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12 08, 2012

Everything Dinosaur Back to School Newsletter 2012

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Back to School with Dinosaurs

We are well into August and as we await some decent summer weather, our thoughts are already turning to the autumn term.  Our team members have lots of dinosaur themed workshops and teaching sessions booked up and down the country. The teaching team at Everything Dinosaur have been busy preparing and revising lesson plans to ensure they encompass the science teaching objectives laid down in the national curriculum.

To view more details about Everything Dinosaur’s teaching: Everything Dinosaur in Schools

In the meantime, stocks of dinosaur themed school items, everything from pencils and erasers to super quality backpacks and rucksacks have been selling well.  Mums and Dads keen to equip their young palaeontologist have been snapping up the Everything Dinosaur back to school range of school kits and stationery quicker than a T. rex tackles his dinner.

School Items in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs for School

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We have an enormous range of dinosaur themed stationery, pens, notepads and lunch boxes all with a dinosaur inspired design available.  We even have a metal water bottle, exactly the same as the ones we take on fossil hunts, which has proved to be a big hit with young dinosaur fans wanting to have an extra-special drinks bottle for school.

Everything Dinosaur’s Back to School Newsletter

Updates about new products, dinosaur finds, even tips on fossil hunting

Image:  Everything Dinosaur’s Back to School 2012 Newsletter

As part of Everything Dinosaur’s promotional activities we have sent out a newsletter.  It showcases some of the products we have in the “Back to School” range as well as providing updates on dinosaur news stories and tips on fossil hunting.

Back to School range: Dinosaur Themed Products for School Children

If you want to receive more information about Everything Dinosaur’s school products, the dinosaur themed workshops we conduct in schools or if you simply want to ask our experts a question about dinosaurs, drop the team an email: Email Everything Dinosaur

27 10, 2011

Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas Gifts

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Royal Mail Guidelines for Posting Gifts for Christmas

As we approach Halloween, and what with Bonfire Night just around the corner, it seems that a timely reminder might be helpful to all those Everything Dinosaur customers who want to purchase Christmas gifts including dinosaur toys and games.

Our packing teams work seven days a week at the moment, keeping on top of all the orders.  We try our very best to pack and despatch parcels as quickly as we can.  Each autumn/winter we publish tables produced by Royal Mail as to the recommended last safe posting dates for parcels going abroad and within the UK to ensure an arrival before Christmas.

For USA, Canada, H0ng Kong, Singapore and South Africa customers, the last recommended safe posting date for international surface mail passed on the 18th October.  Goods purchased after this date and requested to go by international surface mail are unlikely to reach their destinations in time for the big day.

The Royal Mail Table of Christmas Posting Dates 2011

Recommended Posting Dates Christmas 2011

Source: Royal Mail

We have more details regarding shipping posted up on the Everything Dinosaur website, we urge all customers to be aware of shipping issues when sending packages abroad and we suggest they consider carefully the suitability of any postal option chosen before placing their order.

Everything Dinosaur shipping information: Delivery and Shipping Information

22 11, 2010

How to Make your very own “Dinosaurs in a Net Set”

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Inexpensive and Creative Christmas Gift Idea – Dinosaur Models in a Net

These days with Christmas rapidly approaching there never seems to be enough time available to personalise a present or to make something a little bit special for your young dinosaur fan.  To assist our customers, here is some information on how you can create an inexpensive and novel dinosaur themed gift, one that would make an ideal stocking filler for Christmas – a “Dinosaurs in a Net Set”,

Presentation sets and gift sets of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals are always popular with young dinosaur fans.  We at Everything Dinosaur sell a variety of such items, for example the “Dinosaurs in a Tin” gift set, twelve carefully selected plastic prehistoric animal models packed into their own dinosaur themed tin storage box.

Everything Dinosaur – Dinosaurs in a Tin Gift Set

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the dinosaurs in a tin gift set and other dinosaur themed gifts and presents: Dinosaur Presents and Gifts

However, for those of you who want to be a little more creative, here is an idea for your very own and unique dinosaur themed gift set – make your own “Dinosaurs in a Net Set”.

Simply, purchase a number of individual dinosaur models, there are lots and lots to choose from.  At Everything Dinosaur we sell a number of ranges, supplying models singly, or in batches of five, ten or even twenty.  Then next time you are out shopping pop into your local greengrocers (grocery store) and ask for a small plastic net.  Greengrocers break bulk items into handy, smaller packs for their customers.  They use small, plastic nets (usually coloured green), to pack items like onions, shallots, peppers and fruit such as satsumas.

