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4 10, 2018

Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor Reviewed by JurassicCollectables

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JurassicCollectables Reviews Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor Model

Those clever and talented people at JurassicCollectables have been reminiscing about the film “Jurassic Park” and in a homage to the second film in the franchise “The Lost World”, they have produced a video review of the Rebor 1/18th scale Velociraptor model “Sweeney”.  A dromaeosaurid figure that would have looked very much at home chasing visitors to Isla Sorna in the second instalment – “stay out of the long grass”, as Dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) might say!

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Rebor Velociraptor Model “Sweeney”

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

An Unboxing and Video Review of the Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor

In this highly informative video review (it lasts a little over eight and a half minutes), the narrator unpacks the Velociraptor figure and then takes us on a tour of this beautifully crafted model.  It is great to see a focus placed on the packaging, the Rebor products have a very distinctive look about them and the packaging is excellent.  The narrator takes care to show the back of the box, as the Sweeney packaging features all the other Velociraptor figures that Rebor has made previously.  They make a wonderful collection.

The Reverse Side of the Packaging is Shown Revealing the Range of 1:18 Scale Velociraptor Replicas

Rebor Velociraptor "Sweeney" packaging.

The back of the Rebor Velociraptor “Sweeney” box.  Lots of different Velociraptor models to collect.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The commentator states that this figure has a colour scheme that is similar to the colouration of the Velociraptors seen in “The Lost World” and muses on the prospect of being able to depict a key scene from the film by building a long grass chase prehistoric diorama using the Rebor “Sweeney” figure as the centrepiece.

The Rebor 1:18 Scale Velociraptor Replica “Sweeney”

The stripey Velociraptor figure called "Sweeney" by Rebor.

The Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Translucent Teeth

In the video, the viewer is treated to a close-up view of the articulated jaw and the inside of the mouth of this stunning figure.  The interior of the mouth has been given a high gloss so it has a realistic wet-look about it, even the tongue can be seen to glisten in the video.  The narrator comments on the paint job on the teeth.  He extols their translucent appearance and praises the sculpture for its attention to detail when it comes to depicting the business end of these speedy carnivores.

JurassicCollectables post up lots of amazing videos and content on their YouTube channel, Everything Dinosaur recommends that you subscribe.

To visit JurassicCollectables on YouTube: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables

The vertical slit pupil in the eye is also discussed, this is the sort of pupil shape seen in cats which are largely nocturnal.  Crocodilians have this pupil shape too, the inference is that Velociraptor was a hunter in low light or at night.  There is no scientific data to support this idea, but many small, cursorial predators today are nocturnal so why not Velociraptor?

The Wet-Looking and Glossy Mouth of the Rebor Velociraptor Figure “Sweeney”

The 1:18 scale Rebor Velociraptor figure "Sweeney".

The Rebor range is certainly something to get your teeth into.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Muzzled Velociraptor

One of the highlights of this video review is the section which shows how carefully the Velociraptor figure has been wrapped.  It sits inside its foam packaging and even the jaw has been taped up to prevent it getting jarred or damaged in transit.  Such attention to detail helps to elevate the Rebor brand and the Velociraptors with their movie-going looks make great additions to any dinosaur model collection.

A Muzzled Velociraptor – Collectors and Dinosaur Model Fans Can See How Well Protected the Velociraptor Is

Unwrapping a Rebor Velociraptor "Sweeney".

A carefully wrapped and protected Velociraptor model.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

To view the entire range of Rebor prehistoric animals available from Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaurs

19 09, 2018

Beasts of the Mesozoic Reviewed by JurassicCollectables

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JurassicCollectables Reviews Beasts of the Mesozoic Figures

The talented team at JurassicCollectables have produced a review of the two figures from the amazing Beasts of the Mesozoic model collection.  This range of articulated “raptor” figures has been winning praise from dinosaur fans and model collectors and now, thanks to a super video review from JurassicCollectables, subscribers to their YouTube channel can see what all the fuss is about.  In the video, the Environmental Accessory Pack – Desert with the Mononykus figure is reviewed alongside the beautiful Linheraptor exquisitus replica.

JurassicCollectables Reviews L. exquisitus and the Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Beasts of the Mesozoic Figures

The Beasts of the Mesozoic range of figures consists of 1:6 scale, articulated “raptors”, although some of the animals featured such as Mononykus olecranus, the model that is supplied in the Desert Environmental Accessory Pack and features in this video review, is not a member of the Dromaeosauridae.  The series is the brainchild of talented designer and artist David Silva and Everything Dinosaur has an exclusive agreement to supply these figures in the European Economic Area (EEA) by on-line channels and mail order.

