator unpacks each figure in turn (starting with the Linheraptor) and then assembles the figures demonstrating how the support pegs and points of articulation work.  It is great to see the video featuring the box art and the background artwork that can be found on the inside of the packaging.

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor Figure

Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor figure.

The exquisite Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor exquisitus figure.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

To view the Beasts of the Mesozoic range exclusively available from Everything Dinosaur: Beasts of the Mesozoic Figures

One of the benefits of the JurassicCollectables video review is that viewers can see the model assembled and it was very useful to see the storage pockets under the model’s base where the spare toes that come with the “raptors” can be stored safely and securely.  The flexible tail on the Linheraptor figure was also demonstrated.

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor exquisitus Displayed Against the Box Background

Linheraptor (Beasts of the Mesozoic) on display.

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor exquisitus figure displayed against its box background.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Hand-painted, Articulated Prehistoric Animal Sets

The Beasts of the Mesozoic range also includes four accessory packs, which comprise a small, articulated dinosaur model with a diorama based on a different prehistoric environment.  The JurassicCollectables video narrator took care to highlight the contents of one of these accessory packs, the desert set featuring the bizarre dinosaur M. olecranus.

The Desert Accessory Pack Featuring Mononykus

Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack contents.

The contents of the Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack with the Mononykus figure.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The carefully crafted video (which lasts a little over fifteen minutes), showed the contents of the Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack and demonstrated how to set up the dinosaur diorama.  It was helpful to see how all the accessories including the beautifully detailed Protoceratops skull and the realistic rocks can be combined together to make a stunning prehistoric animal diorama.

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack Assembled

Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack.

The assembled Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack featuring Mononykus.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Desert Accessory Pack Comes Complete with a Dinosaur Nest and Hatchling

JurassicCollectables took each of the accessories in turn and discussed their merits.  For example, the Desert Accessory Pack includes a set of dinosaur eggs and a “raptor” hatchling.  The narrator commented on each of these items and made sure that viewers had a chance to appreciate each piece.  The Beasts of the Mesozoic range of figures is a welcome addition to the collectables market and in this very informative video, the flexibility and the range of poses for each of the models was demonstrated.  Collectors can create their very own prehistoric scene and the versatility of these kits enables every collector to have their own, unique dinosaur diorama.

Aimed at serious model collectors aged fourteen years and older (these are display pieces and not toys), each Beasts of the Mesozoic prehistoric animal figure is based on the latest scientific research and these very well made videos from JurassicCollectables give potential buyers an ideal opportunity to view the kits and their contents before making a purchase.

The JurassicCollectables YouTube channel has over 75,000 subscribers and an amazing 855 videos.  Everything Dinosaur recommends fans of prehistoric animals subscribe to this amazing YouTube channel: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables on YouTube

27 08, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews New Mojo Dinosaurs

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A Video Review of the New for 2018 Mojo Dinosaurs

JurassicCollectables have posted up an unboxing video showcasing Papo two prehistoric animals and the new for 2018 Mojo Fun dinosaur models.  Everything Dinosaur sent our friends at JurassicCollectables a parcel containing the Papo Quetzalcoatlus which is going to be reviewed shortly by the talented JurassicCollectables team.  In addition, the box contained a Papo Compsognathus replica, which will be the subject of a JurassicCollectables giveaway coming up soon.  The other four models despatched by Everything Dinosaur were the four new for 2018 Mojo figures, the Giganotosaurus, Deinonychus, Diplodocus and the spectacular blue Baryonyx.

JurassicCollectables Unboxing Video – Papo and Four New Mojo Fun Dinosaurs

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Colourful Dinosaur Models

In this brief video (it lasts a fraction under ten minutes), JurassicCollectables provides viewers with an opportunity to get a really close look at the four new and very colourful Mojo Fun figures.  Each of the models is described in detail.  The first to be discussed is the blue Baryonyx, which the narrator, who has not seen the models before, at first, mistakes for a Suchomimus.  Some scientists think that Baryonyx and Suchomimus were very similar, in fact so similar that the fossils found actually describe the same dinosaur.  The validity of the genus Suchomimus has been questioned, so it is quite easy to confuse these two Theropods.  The second model to be discussed, is the spectacular Deinonychus figure.  The narrator from JurassicCollectables confesses that this dromaeosaurid was one of his favourite dinosaurs during his childhood.  The Mojo Fun Deinonychus has a certain “retro” look to it, a point raised during this most informative video review.

The Mojo Fun Deinonychus Dinosaur Model (New for 2018)

The Mojo Fun Deinonychus dinosaur model.

The Mojo Fun 2018 Deinonychus model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view these new dinosaur models and the entire Mojo Fun Animal Planet range of prehistoric and extinct animals: Mojo Fun Prehistoric and Extinct Animals

Giganotosaurus and Diplodocus

The impressive and sizeable Giganotosaurus figure comes next.  The figure is huge!  It measures thirty-five centimetres in length and it is one of the largest casts every created by Mojo.  Last but not least is the Diplodocus figure.  The long tail is admired by the narrator as is the skin texture and those striking white chevrons that run down the back of the model.  The chevrons have been added as a homage to the genus name.  This famous dinosaur was named after the double-beamed chevron bones found underneath the tail, an anatomical feature once thought to be unique to Diplodocus.