If you are a regular shopper, most greengrocers would be happy to let you have some nets for free, or perhaps they may charge you a token amount.  However, this is very much cheaper than having to pay for the cardboard wrapping and packaging with a shop bought dinosaur model gift set.

Once home, give the net a quick wash, if you want to, let it dry and then when you are ready to assemble your unique gift set – simply pop your chosen models into the bag.

Put your Dinosaur Models into the Plastic Net

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows some of the many different types of prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur.

To view the dinosaurs and other models: Dinosaur Gifts & Presents

You will find the plastic net expands and you can get more than a dozen hand-sized prehistoric animal models into it.  Tie it up with a bit of spare ribbon, we found that red ribbon looked the best when used with a green plastic net.  Don’t forget the gift tag, this is easy to add, just by simply looping the ties through the plastic netting towards the neck of the bag.

Viola!  your very own, handmade and unique dinosaur model gift set.  Your very own “Dinosaurs in a Net Set”, a personalised gift for your young dinosaur fan.  All put together in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the cost of a shop bought gift set such as a plastic dinosaur play set.

To view a video demonstrating how to make your very own dinosaur model gift set:

Video: How to make your “Dinosaurs in a Net Set”

This idea was sent into us at Everything Dinosaur, by a customer and we know that it has proved to be a big hit with those mums, dads and grandparents who have put together their very own dinosaur gift set for the young palaeontologist in their family.

5 07, 2010

Everything Dinosaurs Bedding and Matching Curtains Now Available

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Exclusive Bedding and Matching Dinosaur Themed Curtains from Everything Dinosaur

New from Everything Dinosaur, our dinosaur themed bedding with matching dinosaur curtains.  British made from 100%, heavy duty cotton these new items are a welcome addition to our extensive dinosaur range.  The single dinosaur duvet set (measuring 200cm x 140cm wide) has a matching dinosaur pillow case and the curtains (made from the same dinosaur inspired fabric), measure 135cm with a 140cm drop.

The Dinosaur Themed Duvet Set and Matching Curtains

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The material features four famous and very important dinosaurs, each one carefully chosen by our experts.  The sets are also supplied with fact sheets on the dinosaurs featured and scale drawings so that young dinosaur fans can add their own, unique finishing touches to their dinosaur themed room.

To view the Dinosaur Bedding and Bedroom Accessories: Dinosaur Bedding and Dinosaur Bedroom Accessories

The beautifully illustrated dinosaurs are Apatosaurus – chosen because young palaeontologists will know that this dinosaur used to be called Brontosaurus (we explain how this happened in the fact sheet that comes with these items), also included is Herrerasaurus, a big meat-eating dinosaur that represents dinosaurs of the Triassic and an ancestor of all the big, carnivorous dinosaurs that were to come later.  The design also features Protoceratops, known as the “sheep of the Cretaceous”, after all, what do you do when you go to sleep, count sheep or count dinosaurs!  We just had to have this all important and perhaps the most extensively researched dinosaur in our design.  Finally there is Troodon, perhaps the smartest dinosaur known in the fossil record, reflecting that clever young dinosaur fans will be able to spot this dinosaur and know exactly what it stands for and why it is important.

The fact sheets supplied with these items will help explain things for those adults who may not be as perceptive as the young palaeontologists in their family.

20 10, 2009

T. rex Gift Card and Tyrannosaurus Tooth Combined

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Tyrannosaurus rex Gift Card and Tooth – A Winning Present Combination

Looking to solve your gift problem when it comes to purchasing for a dinosaur mad youngster, then let Everything Dinosaur take the worry out of making a selection with this new addition to our already extensive dinosaur themed product range which incorporates our huge stock of dinosaur party supplies.

Why not purchase a Tyrannosaurus rex gift card in combination with a museum quality replica of a T. rex tooth?  This simple idea of putting together a dinosaur themed gift card with a dinosaur themed present makes the problem of purchasing an inexpensive present for a dinosaur obsessed youngster extinct.

The T. rex Tooth and Gift Card Combo from Everything Dinosaur

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The dinosaur greeting card, designed by those clever people at Santoro, features a 3-D Tyrannosaurus rex.  It is a swing card, the T. rex is made up of movable parts so he comes out of the card wiggling his head and tail at you.  The background illustration of a primeval, dinosaur filled jungle is really cool and there is plenty of space for you to write a personal message.  The card itself has a blank message space so it can be used for all kinds of occasions – birthdays, general greetings, get well soon, even Christmas.   The card comes supplied with its own properly sized envelope, finding a gift card for a young dinosaur fan could not be easier with this unusual and novel dinosaur inspired offering.