The JurassicCollectables Video Review Features the Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor exquisitus and the Desert Accessory Pack

Reviewing Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor and the Desert Accessory Pack.

JurassicCollectables reviews the Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor and the Desert Accessory Pack which features Mononykus.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

For Discerning Model and Figure Collectors

The state-of-the-art modelling techniques that have been used to create this range are highlighted in the JurassicCollectables video.  The narrator unpacks each figure in turn (starting with the Linheraptor) and then assembles the figures demonstrating how the support pegs and points of articulation work.  It is great to see the video featuring the box art and the background artwork that can be found on the inside of the packaging.

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor Figure

Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor figure.

The exquisite Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor exquisitus figure.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

To view the Beasts of the Mesozoic range exclusively available from Everything Dinosaur: Beasts of the Mesozoic Figures

One of the benefits of the JurassicCollectables video review is that viewers can see the model assembled and it was very useful to see the storage pockets under the model’s base where the spare toes that come with the “raptors” can be stored safely and securely.  The flexible tail on the Linheraptor figure was also demonstrated.

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor exquisitus Displayed Against the Box Background

Linheraptor (Beasts of the Mesozoic) on display.

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Linheraptor exquisitus figure displayed against its box background.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Hand-painted, Articulated Prehistoric Animal Sets

The Beasts of the Mesozoic range also includes four accessory packs, which comprise a small, articulated dinosaur model with a diorama based on a different prehistoric environment.  The JurassicCollectables video narrator took care to highlight the contents of one of these accessory packs, the desert set featuring the bizarre dinosaur M. olecranus.

The Desert Accessory Pack Featuring Mononykus

Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack contents.

The contents of the Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack with the Mononykus figure.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The carefully crafted video (which lasts a little over fifteen minutes), showed the contents of the Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack and demonstrated how to set up the dinosaur diorama.  It was helpful to see how all the accessories including the beautifully detailed Protoceratops skull and the realistic rocks can be combined together to make a stunning prehistoric animal diorama.

The Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack Assembled

Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack.

The assembled Beasts of the Mesozoic Desert Accessory Pack featuring Mononykus.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Desert Accessory Pack Comes Complete with a Dinosaur Nest and Hatchling

JurassicCollectables took each of the accessories in turn and discussed their merits.  For example, the Desert Accessory Pack includes a set of dinosaur eggs and a “raptor” hatchling.  The narrator commented on each of these items and made sure that viewers had a chance to appreciate each piece.  The Beasts of the Mesozoic range of figures is a welcome addition to the collectables market and in this very informative video, the flexibility and the range of poses for each of the models was demonstrated.  Collectors can create their very own prehistoric scene and the versatility of these kits enables every collector to have their own, unique dinosaur diorama.

Aimed at serious model collectors aged fourteen years and older (these are display pieces and not toys), each Beasts of the Mesozoic prehistoric animal figure is based on the latest scientific research and these very well made videos from JurassicCollectables give potential buyers an ideal opportunity to view the kits and their contents before making a purchase.

The JurassicCollectables YouTube channel has over 75,000 subscribers and an amazing 855 videos.  Everything Dinosaur recommends fans of prehistoric animals subscribe to this amazing YouTube channel: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables on YouTube

27 08, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews New Mojo Dinosaurs

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A Video Review of the New for 2018 Mojo Dinosaurs

JurassicCollectables have posted up an unboxing video showcasing Papo two prehistoric animals and the new for 2018 Mojo Fun dinosaur models.  Everything Dinosaur sent our friends at JurassicCollectables a parcel containing the Papo Quetzalcoatlus which is going to be reviewed shortly by the talented JurassicCollectables team.  In addition, the box contained a Papo Compsognathus replica, which will be the subject of a JurassicCollectables giveaway coming up soon.  The other four models despatched by Everything Dinosaur were the four new for 2018 Mojo figures, the Giganotosaurus, Deinonychus, Diplodocus and the spectacular blue Baryonyx.

