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18 10, 2018

CollectA Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements 2019

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CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models Retired (2019)

At this time of year, speculation always mounts as to what new models are going to be introduced next spring.  Not too long for readers and customers to wait until Everything Dinosaur publishes this information, but for the moment we are going to focus on those replicas and figures being retired and therefore becoming more and more difficult to obtain.  CollectA for example, will be retiring numerous models from their prehistoric animal ranges in 2019.

CollectA Deluxe 1:20 Scale Paraceratherium Being Retired

Several scale models are going out of production, the CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium is being dropped and will no longer be available.  This figure was introduced back in 2009 and it represents one of the largest, terrestrial mammals to have ever lived.   Paraceratherium is distantly related to today’s rhinos and it demonstrates the huge variety within the odd-toed ungulates (Perissodactyla).

CollectA Paraceratherium Deluxe 1:20 Scale Being Retired

CollectA Deluxe Paraceratherium.

The CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Paraceratherium model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Further announcements about scale model retirements from the CollectA range will be made by Everything Dinosaur shortly, in the meantime, we do have some stocks of Paraceratherium available and this model and the rest of the Deluxe range from CollectA can be viewed here: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life

CollectA “Prehistoric Life” Model Retirements

In addition, numerous replicas from the “Age of Dinosaurs Popular” range are being dropped.  The first of the models to be retired include:

  • Becklespinax – a model of an enigmatic English Theropod dinosaur introduced in 2009.
  • Muttaburrasaurus – an Australian Ornithopod, possibly responsible for part of the Lark Quarry trace fossil assemblage.  The model was introduced in 2010.
  • Tsintaosaurus – often referred to as the “unicorn dinosaur” due to the bizarre head ornamentation.  Tsintaosaurus is a hadrosaurid known from China.  The model came out in 2012.
  • Edmontonia – a model of a Canadian Nodosaur that was added to the CollectA prehistoric life range in 2010.
  • Koreaceratops Family – a sheep-sized Ceratopsian that might have been semi-aquatic.  Koreaceratops was named in 2010 and the CollectA model came out in 2012.
  • Swimming Spinosaurus – this model showing Spinosaurus as a quadruped at home in the water was introduced in 2015.

The First of the CollectA Prehistoric Life Models to be Dropped in 2019

CollectA models retired (2019).

Retired CollectA models 2019.  Becklespinax (top left), Muttaburrasaurus (top right), the Koreaceratops family group (middle left) and Tsintaosaurus (middle right) with the armoured dinosaur Edmontonia below Tsintaosaurus.  The figure at the bottom is the swimming Spinosaurus, all these dinosaur models are being dropped by CollectA from the Prehistoric Life model range.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Still Time to Obtain These Replicas from Everything Dinosaur

Fortunately, Everything Dinosaur has been aware of these model retirements and has been able to secure some stocks.  Collectors and model fans still have the opportunity to pick up these models from Everything Dinosaur.

To view the CollectA “Prehistoric Life” range: CollectA Prehistoric Life Models

Although CollectA will be introducing several new models for 2019 (Everything Dinosaur will announce the first of these soon), this is the first time for some years that the number of model retirements exceeds the number of new replicas being introduced by CollectA.

We will keep our readers informed about other model retirements and indeed, shortly we will be posting up information about what’s new for 2019.

16 10, 2018

Spitsbergen Ichthyosaurs – Newly Described Fossils Open Up the Ophthalmosaurids

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Learning More About Palvennia hoybergeti

The Svalbard archipelago located off the coast of northern Norway, has attracted the attention of palaeontologists for several decades.  Some of the marine strata exposed on these islands date from the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous, the remote location and inaccessibility has not prevented hardy scientists from exploring these deposits and over the years, a huge number of invertebrate and vertebrate fossils have been collected.  Writing in the on-line, open access journal “PeerJ”, researchers from the University of Oslo, the London Natural History Museum, the University of Alaska and the University of Alaska Natural History Museum, have described a number of new Ichthyosaur specimens that have been excavated from Spitsbergen, the largest island in the group.