The Mojo Fun Diplodocus Dinosaur Model

Mojo Fun Diplodocus model.

The Mojo Fun Diplodocus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The Mojo Fun Diplodocus model is shown in the still from the video (above), the hands provide a “handy” scale.

Mojo Fun Prehistoric and Extinct Animal Models

Mojo Fun have produced four very brightly coloured replicas.  The company has stated their intentions to move away from the more muted model tones of the past and as a result these new figures are very striking.  In the video review, the viewer is given the chance to look at the colour schemes and to examine the replicas in detail.  Mojo Fun have announced that they will be producing re-coloured versions of a number of their existing figures, we at Everything Dinosaur are excited to see the results of the repainting programme.

The Four New for 2018 Mojo Fun Dinosaur Models

Four new Mojo Fun dinosaur models (2018).

The four new dinosaur models from Mojo Fun. Baryonyx and Giganotosaurus (left) with Diplodocus and Deinonychus (right).

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

This is an excellent video review of these hard to come by, Mojo Fun figures.  JurassicCollectables have produced lots of amazing prehistoric animal themed videos and their YouTube channel has attracted nearly 75,000 subscribers.  This is an fantastic achievement, Everything Dinosaur recommends dinosaur fans subscribe to the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables, you can find it here: JurassicCollectables on YouTube.

Our thanks once again to JurassicCollectables for producing such an informative video review.

15 08, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Eofauna Straight-Tusked Elephant

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A Video Review of the Eofauna Straight-Tusked Elephant

Those talented and clever people at JurassicCollectables have produced a video review of the second figure in the range of prehistoric animal figures made by  Eofauna Scientific Research.  The video provides viewers with an up-close and detailed examination of the superb Eofauna Straight-tusked elephant replica (Palaeoloxodon antiquus).  A prehistoric animal model inspired by the scientific study of fossil remains.

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Eofauna Scientific Research Straight-Tusked Elephant

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Palaeoloxodon antiquus (Old Slanting Tooth)

This prehistoric elephant has a long history of research and scientific study.  It was first thought to be closely related to the extant Asian elephant (genus Elephas) and was initially named Elephas antiquus.  Subsequent studies in the 19th and 20th centuries refined this large herbivore’s taxonomic position and in 1924, the Japanese palaeontologist Hikoshichiro Matsumoto erected the genus Palaeoloxodon when examining elephant fossils found in his native Japan.  Several species of Palaeoloxodon have been described, with the species in the video review, P. antiquus, associated with warm temperate forest and scrubland habitats of Europe that existed during the Pleistocene inter-glacial phases.

Size estimates vary for Palaeoloxodon antiquus, however, bulls could have had shoulder heights in excess of 4.5 metres and weighed in excess of sixteen tonnes.  It is great to see the various models used by JurassicCollectables in this video review, viewers can really appreciate the size of this figure.  Our thanks as always to “off-colour” Alan for his contribution.

Available from Everything Dinosaur – the Eofauna Scientific Research Straight-Tusked Elephant Replica

Straight-tusked elephant model.

Eofauna Scientific Research Straight-tusked elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Eofauna Straight-Tusked Elephant Video Review

JurassicCollectables outlines how the model was produced.  This stunning 1:35 scale replica is based on actual fossil specimens that were studied by Eofauna Scientific Research team members.  This is a scientifically accurate model and in the JurassicCollectables video review, the narrator gives viewers a guided tour of the figure and provides a close-up examination of this detailed model.  The beautiful skin texture is marvelled at and the narrator even picks out the carefully sculpted veining to be found on those large ears.

Everything Dinosaur’s Illustration of Palaeoloxodon antiquus (Straight-Tusked Elephant)

Straight-tusked elephant illustration.

A drawing of a Straight-tusked elephant, commissioned by Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Sales Helping to Fund Scientific Research

Eofauna Scientific Research is a non-profit organisation and revenues from sales of this figure are invested back into scientific research and the dissemination of knowledge about extinct animals.  It this wasn’t reason enough to add this splendid, 1/35th scale model to your collection, it has already attracted numerous 5-star Feefo reviews on Everything Dinosaur’s website, for example:

Doug wrote to say: “Top quality model.  Anatomical detail totally convincing.  Detail in skin texture & features outstanding.  Perfect posture, not too aggressive.”

Anthony added: “Magnificent replica.  The sculpting and paint job was of the highest quality.  Great pose.  It was a good learning experience to find out that elephants once lived in Europe.  This is the second Eofauna replica I’ve purchased, and I look forward to seeing what they offer next year.”

To purchase the Eofauna Straight-tusked elephant model and their first figure the excellent Eofauna Steppe Mammoth replica: Eofauna Scientific Research Models

In the Video, the Eofauna Straight-Tusked Elephant is Compared in Size with the Eofauna Steppe Mammoth Figure

Comparing Eofauna models.

The Eofauna Steppe Mammoth (left) compared to the Eofauna Straight-tusked elephant (right).

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

JurassicCollectables have developed an amazing YouTube channel packed full of prehistoric animal model reviews and other entertaining and informative videos.  They have just achieved 74, 000 subscribers, that’s an astonishing achievement, our congratulations to the JurassicCollectables team.

Visit the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables here: JurassicCollectables, Everything Dinosaur recommends that dinosaur model fans subscribe to the JurassicCollectables YouTube channel.

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