JurassicCollectables Unboxing Video – Papo and Four New Mojo Fun Dinosaurs

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Colourful Dinosaur Models

In this brief video (it lasts a fraction under ten minutes), JurassicCollectables provides viewers with an opportunity to get a really close look at the four new and very colourful Mojo Fun figures.  Each of the models is described in detail.  The first to be discussed is the blue Baryonyx, which the narrator, who has not seen the models before, at first, mistakes for a Suchomimus.  Some scientists think that Baryonyx and Suchomimus were very similar, in fact so similar that the fossils found actually describe the same dinosaur.  The validity of the genus Suchomimus has been questioned, so it is quite easy to confuse these two Theropods.  The second model to be discussed, is the spectacular Deinonychus figure.  The narrator from JurassicCollectables confesses that this dromaeosaurid was one of his favourite dinosaurs during his childhood.  The Mojo Fun Deinonychus has a certain “retro” look to it, a point raised during this most informative video review.

The Mojo Fun Deinonychus Dinosaur Model (New for 2018)

The Mojo Fun Deinonychus dinosaur model.

The Mojo Fun 2018 Deinonychus model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view these new dinosaur models and the entire Mojo Fun Animal Planet range of prehistoric and extinct animals: Mojo Fun Prehistoric and Extinct Animals

Giganotosaurus and Diplodocus

The impressive and sizeable Giganotosaurus figure comes next.  The figure is huge!  It measures thirty-five centimetres in length and it is one of the largest casts every created by Mojo.  Last but not least is the Diplodocus figure.  The long tail is admired by the narrator as is the skin texture and those striking white chevrons that run down the back of the model.  The chevrons have been added as a homage to the genus name.  This famous dinosaur was named after the double-beamed chevron bones found underneath the tail, an anatomical feature once thought to be unique to Diplodocus.

The Mojo Fun Diplodocus Dinosaur Model

Mojo Fun Diplodocus model.

The Mojo Fun Diplodocus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The Mojo Fun Diplodocus model is shown in the still from the video (above), the hands provide a “handy” scale.

Mojo Fun Prehistoric and Extinct Animal Models

Mojo Fun have produced four very brightly coloured replicas.  The company has stated their intentions to move away from the more muted model tones of the past and as a result these new figures are very striking.  In the video review, the viewer is given the chance to look at the colour schemes and to examine the replicas in detail.  Mojo Fun have announced that they will be producing re-coloured versions of a number of their existing figures, we at Everything Dinosaur are excited to see the results of the repainting programme.

The Four New for 2018 Mojo Fun Dinosaur Models

Four new Mojo Fun dinosaur models (2018).

The four new dinosaur models from Mojo Fun. Baryonyx and Giganotosaurus (left) with Diplodocus and Deinonychus (right).

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

This is an excellent video review of these hard to come by, Mojo Fun figures.  JurassicCollectables have produced lots of amazing prehistoric animal themed videos and their YouTube channel has attracted nearly 75,000 subscribers.  This is an fantastic achievement, Everything Dinosaur recommends dinosaur fans subscribe to the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables, you can find it here: JurassicCollectables on YouTube.

Our thanks once again to JurassicCollectables for producing such an informative video review.

15 08, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Eofauna Straight-Tusked Elephant

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A Video Review of the Eofauna Straight-Tusked Elephant

Those talented and clever people at JurassicCollectables have produced a video review of the second figure in the range of prehistoric animal figures made by  Eofauna Scientific Research.  The video provides viewers with an up-close and detailed examination of the superb Eofauna Straight-tusked elephant replica (Palaeoloxodon antiquus).  A prehistoric animal model inspired by the scientific study of fossil remains.

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Eofauna Scientific Research Straight-Tusked Elephant

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Palaeoloxodon antiquus (Old Slanting Tooth)

This prehistoric elephant has a long history of research and scientific study.  It was first thought to be closely related to the extant Asian elephant (genus Elephas) and was initially named Elephas antiquus.  Subsequent studies in the 19th and 20th centuries refined this large herbivore’s taxonomic position and in 1924, the Japanese palaeontologist Hikoshichiro Matsumoto erected the genus Palaeoloxodon when examining elephant fossils found in his native Japan.  Several species of Palaeoloxodon have been described, with the species in the video review, P. antiquus, associated with warm temperate forest and scrubland habitats of Europe that existed during the Pleistocene inter-glacial phases.

Size estimates vary for Palaeoloxodon antiquus, however, bulls could have had shoulder heights in excess of 4.5 metres and weighed in excess of sixteen tonnes.  It is great to see the various models used by JurassicCollectables in this video review, viewers can really appreciate the size of this figure.  Our thanks as always to “off-colour” Alan for his contribution.

Available from Everything Dinosaur – the Eofauna Scientific Research Straight-Tusked Elephant Replica

Straight-tusked elephant model.