To date, four different types of ophthalmosaurid Ichthyosaur are known from these rocks (the Slottsmøya Member of the Agardhfjellet Formation).  Several specimens are described in the newly published paper, including a disarticulated but relatively complete fossil of Palvennia hoybergeti.  P. hoybergeti is a Late Jurassic ophthalmosaurid marine reptile, that had been described back in 2012, from a single and very incomplete skull.  This new specimen (museum number PMO 222.669), has a mostly complete skull and reveals important new information about this short-snouted Ichthyosaur species.

A Skeletal Drawing of the New P. hoybergeti Specimen PMO 222.669

Skeletal drawing of the newly described Palvennia hoybergeti Ichthyosaur specimen.

A line drawing of the fossilised skeleton of the newly described specimen of Palvennia hoybergeti. Viewed from underneath (ventral view), note scale bar = 50 cm.

Picture Credit: PeerJ

A Short-Snouted Ichthyosaur

The fossil specimen (PMO 222.669) has provided the researchers with new information on the skull morphology of Palvennia hoybergeti.  It has a much reduced snout, superficially similar to the Early Jurassic Ichthyosaur Ichthyosaurus breviceps, although the two genera are not closely related and they lived tens of millions of years apart.

The Rostrum and Teeth of Specimen Number PMO 222.669

Rostrum and isolated teeth with line drawing P. hoybergeti.

Rostrum and teeth of PMO 222.669, referred specimen of P. hoybergeti.
(A), photograph and (B), interpretation of the rostrum from the surface stratigraphically down.  Disarticulated teeth in (C), and (D), different views of the same tooth and (E), and (F), different views of a second tooth.  The scale bar (A-B) is 10 cm, whilst the scale bar (C-F) is 1 cm.

Picture Credit: PeerJ

The relatively robust, short snout (rostrum) and the broad teeth may represent adaptations to feeding on other types of prey compared to other members of the Thunnosauria clade.  It could be speculated that Palvennia hoybergeti may have been less of a specialist cephalopod or fish hunter, perhaps preying on larger animals such as other Ichthyosaurs.

A View of the Top of the Skull of the Newly Described Palvennia hoybergeti Specimen

Skull roof of Palvennia hoybergeti with line drawing.

Photograph of the skull of P. hoybergeti (dorsal view) with an accompanying line drawing. Scale bar = 10 cm.

Picture Credit: PeerJ

Confusing Pectoral Girdles

The researchers conclude that the more complete specimen that they have described greatly adds to our knowledge of this taxon.  Furthermore, two additional, newly discovered ophthalmosaurid specimens with pectoral girdles were also described in the paper.  The shape of the bones in the pectoral girdle, (the shoulders and associated bones for attaching the forelimbs), had thought to be quite useful diagnostic tools when assessing these types of Ichthyosaur. However, although the shape of the coracoids may provide some guidance as to taxonomy, the scientists noted that the fossils from the Slottsmøya Member show a degree of individual variation which might compound the issue of identifying unique anatomical characteristics to help define a genus.

An Illustration of the Ophthalmosaurid Palvennia hoybergeti

Palvennia hoybergeti illustrated

An illustration of the ophthalmosaurid Ichthyosaur Palvennia hoybergeti. Scale bar = 1 metre.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Ichthyosaur specimens from Spitsbergen span quite a substantial temporal range.  Fossils of these marine reptiles have been found in strata dating from the Early Tithonian of the Late Jurassic, whilst some specimens have been located in Early Berriasian deposits (Early Cretaceous).  It is proposed that future studies should aim to include a large number of specimens and use quantitative approaches to reveal phylogenetic and evolutionary patterns.  As the temporal range of these fossils covers some six million years (around 150 million years ago to 144 million years ago), the fossils from this part of the Svalbard archipelago may prove valuable in helping to determine the evolution of the Ichthyosauria at a time when a number of ecosystems were suffering from extinction events.

The scientific paper: “A New Specimen of Palvennia hoybergeti: Implications for Cranial and Pectoral Girdle Anatomy in Ophthalmosaurid Ichthyosaurs” by Lene Liebe Delsett​, Patrick Scott Druckenmiller, Aubrey Jane Roberts, Jørn Harald Hurum and published in PeerJ.