The tooth is a museum quality replica cast from a real fossil tooth of a Tyrannosaurus rex T. rex had over sixty teeth in its powerful jaws and it had one of the strongest bites of any animal known to science.  This beautifully sculpted replica is a tooth from the right side of the lower jaw of the first ever Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton discovered.  This tooth is part of the T. rex collection housed at the Natural History Museum in London (specimen number BMNH R799).  It is not the largest tooth in the museum’s T. rex collection but the fine detail preserved and its beautiful shape made it the ideal tooth to cast a replica from.

Those keen dinosaur enthusiasts at Everything Dinosaur even provide a fact sheet all about Tyrannosaurus rex, the ideal accompaniment to the greetings card and the replica tooth.  You can read all about the discovery of T. rex, why the arms are so small and learn facts about the “Tyrant Lizard King”.  A scale drawing is included to give an idea of just how big some of these dinosaurs were.

To view the T. rex Tooth and T. rex Card Combo: Dinosaur Party – Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies

Providing an inexpensive and unique dinosaur themed gift could not be simpler, what a great way to make a young palaeontologist feel special, or to help with the dinosaur party items, their own personalised T. rex greetings card and a replica tooth cast from a real museum quality Tyrannosaurus rex tooth – give the gift of prehistory, we bet you will see a bigger grin than the toothy smile of a T. rex.

24 02, 2009

Sea Monsters – Magnetic Play Set

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Sea Monsters – Magnetic Play Set

Building on Everything Dinosaur’s work with a number of marine reptile and other creatures that lived in the ancient seas of the Mesozoic, the company has introduced a sea monster magnetic play set.

Now young dinosaur fans can create their own underwater scenes featuring such amazing and wonderful animals as Dolichorhynchops, Elasmosaurus and Tylosaurus.  These play sets don’t just focus on marine reptiles, the magnetic play sets include giant sharks, primitive fish and the torpedo shaped Xiphactinus.

The Magnetic Play Set from Everything Dinosaur

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the Sea Monsters play set and other items on the Everything Dinosaur website: Sea Monsters Gifts and Toys

On test this particular product proved very popular.  The set consists of two prehistoric scenes and a set of magnetic play pieces representing animals from the Age of Reptiles, from the Triassic right up to the end of the Cretaceous.  In the set, giant sharks such as Squalicorax, squid and the fearsome Xiphactinus fish are featured.  Naturally, the marine reptiles have the largest presence with Nothosaurs, Mosasaurs, Elasmosaurs and even Ichthyosaurs included.  The pieces are easy to move and place on the realistic underwater scenes and we found that lots and lots of different stories could be made up about the animals.

This proved an excellent item for creative play and linked into some key stage teaching areas such as building ecosystems and understanding food webs.  We certainly saw a huge number of different scenes, each one depicting a child’s view of an ancient seascape populated by fearsome sea monsters.

26 11, 2008

Filling Christmas Stockings – Dinosaur Toys and Gifts

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Go Easy on Your Budget this Christmas (Christmas 2008 made Easy)


Fill a Christmas Stocking for £20.00 

Everything Dinosaur Logo

Dear Customers,

Less than 25 shopping days to Christmas, so why not take it easy on yourself (and the family budget) and let Everything Dinosaur take the stress out of Christmas shopping for Dinosaurs toys and gifts.

Fill a stocking with “Spino” our exclusive, cute and cuddly dinosaur hat, T. rex and Triceratops glow in the dark bedroom stickers, a metal pencil case, with dinosaur eraser, pencil and pen, plus our 2009 dinosaur calendar – all this for just £20.40 including packing and postage to anywhere in the U.K.

All Nine Items for just £20.40 Including Postage*

Fill a Christmas Stocking – Excellent Value

Value for Christmas

* post and packing within UK (second class post)

Cost of all nine items @ £17.37 plus post and packing @ £3.03 = £20.40

See for yourself: Everything Dinosaur Web Site

Whether it is nieces, nephews, sons, daughters or grandchildren you don’t have to spend a fortune to make their Christmas with educational and thoughtful dinosaur themed gifts.

Our staff (parents, teachers and dinosaur experts) appreciate that sometimes it can be difficult to browse whilst the little ones are around so why not contact us in the evenings – we are working until 10pm (GMT) most nights (including weekends) so why not give us a call or drop us an email:

Contact: Contact Us

We would be happy to provide advice and assistance, when it comes to dinosaur stocking fillers.