Eofauna Scientific Research Straight-tusked elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Eofauna Straight-Tusked Elephant Video Review

JurassicCollectables outlines how the model was produced.  This stunning 1:35 scale replica is based on actual fossil specimens that were studied by Eofauna Scientific Research team members.  This is a scientifically accurate model and in the JurassicCollectables video review, the narrator gives viewers a guided tour of the figure and provides a close-up examination of this detailed model.  The beautiful skin texture is marvelled at and the narrator even picks out the carefully sculpted veining to be found on those large ears.

Everything Dinosaur’s Illustration of Palaeoloxodon antiquus (Straight-Tusked Elephant)

Straight-tusked elephant illustration.

A drawing of a Straight-tusked elephant, commissioned by Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Sales Helping to Fund Scientific Research

Eofauna Scientific Research is a non-profit organisation and revenues from sales of this figure are invested back into scientific research and the dissemination of knowledge about extinct animals.  It this wasn’t reason enough to add this splendid, 1/35th scale model to your collection, it has already attracted numerous 5-star Feefo reviews on Everything Dinosaur’s website, for example:

Doug wrote to say: “Top quality model.  Anatomical detail totally convincing.  Detail in skin texture & features outstanding.  Perfect posture, not too aggressive.”

Anthony added: “Magnificent replica.  The sculpting and paint job was of the highest quality.  Great pose.  It was a good learning experience to find out that elephants once lived in Europe.  This is the second Eofauna replica I’ve purchased, and I look forward to seeing what they offer next year.”

To purchase the Eofauna Straight-tusked elephant model and their first figure the excellent Eofauna Steppe Mammoth replica: Eofauna Scientific Research Models

In the Video, the Eofauna Straight-Tusked Elephant is Compared in Size with the Eofauna Steppe Mammoth Figure

Comparing Eofauna models.

The Eofauna Steppe Mammoth (left) compared to the Eofauna Straight-tusked elephant (right).

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

JurassicCollectables have developed an amazing YouTube channel packed full of prehistoric animal model reviews and other entertaining and informative videos.  They have just achieved 74, 000 subscribers, that’s an astonishing achievement, our congratulations to the JurassicCollectables team.

Visit the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables here: JurassicCollectables, Everything Dinosaur recommends that dinosaur model fans subscribe to the JurassicCollectables YouTube channel.

12 08, 2018

In Praise of “Meg”

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Megalodon Makes it to the Big Screen

This weekend sees the opening of the summer blockbuster “Meg”, a prehistoric shark-based action movie featuring Jason Statham and a twenty-five-metre-long representation of Carcharocles megalodon – Megalodon, an extinct species of prehistoric shark, so famous that it is just known by its specific or trivial name.  With the film likely to make in excess of £30 million in box office receipts on just its opening weekend in the USA, the movie, which incidentally is the most expensive shark film ever made (estimated budget of around $130 million USD), is likely to be a runaway box office success.  However, this iconic marine monster is well and truly extinct, it really is “safe to enter the water” to borrow a strapline from perhaps, the best-known and best-loved shark movie of them all, the 1975 “Jaws”.

Warner Bros and director Jon Turteltaub may have resurrected Megalodon, but most palaeontologists will confidently tell you that, what was probably the largest carnivorous shark to have existed, died out around 2.6 million years ago.

When those talented people as Safari Ltd introduced a “Megalodon” model back in 2014, Everything Dinosaur put together a short video introduction to the model.

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review of the Wild Safari Dinos Megalodon Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We may have lacked the budget of the movie and unfortunately, we were unable to afford the services of Jason Statham, but our six minute video review set out to explain a little more about the science behind this prehistoric shark and to provide a guide to the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Megalodon model.

Carcharocles megalodon

Many marine biologists had believed that Carcharocles megalodon was closely related to the modern Great White Shark – Carcharodon carcharias (hence Everything Dinosaur’s original research into finding a suitable Megalodon model).  However, recent studies suggest that it was actually a member of another sub-branch of the Lamniformes Order and that Megalodon was a member of the Otodontidae family and not a member of the Lamnidae family as previously thought.  It may have had a similar lifestyle and habit to the Great White Shark and it was much bigger and heavier, but it was unlikely to have been around twenty-five metres in length, the size of Megalodon in the movie.

A Still from the Motion Picture “Meg”

Meglaodon from the movie "Meg".

A still from the 2018 summer blockbuster “Meg”.