14 10, 2018

Countdown to Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Tyrannosaurs

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Countdown to Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Tyrannosaurs

Dinosaur fans and model collectors do not have too long to wait until the arrival of the two new Rebor replicas, the “Vanilla Ice” tyrannosaurids – mountain and jungle.  These beautifully crafted figures are due to be sent out from the factory on or around Saturday, the 20th October and within a few days after this date, the shipment should be arriving at the Everything Dinosaur warehouse.  We have already opened a special reserve list for these figures and we should be publishing pricing details soon.

Delivering Two New Rebor Replicas Very Soon

Rebor Vanilla Ice "Mountain" and "Jungle".

The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” tyrannosaurid models – jungle (left) and mountain (right) colour variants.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Jungle

The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Jungle is painted in a camouflaged green palette and it has been very skilfully modelled and is the fourth tyrannosaurid to be created by Rebor.  The colouration of Late Cretaceous, large-bodied Tyrannosaurs remains contentious, the level of integumentary covering is not known and there has been considerable scientific debate about this aspect of tyrannosaurid anatomy.  Rebor has chosen to retain the “classic” scaly reptile look for these figures and most impressive the models are too.

The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Jungle Colour Variant

Vanilla Ice T. rex by Rebor "jungle colour scheme".

“Vanilla Ice” T. rex by Rebor “jungle”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain

The mountain version is painted with a slate grey hue.  It is not known what sort of habitats Late Cretaceous, large-bodied Tyrannosaurs lived in, but these hyper-carnivores were very probably the apex predators in these environments and they were quite geographically and temporarily widespread in the last fifteen million years of the Mesozoic.  For example, only a few days ago, a new genus of Early Campanian, large-bodied tyrannosaurid from New Mexico was named and described.  The dinosaur has been named – Dynamoterror dynastes which translates as “powerful terror ruler”.

To read more about Dynamoterror dynastes: Powerful Terror Ruler – Dynamoterror dynastes

The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain Colour Variant

Rebor Vanilla Ice T. rex dinosaur model "mountain".

“Vanilla Ice” T. rex dinosaur model by Rebor – mountain colour scheme.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the extensive range of Rebor models available from Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

Tale of the Tape – Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Replicas

Both models will be supplied with a tail attachment to insert into the back of the figure.  The tail is articulated to help create a range of poses for each Tyrannosaur.  In addition, both models will have an articulated jaw.  As for the size of these figures, they are both the same size, measuring approximately 42 centimetres long (with tail added) and standing around 12.5 centimetres tall.  Based on these measurements, we suggest that the actual model is slightly bigger than the 1:35 scaling suggests.

As to why they are called “Vanilla Ice”, we are not quite sure.  We are not aware of any obvious connection between the American rapper and television personality, Robert Matthew Van Winkle aka “Vanilla Ice”.  However, we have been reliable informed that “Vanilla Ice” has a birthday on October 31st, hopefully, Everything Dinosaur will have these two replicas in stock by then.

10 10, 2018

CollectA Collector’s Booklet 2018

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CollectA Collector’s Booklet 2018

The CollectA 2018 booklet has arrived and is available from Everything Dinosaur.  At Everything Dinosaur, we appreciate that model collectors like to collect catalogues and booklets too, so we always do our best to ensure that we have stocks of the latest booklets and catalogues available.  The CollectA collector’s 2018 booklet runs to an impressive 230 pages and contains details of all the models and figures available within the various CollectA ranges.

The 2018 CollectA Booklet

CollectA catalogue 2018.

The CollectA collector’s booklet for 2018.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dunkleosteus on the Front Cover

The 1:20 scale CollectA Dunkleosteus model is featured on the front cover.  This figure measures around twenty-eight centimetres in length and that pronounced hump at the back of the head is approximately six centimetres high.  This model of the giant Devonian predator was introduced earlier this year and it has received a lot of praise from academics, researchers and museum curators.

To read our article that discusses the care and attention to detail that has gone into the CollectA Dunkleosteus model: In Praise of the CollectA Deluxe Dunkleosteus

The CollectA Deluxe 1:20 scale Dunkleosteus Model

A close-up view of the anterior portion of the CollectA 1:20 scale Dunkleosteus model.