So that’s some of the Christmas shopping sorted out, quick, convenient and excellent value for money too.  If you are looking for dinosaur toys and dinosaur themed gifts, Everything Dinosaur has it covered.

29 08, 2008

Embracing new Technology – Everything Dinosaur Newsletter

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Novel Technology used to Produce Everything Dinosaur Newsletter

The science of palaeontology is being advanced all the time, what with new research into existing fossil specimens and the unearthing of new fossils, many of which represent unknown species.  Advances in technology and improvements in methods have enabled scientists to do some amazing things, from examining the braincase of a Tyrannosaur using CAT scans to examining invertebrate fossils in fluorescence chambers to identify fine detail.

Certainly, things have moved on since the days of the simple desk mounted microscope.  Likewise advances in software technology has enabled the Internet to become a much more accessible place.  Most homes now have broadband as standard and this has enriched the lives of many surfers.  We at Everything Dinosaur have been investigating the power and potential of a new software programme that enables us to produce electronic versions of brochures and catalogues.  Team members have just put together our first ever piece of “e-literature” – an eight page newsletter that informs readers about our little company, explains about what we do and shows some of our products.

The New Everything Dinosaur Newsletter

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Visitors to our website can click on the “Newsletter” button and be transported to a special site that hosts our eight page newsletter.  Once there, visitors can use the “zoom” options to focus in on an article, use the mouse to turn pages, click links and all sorts of interactive stuff.  It is like publishing a brochure without having to use paper or to go to the trouble of printing, which makes this system good for the environment.

The picture above shows some of the pages from the new Everything Dinosaur newsletter.  On view is an article on the plans for commemorating the birth of Charles Darwin – the “Darwin 200” in 2009, plus features on cake making and dinosaurs for girls.  In the centre of the screen a yellow box has been highlighted.  This is one of the many embedded links in the document which when clicked will take readers to related information – really cool.  The controls for navigating around the newsletter are easy to master and this does represent a great way to keep our many thousands of customers and visitors to our various websites informed about our activities and plans.

This type of technology is helping to provide more information for website visitors and provides an enriched website visit – perhaps we can add more newsletters and maybe even take readers on a virtual tour of one of our fossil hunting expeditions.

14 03, 2008

Everything Dinosaur – First of the New Spring Products Now in Stock

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Everything Dinosaur New Products Spring 2008

Dear All,

It has been a busy time for Everything Dinosaur team members, what with sourcing new products, putting them on test and then adding them to our website.  Our product range continues to grow and a number of new prehistoric animal themed items have been added to our shop, here is a small selection:

Dinosaurs for Dinner! turn dinner time into a dinosaur adventure, a children’s dinner set with a dinosaur design.  Tough, robust, melamine dinnerware, cups, bowls, plates and utensils, items can be purchased separately or as a set including a hard-wearing, matching dinosaur placemat, just £9.99 plus P+P.

To see the samples of the new dinnerware range: Dinosaur Bedding & Dinosaur Bedroom Accessories

Dinosaur Themed Clothing – new T-shirts, new Diplodocus socks and all sizes of the popular dinosaur pyjamas back in stock.  Kit out the young palaeontologist in your family.

To visit the Dinosaur themed clothing section of our website: Dinosaur Clothing

With over hundreds of dinosaur themed toys and gifts there is something for everyone at Everything Dinosaur

For the latest information on dinosaurs and prehistoric animal research, visit the Everything Dinosaur web log.  Packed with articles and lots and lots of information, written by our specialists using everyday language, great for young dinosaur fans and as a resource for teachers and home educators.

15 11, 2007

Newsletter – Christmas Gift Ideas from Everything Dinosaur

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Christmas Gift Ideas from Everything Dinosaur

Dear Newsletter reader, (note from the editor – we do personalise all our newsletter addresses)

With Christmas just 42 days away your thoughts may be turning to what to get the Dinosaur fans in your family.  Here are a couple of suggestions from Everything Dinosaur to inspire young palaeontologists.

Dinosaur Games:  an unusual twist on a traditional board game,  with the added bonus of learning all about dinosaurs (2-6 players),  just £19.99 plus P+P.

Dinosaur Crafts:  a museum quality cast of a real T. rex tooth one of the very first T. rex teeth ever found only £4.75 plus P+P.

With over hundreds of dinosaur themed toys and gifts there is something for everyone at Everything Dinosaur.

Best wishes:

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