Picture Credit: Warner Bros

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“If these giant, prehistoric sharks were still around today, then, as we suspect they were shallow water specialists living in the top two hundred metres of water, the upper portions of the epipelagic zone of the ocean, then they certainly would have been spotted by now.  The “Meg” is very much extinct and we are sure that the film will provide plenty of thrills and spills for cinema goers.  Perhaps, it will also raise awareness amongst its audience about the plight of many shark species today.  Over fishing, habitat loss and pollution are having a devastating effect on global shark populations.  It has been estimated that some 100 million sharks die each year, with luck this movie will raise awareness about shark species conservation.”

The Jaws of Megalodon

Megalodon jaws.

Reconstructed jaws of a Megalodon shark (human gives scale).

Picture Credit: Rex Features

Safari Ltd have produced an excellent replica of this prehistoric shark, to view the model and the rest of the amazing figures in the Wild Safari Dinos Prehistoric World collection: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Megalodon Figure 

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Megalodon model.

Fearsome C. megalodon

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

27 07, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Compsognathus Model

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The Papo Compsognathus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

The dedicated and enthusiastic production team at JurassicCollectables have made a video review of the new for 2018 Papo Compsognathus dinosaur model.  At Everything Dinosaur, the Compsognathus (along with the Papo Quetzalcoatlus), represent the last of this year’s models to be introduced.  It was certainly worth the wait, especially if you like to collect prehistoric animal figures that are reminiscent of the dinosaurs seen in the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” film franchises.  Papo have done a splendid job producing a replica of “elegant jaw”, which at one time, was regarded as the smallest dinosaur known to science.

In the short video review, it lasts a little over ten minutes, the JurassicCollectables narrator reviews this new Theropod model and compares and contrasts this figure with the increasingly rare Rebor Sentry Compsognathus.  Also featured is the classic Papo green standing Tyrannosaurus rex replica, an iconic Papo figure, now sadly out of production.

JurassicCollectables – Papo Compsognathus Dinosaur Model Video Review

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

JurassicCollectables have produced video reviews of every single prehistoric animal and dinosaur replica that Papo have produced, to see these videos and to subscribe to their fantastic YouTube channel: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables on YouTube

The Papo Compsognathus Dinosaur Model

Papo Compsognathus model.

The Papo Compsognathus figure has an articulated jaw.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Finely Detailed Model with an Elegant Articulated Jaw

The finely detailed model has an articulated lower jaw.  The JurassicCollectables reviewer highlights the jaw and discusses the painting of this feature.  Papo have produced another excellent figure with an articulated jaw, it is quite a skilled job to be able to produce such a small, articulated component.  It is also apt, as Compsognathus means “elegant jaw”, in recognition of this small dinosaur’s elegant, narrow snout and small jaw bones.

To see the range of Papo prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur (including the Papo Compsognathus): Papo Prehistoric Animals

In the JurassicCollectables Video the Papo Compsognathus is Compared with the Rebor Compsognathus (Sentry)

The Papo and Rebor Compsognathus models.

In the JurassicCollectables video, the Papo Compsognathus model is compared to the Rebor Compsognathus.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The picture above shows one of the studio shots from the video showing the new for 2018  Papo Compsognathus (background) being compared to the Rebor Compsognathus figure (foreground).   In this well put together video review,  JurassicCollectables comment extensively about these dinosaur models.

The narrator comments:

“Love the use of colour!  The jaw opens really wide which is perfect, it is more of a 1/6th scale figure.  The sculpt is incredible.

Look out also for a cameo appearance by “off-colour Alan”, the Papo Compsognathus replica is one dinosaur model that Alan can look straight in the eye.  Our thanks to the team at JurassicCollectables for posting up this super video review.

8 07, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Rebor “War Pigs”

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A Video Review of the Rebor “War Pigs- Ankylosaurus Figures

The latest JurassicCollectables video to be posted up on their YouTube channel features not one, but three Rebor replicas to be exact.  All three of the recently introduced Ankylosaurus 1:35 scale figures have been reviewed in a single video, permitting collectors and dinosaur model fans to get a really good close up look at these armoured dinosaurs and compare the three different colour schemes.  Palaeontologists are not sure in which habitat Ankylosaurus (A. magniventris) lived, so Rebor  have cleverly introduced three different versions – “plain”, “mountain”and  “woodland”.