A close view of the anterior portion of the CollectA 1:20 scale Dunkleosteus model.  Note the fine details on the figure and the use of a gloss coating to give this marine fish an authentic “wet” look as if this animal has just been pulled from the water.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The CollectA Booklet is Free from Everything Dinosaur

All the catalogues, that Everything Dinosaur stocks, including the CollectA 2018 booklet, are available for free from the UK-based company, there is just a subsidised postage cost to pay.

A spokesperson for the company commented:

“We recognise that dinosaur model fans like to collect various catalogues too so we do our best to bring in stocks of the various catalogues and send them out to discerning collectors and model fans.”

Everything Dinosaur will soon be making the first of a series of announcements providing details of new for 2019 CollectA models.

To view the range of CollectA Deluxe prehistoric animal figures and to pick up the CollectA 2018 booklet: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life

6 10, 2018

The Bolder the Male Bird the Faster They Find a Partner

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The Bolder the Male Bird – the Harder and Faster they Fall for a Mate

Those avian dinosaurs (birds), in parks and gardens are living out complex lives under our noses and some of their behaviours are just beginning to become better understood.  New research into the humble Great Tit (Parus major), for example, a very common visitor to gardens all over the British Isles, has revealed that bold male birds focus on forming strong relationships with their future breeding partners while shy male birds play the field.

Scientists Study the Complex Breeding Strategies of Parus major

Parus major - a common garden visitor.

The complex breeding and mating selection in male Great Tits has been revealed.

Picture Credit: Getty Images

This insight into the mate selection and breeding behaviour of this garden visitor has come about following an Oxford University Department of Biology study.  The scientists found that the individual personalities of male Great Tits influence how they bond with their future breeding partner.

Bold Birds and Shy Birds Adopt Different Strategies

Writing in the academic journal “Nature Ecology and Evolution”, the study suggests that more dominant, bolder, more proactive males select their future breeding partners faster and in addition, put more effort into their relationship with their potential mate before the breeding season commences.  In contrast, less dominant, shy males are not as devoted to forming a strong pair bond, they choose to spend more time flocking with other females.

Commenting on how this research can highlight individual differences in behaviour which shapes the formation of crucial social relationships in the wild, lead author of the research Dr Josh Firth, stated:

“Finding a mating partner is of upmost importance to these birds, just as it is for many species across the animal kingdom.  We wanted to ask why individuals of the same species differ so much in how much effort they put into forming these relationships.”

Radio Frequency Identification Tags Used to Track the Bird’s Movements

The study was conducted in the Oxford University’s Wytham Woods.  The personalities of hundreds of individual Parus major was assessed and then radio-frequency identification tags were used to plot the bird’s movements and how they interacted with the local population over several breeding seasons.

Dr Firth added:

“We show that personality plays an important role explaining the differences in pair-bonding tactics; proactive males dedicate more time to their chosen future partner, even long before mating begins, while the less proactive males take the alternative option of sampling lots of different females right up until the breeding season actually starts.”

There is More to Common Garden Birds Than Meets the Eye

Parus major - Great Tit

A beautiful garden visitor.

Picture Credit: BBC

Which Breeding Strategy is Best?

The scientists conclude that there probably is no “best personality” or most effective strategy to adopt, when it comes to partner selection.  This may explain why natural selection has resulted in different breeding strategies within this species.  It could well be the case that being bold and proactive is better for finding a good partner in some social situations, while more reserved strategies prove to be the winning formula in other circumstances.

It might be difficult to infer such courtship and breeding behaviours on those extinct relatives of today’s modern birds – the Dinosauria.  However, the more scientists learn about individual behavioural differences in a species and how they can shape social relationships, then the case for suggesting complex breeding and socialising strategies amongst the Dinosauria becomes more compelling.

Inferring Complex Social Behaviours in Extinct Theropods

Beibeilong nesting scene.

A breeding pair of Beibeilong dinosaurs and their nest of giant dinosaur eggs.  Can studies of extant Aves provide clues to the social and breeding behaviours of the closely related Theropod dinosaurs?