JurassicCollectables Reviews All Three War Pigs – “Plain”, “Mountain” and “Woodland”


Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

A Flexible Bony Club Tail

In this detailed and most informative review, (the video lasts a little under nineteen minutes), viewers are given the opportunity to have a really good look at all three of these skilfully crafted replicas of one of the most famous plant-eating dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous.  In the video, viewers are shown just how flexible that bony club tail is.  The figure comes as a two-piece set, the tail can be inserted into a slot and this saves on packaging and helps to protect the tail and the rest of the figure during transit.  Once inserted, the tail can be moved into a variety of poses, collectors can depict their Ankylosaurus model swinging its club tail.

JurassicCollectables Demonstrating the Flexible Bony Club Tail

The flexible tail of the Rebor War Pig - Ankylosaurus

Demonstrating the flexible tail of the Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus (Mountain colour variant).

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The head of each model can also be twisted and put into a variety of poses.  This is not demonstrated in the video, but JurassicCollectables cover this point in their most helpful comments section.

To view the Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus replicas and the entire Rebor prehistoric animal model range: Rebor Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Replicas

“Magnificent Fused Lizard”

Although named and scientifically described around 110 years ago and now representing an entire family of armoured dinosaurs (the Ankylosauridae), palaeontologists are increasingly becoming aware of just how atypical this armoured giant actually was.  Rebor’s interpretation follows the principles laid out in several recently published scientific papers and the narrator from JurassicCollectables carefully guides the viewer over some of the finer points of each colour variant.  The close up of the interior of the mouth with its glossy look and the demonstration of the articulated jaw are worthy of special mention, as is the comparison with the Papo Ankylosaurus figure that occurs towards the end of this video review.

The medium of video permits the differences between the three colour schemes to be clearly seen.  The narrator’s personal favourite is “plain”, seen on the left of the picture below.

All Three Rebor War Pigs Shown Together

All Rebor Ankylosaurus models together.

All Rebor War Pig models “Plain”, “Mountain” and “Woodland” shown together.  Which one is your favourite?

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

All three figures together make a very impressive display, the idea of providing three distinctive colour schemes for this 1:35 scale replica based on different habitats is an inspirational one from Rebor.

All Three Rebor War Pigs can be Purchased as a Set from Everything Dinosaur (whilst stocks last)

All three Rebor War Pigs are available together as a special set.

All three War Pigs (Ankylosaurus models) are available as a set from Everything Dinosaur (whilst stocks last).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Comparing the Rebor War Pigs with Other Rebor Replicas

Off-colour Alan makes his customary appearance, there is a nice shot of Alan patting the head of one of the Rebor replicas.  JurassicCollectables have built up an extensive database of Rebor model reviews and it is pleasing to note that a size comparison is made using the Rebor Y-rex figure (Yutyrannus huali).

The Rebor Y-rex Figure Compared to the Rebor Ankylosaurus War Pig (Plain Colour Variant)

Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus (plain) compared to the Rebor Y-rex figure.

The Rebor Y-rex figure (Yutyrannus) compared to the Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurs “plain” colour scheme.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

It is these little touches and these details that really help to make the JurassicCollectable’s YouTube channel stand out from all the other review channels.

Everything Dinosaur recommends the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables.  Visit the YouTube channel of Jurassic Collectables here: JurassicCollectables on YouTube , don’t forget to subscribe to the JurassicCollectables channel, after all, some 71,000 dinosaur and prehistoric animal model fans already have!

19 05, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews Papo Iguanodon

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Papo Iguanodon Video Review (JurassicCollectables)

The sequence of new for 2018 Papo model video reviews by JurassicCollectables has been extended with the posting up of a review of the Papo Iguanodon dinosaur model.  Thanks to Everything Dinosaur’s support, the talented people at JurassicCollectables have been able to post up numerous Papo model reviews this year and the quality of these videos and the care taken in their production, leaves other YouTube channels very much in JurassicCollectable’s wake.

The New for 2018 Papo Iguanodon- Video Review by JurassicCollectables

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

“Thumbs Up” for a Top Iguanodon Video Review

Once regarded as an “English” dinosaur, the holotype material for the only species represented within this genus has been assigned to extensive fossils from Belgium.  There is certainly a long history of research into “iguana tooth” and a nice touch in the opening minute of the video review was to reference this fact and to show an image of the Iguanodon models on display at the Crystal Palace park in London.  Our interpretation of Iguanodont anatomy has certainly changed a lot since the days of Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins.

The Famous 19th Century Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Crystal Palace dinosaur figures.