Picture Credit: Zhao Chuang

The scientific paper: “Personality Shapes Pair Bonding in a Wild Bird Social System” by Josh A. Firth, Ella F. Cole, Christos C. Ioannou, John L. Quinn, Lucy M. Aplin, Antica Culina, Keith McMahon and Ben C. Sheldon and published in Nature Ecology and Evolution.

Everything Dinosaur acknowledges the assistance of a press release from Oxford University in the compilation of this article.

2 10, 2018

Eofauna Scientific Research – Model Mystery?

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Eofauna Scientific Research – Mystery Model?

So, the news is out, those super-talented people at Eofauna Scientific Research are going to be introducing another prehistoric animal model.  After two perfect proboscideans (Straight-tusked Elephant and their first model, a Steppe Mammoth), there is to be a third model added to this range, probably before Christmas.  However, this is no elephant!

Eofauna Scientific Research Teasing Model Fans and Collectors

Teasing about a new model.

A model-themed teaser from Eofauna Scientific Research.

Picture Credit: Eofauna Scientific Research/Everything Dinosaur

A Third Model Teaser

A little while back, representatives from Everything Dinosaur met up with those talented chaps from Eofauna Scientific Research and over the course of a very fruitful meeting, how best to introduce new prehistoric animal models was discussed.  Over a cup of coffee, we explained that one way of raising awareness about a new figure would be to post up some pictures such as a partial image or a silhouette.  Dinosaur fans and model collectors could then learn about a new model, without necessarily knowing exactly what the forthcoming introduction was going to be.  It’s a tease we know, but as we put forward the suggestion in the first place, please don’t blame Eofauna.  However, at least collectors can have a go at guessing what sort of prehistoric animal might be the next to be released.

The Current Range from Eofauna Scientific Research – A Perfect Pair of Proboscideans

Eofauna models (Steppe Mammoth and Straight-tusked elephant).

The Eofauna Straight-tusked Elephant and the Eofauna Steppe Mammoth models.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the models currently in the Eofauna range and available from Everything Dinosaur: Eofauna Scientific Research Models

Eofauna Scientific Research Models

Eofauna Scientific Research models are available to purchase from Everything Dinosaur.  With a third model being introduced shortly, I suppose we can formally call this series a range and what a range of realistic, hand-painted, museum quality replicas of prehistoric animals Eofauna has produced.  All named prehistoric animal replicas and models in the Eofauna Scientific Research models collection are supplied with their very own fact sheet so you can read all about dinosaurs, marine reptiles and other creatures from the past.  Everything Dinosaur fact sheet collectors, please don’t worry, there will be a fact sheet available for this third figure, just for the time being, we are not allowed to reveal what the model is.

Perhaps, if we provided a close-up view of those mystery feet, it might help.

Whose Feet are These?  A Close-up View of the Mystery Model’s Feet

Teasing about a new model

A model-themed teaser from Eofauna Scientific Research.  Can you guess the prehistoric animal?

Picture Credit: Eofauna Scientific Research/Everything Dinosaur

These prehistoric animal models and Eofauna dinosaurs are great to collect and ideal for helping to develop creative, imaginative play.  A wonderful collection of replicas including the Eofauna Scientific Research Steppe Mammoth and the Eofauna Scientific Research Straight-tusked Elephant, with another new model to come before Christmas.

But what is it?  We promise to reveal the answer and publish more information very soon…

30 09, 2018

Everything Dinosaur Supports TetZooCon 2018

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Everything Dinosaur Supports TetZooCon 2018

The countdown to the annual TetZooCon has well and truly started, there is just under a week to go until the prestigious London conference dedicated to living and extinct Tetrapods.  TetZooCon opens on Saturday 6th October and for the first time, the amazing number of speakers, presenters and activities means that the fifth incarnation of this event has been extended over two days.  A whole weekend dedicated to the “TetZooniverse”!

Everything Dinosaur is honoured to be involved in this annual gathering and we have dispatched some rather special prehistoric animal models and figures that can be used as prizes for the super-tricky (but still fun), quiz that is a staple of this wonderful event.

Just Under One Week Until TetZooCon 2018

The Tetrapod Zoology Conference 2018.

The promotional banner for TetZooCon 2018.

Picture Credit: Darren Naish/John Conway

Talks, Presentations, Palaeoart Workshops, Book Signings and So Much More

Our congratulations to conference organisers Darren Naish and John Conway who have put together a varied and fascinating group of speakers and other Tetrapod themed events for what will, no doubt, be an extremely enjoyable and informative weekend.  Visitors to The Venue, Malet Street, London next weekend will be able to spot Everything Dinosaur’s slides that have been prepared for use in between the talks and various presentations.

Everything Dinosaur Supports TetZooCon 2018

One of Everything Dinosaur's slides prepared for TetZooCon 2018.

Everything Dinosaur has prepared slides for TetZooCon 2018.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The slides will showcase the breadth and the range of prehistoric animal figures and models that Everything Dinosaur now stocks.  Our prehistoric animal inventory is nearly as eclectic and diverse as the incredible range of presenters that have been invited to speak at this year’s TetZooCon.  Highlights of the event include a talk from herpetologist Mark O’Shea, Jennifer Jackson on the origins of baleen whales, Katrina van Grouw on the influence of Homo sapiens on the fate of Earth’s biota and Fiona Taylor providing a composer’s perspective on music used in wildlife documentaries.

We hope that Bristol University’s Steve Zhang, another speaker at this illustrious gathering, will spot the Eofauna Straight-tusked elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus) figure that we have donated as a quiz prize.  After all, Steven will be one of the first speakers TetZooCon 2018, with a short presentation highlighting the rise and fall of the Straight-tusked elephant.

The Slideshow Will Highlight the Huge Range of Prehistoric Animal Figures Stocked By Everything Dinosaur

Slides for TetZooCon 2018

The Eofauna Straight-tusked elephant features on the Everything Dinosaur TetZooCon slideshow.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The 2018 TetZooCon has a Very Special Banner

Since the very first TetZooCon in 2014, a promotional banner has been created by Darren featuring some of the enormous number of illustrations that the vertebrate palaeontologist and science writer has compiled for his textbook detailing the evolutionary history of the vertebrates.  This year’s banner is a little different, it includes artwork produced by delegates at last year’s conference, helping to encapsulate the inclusive and participative elements of this unique event.  If you attended TetZooCon and contributed to the pair of giant panels produced during the palaeoart workshop, then your own illustration may have been used to help create the 2018 TetZooCon promotional banner.

Beasts of the Mesozoic Will Feature at TetZooCon 2018

Beasts of the Mesozoic slide prepared for prestigious scientific conference.

Beasts of the Mesozoic features on the 2018 TetZooCon slideshow.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“TetZooCon is now in its fifth year and it is going from strength to strength.  Our congratulations to Darren and John for putting on this not-for-profit event, it is a wonderful example of scientific outreach, bringing together a cornucopia of talented artists, illustrators and scientists all helping to inform and educate.  Special wishes to Beth Windle, who once again will be bringing a Tetrapod inspired cake along to this prestigious event.”

Eagle-eyed attendees will spot something rather special on the slide presentation that we have prepared especially for TetZooCon 2018.  Everything Dinosaur will soon be sending out an important news release about yet another exciting development at the company.  A new range of prehistoric animal figures is being added to Everything Dinosaur’s already impressive portfolio and delegates at TetZooCon 2018 will be amongst the first to find out about this.

More news about TetZooCon and the developments at Everything Dinosaur coming soon….

28 09, 2018

Everything Dinosaur on Instagram

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Everything Dinosaur on Instagram

Everything Dinosaur has created an Instagram account so that team members can post up photographs and images related to the company and share some of the amazing pictures and illustrations sent into our offices by our customers.  Instagram is a social media platform created to help share photos and videos and Instagram is now owned by Facebook.

Everything Dinosaur is Now on Instagram

Everything Dinosaur on Instagram.

Everything Dinosaur has opened an Instagram account.