The famous Crystal Palace dinosaur figures sculpted by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Detailed Video Description of Iguanodon

In the JurassicCollectables video review, the narrator provides a detailed description of this skilfully made plant-eating dinosaur model.  Particular attention is given to the skull sculpt including the presence of an articulated lower jaw on the figure.  The narrator discusses the grey tones used in the sculpt and the general painting of the model before the video shows the subtle black striping running down the thick tail.  Such colour patterns have been associated with Hadrosaur fossils from North America and it is indeed very likely, that a large animal such as Iguanodon had a thick tail.  The design team at Papo are praised for the detail that they have incorporated into the figure.  The creases and folds of skin around the thighs and pelvic area are singled out for comment.  The fine detailed scales on the hands of Iguanodon (complete with thumb spikes), are also discussed.

The JurassicCollectables YouTube channel has lots of Papo model videos, plus reviews of many other new for 2018, prehistoric animals.  It is definitely a “go to” channel for many dinosaur enthusiasts and model collectors.  To visit the JurassicCollectables YouTube channel and to subscribe: JurassicCollectables on YouTube

The Papo Iguanodon Dinosaur Model

Papo Iguanodon dinosaur model.

The new for 2018 Papo Iguanodon model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Comparing the Papo Iguanodon to Other Papo Dinosaur Models

We are looking forward to receiving the rest of the new for 2018 Papo replicas, including the new paint version of the Papo Acrocanthosaurus, which is also shown in this highly informative video.  The Papo Acrocanthosaurus model, nicknamed “tiger stripes” is used by JurassicCollectables to provide a size comparison with the Papo Iguanodon.

To view the range of Papo prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

The Papo Iguanodon and the Papo Acrocanthosaurus (2018 Version) Compared

Papo dinosaur models compared.

Comparing Papo dinosaur models.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The narrator describes the colour scheme on the Papo Iguanodon as “elephant-like”, quite appropriate as I. bernissartensis was certainly as big as an elephant.  The recently reviewed Papo Therizinosaurus is also used by JurassicCollectables in this video, the two herbivorous dinosaur models look great together.

The Papo Therizinosaurus Next to the Papo Iguanodon Figure

Papo Iguanodon compared to the Papo Therizinosaurus.

The Papo Iguanodon next to the Papo Therizinosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

15 05, 2018

Papo Therizinosaurus Video Review

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A Review of the Papo Therizinosaurus Model by JurassicCollectables

A month before the new “Jurassic World” film “Fallen Kingdom” hits cinema screens, JurassicCollectables have been busy creating their own blockbuster.  Today, we feature their video review of the eagerly awaited Papo, new for 2018 Therizinosaurus dinosaur model.  This new Theropod figure is rapidly becoming a firm favourite amongst dinosaur fans and model collectors.

The JurassicCollectables Video Review of the Papo Therizinosaurus Replica

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

The Papo Therizinosaurus Model

Therizinosaurus is one of the more bizarre members of the dinosaurian Sub-Order Theropoda.  It is widely believed that Therizinosaurus was herbivorous, those formidable metre-long claws on the hands, were probably used to hook branches to help this large animal feed.  The claws may also have played a role in defence against marauding tyrannosaurids, Papo have sculpted their figure in a pose that makes the animal look like it is rearing up, perhaps to threaten an approaching pack of Tyrannosaurs.  In the JurassicCollectables video review, which lasts just under nine minutes, the narrator comments upon the pose of this new Papo replica.  The model is very stable and “firmly seated”, the figure is resting on its tail, with one foot on the ground and the other slightly raised, so that the toes help provide support.

The New for 2018 Papo Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo Therizinosaurus.

Papo Therizinosaurus dinosaur model.  A tall model with a fascinating pose.

Picture Credit: Everything

To view the new for 2018 Papo Therizinosaurus and the other prehistoric animals in the Papo range: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

Fine Feathers

In this very well put together video, the viewer is given a guided tour of the Papo model and the figure is highly praised for its detailed feathery textures running down the neck and across the back and shoulders.  The abrupt transition from feathers to scales on the flanks is commented upon and the wonderfully well-painted wings are shown.  As a rather pot-bellied dinosaur, (a large gut is synonymous with a plant-eating dinosaur), Therizinosaurus had a relatively narrow set of jaws, the spokesperson for JurassicCollectables demonstrates the articulated lower jaw on the model and comments on the wet gloss look given to the mouth.  The head shows lots of amazing detail including a prominent beak, a characteristic associated with most derived Ornithischian dinosaurs, but also present on this lizard-hipped representative of the Dinosauria.

A Close-up of the Head Showing Lots of Detail and a Prominent Beak

The head of the Papo Therizinosaurus dinosaur model.

The beautiful head of the Papo Therizinosaurus showing lots of detail including a prominent beak.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

“Papo Have Really Got This Nailed”

The narrator is most impressed by this new for 2018 Papo model.  He examines the fine textures and skin tones on the body of the dinosaur very carefully and compliments the French manufacturer.  A number of Papo models are used to compare the size of the Papo Therizinosaurus and off-colour Alan makes a welcome appearance towards the end of this excellent video review.

The JurassicCollectables spokesperson states:

“Papo have really got this nailed.”

Off-colour Alan had better keep well clear of those fearsome-looking claws of this plant-eating dinosaur.

The Detailing on the Fingers and Claws is Highlighted in the Video Review

The fingers and claws of the Papo Therizinosaurus.

The wonderful detail on the fingers and claws of the Papo Therizinosaurus figure.

Picture Credit: JurassicCollectables

The YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables provides a comprehensive resource for prehistoric animal and dinosaur model reviews.  The videos are skilfully produced and provide viewers with the chance to examine prehistoric animal figures in detail.

Visit the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables here: JurassicCollectables on YouTube , Everything Dinosaur recommends that prehistoric animal model fans subscribe to JurassicCollectables.

6 04, 2018

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Schleich Carnotaurus (2017)

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A Video Review of the Schleich Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

Those talented and clever people at JurassicCollectables have produced another dinosaur model video review.  This time it is the Schleich “Conquering the Earth” Carnotaurus figure from 2017 that is given the star treatment.  This figure was introduced by Schleich last year, but interest in Carnotaurus has certainly been piqued after its appearance in the recent “Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom” movie trailer.  Whilst the tyrannosaurids rose to prominence in the northern hemisphere during the Late Cretaceous, in the south, as the super-continent Gondwana continued to break apart, it was the bizarre abelisaurids, such as Carnotaurus, that took on the role of apex predators.

In this short video (duration a little under eight minutes), a Schleich Carnotaurus dinosaur model is unwrapped and put on the display turntable.  The narrator discusses the model and highlights some of the features, including how it reminds him of another Carnotaurus figures that came out as merchandise from earlier “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” dinosaur movies.

The Schleich Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model Video Review

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

The video review gives model collectors the opportunity to see this very unique dinosaur model up close.  The model has a very distinctive skull, a point emphasised in the video.  The narrator comments on the simple but effective colour scheme and praises the wet, glossy look of the eye that helps to animate this figure.  The rows of neck plates and other osteoderms are mentioned, although, the spokesperson for JurassicCollectables does not comment on the distinct overbite depicted on this short-skulled dinosaur.

JurassicCollectables on Their YouTube Channel

JurassicCollectables have a brilliant YouTube channel which is full of prehistoric animal model reviews and other very informative and interesting videos.  This YouTube channel has tens of thousands of subscribers, more than 64,000, that’s an amazing achievement, our congratulations to everyone at JurassicCollectables for such a fantastic collection of videos.

You can visit the YouTube channel of JurassicCollectables here: JurassicCollectables on YouTube, Everything Dinosaur recommends that prehistoric animal model fans subscribe to the JurassicCollectables channel on YouTube.

To purchase the Schleich “Conquering the Earth” Carnotaurus dinosaur model and to see the full range of Schleich prehistoric animal figures that Everything Dinosaur offers: Schleich Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

The Schleich “Conquering the Earth” Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

Schleich Conquering the Earth Carnotaurus model.

The Schleich “Conquering the Earth” Carnotaurus figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Tactile Dinosaur Model (Schleich Carnotaurus)

Schleich are building a reputation for the tactile quality of their dinosaur models.  The narrator in the video alludes to the “feel” of the model, the different sized scales and their texture lends a kinaesthetic quality to this dinosaur, a point picked up by numerous teaching assistants and learning support advisers in schools who are using Schleich dinosaur models to assist with sensory play and kinaesthetic themed learning.

For an article that discusses the tactile qualities of a Schleich figure: The Tactile Qualities of the Schleich Brachiosaurus

Our thanks to, JurassicCollectables for their most informative and instructive video review of the Schleich Carnotaurus, we look forward to this talented team producing more videos of the Schleich “Conquering the Earth” dinosaur model range in the future.

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