Picture Credit: Instagram/Everything Dinosaur


Everything Dinosaur’s Instagram username for our site is entitled @everythingdinosaur1 and we will be posting up various images and videos and looking up all our thousands of Facebook chums.  In addition, team members are looking forward to liking and commenting on all the amazing dinosaur and prehistoric animal images that have already been posted up onto the platform.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We had been planning to get ourselves on the Instagram platform for quite a while, however, our work commitments, teaching and other projects kept getting in the way.  Just before we run into our Christmas sales period and the teaching programme becomes very congested, we thought that this month was a good time to launch our presence on this social media networking site.”

Blogs, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

The UK-based dinosaur and prehistoric animal company has already built up a substantial presence on social media, with Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Facebook accounts.  Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page has built up over 5,000 “likes” and thousands of followers since it was initiated.  The company’s blog site remains one of the most comprehensive web logs dedicated to palaeontology, fossils, dinosaurs as well as prehistoric animals and figures.  The blog was set up over eleven years ago and now boasts in excess of 4,000 separate articles (a total of 4,231 articles including this one).

Team Members at Everything Dinosaur Are Looking Forward to Posting on Instagram (@everythingdinosaur1)

Looking forward to posting up some T-rific dinosaur images on Instagram.

Everything Dinosaur on Instagram @everythingdinosaur1.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Shortly, Everything Dinosaur staff will be inviting friends and Facebook followers to link with the company’s Instagram page.  It will be exciting to post up information about all our adventures on this interactive, social networking and sharing platform.

27 09, 2018

Dinosaur Model Fan Sends In Pictures

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Pictures Sent in by a Dinosaur Model Fan

It never ceases to amaze us how clever and creative Everything Dinosaur’s customers are.  We get lots of photographs sent into our offices by collectors and fans of prehistoric animal models showcasing their collections and dinosaur themed dioramas.  Take for example, these pictures sent into us by Luke, after he recently received the rare Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figure from us.

Posing Against a Backdrop of Prehistoric Scenery the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Figure (Smoke Green Colour Scheme)

Smoke green Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figure.

Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex (smoke green).

Picture Credit: Luke

Dinosaur Dioramas

Lots of collectors like to build their own prehistoric scenes and the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex looks very much at home against a background of tropical vegetation.  The smoke green colour variant looks quite well camouflaged against this backdrop.  Luke must have quite a sizeable model and figure collection as he included a couple of pictures of this rare Tyrannosaurus rex figure being displayed next to other dinosaurs from his collection.

Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Confronts a Papo Triceratops

T. rex attacks a Triceratops.

Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex attacks a Papo Triceratops.

Picture Credit: Luke

The Papo Running T. rex Challenges the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Figure

Papo Running T. rex and the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex.

Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box confronts a Papo Running T. rex.

Picture Credit: Luke

The Papo figure (left) is the colour variant version of the Running Tyrannosaurus rex figure, that was introduced in 2016.  In the photograph sent into Everything Dinosaur’s offices by Luke, it is compared to the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figure (left).  The pair of models are quite well-matched, although with ten articulated joints the Kaiyodo figure has many more areas of articulation than the Papo model.  The Papo Tyrannosaurus rex has only one area of movement – an articulated lower jaw.

A Visit to Skull Island

Luke dropped a line to Everything Dinosaur stating:

“Hi guys.  Just wanted to put finger to keyboard to say a massive thank you for the Kaiyodo Sofubi smoke green T. rex which I have just received.  The model itself is absolutely superb and I have sent some pics.  Also, to say thank you I’m also sent a little recreation of an iconic scene from a certain classic 1930’s movie.  Once again I cannot thank you guys enough and look forward to ordering from you again.  Kindest regards.”

The movie Luke is referring to is the famous film “King Kong” that was released in 1933 and stars Fray Wray, Bruce Cabot and of course, a stop motion giant ape that was animated by Willis O’Brien.  Skull Island, Kong’s home has also a number of dinosaurs in residence, including fearsome meat-eaters.  In one classic scene, Kong battles a dinosaur.

Recreating a Classic Scene from “King Kong” (1933)

King Kong fights the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex.

Kong fights the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex.

Picture Credit: Luke

Two Articulated Models from Luke’s Collection Battle

Kong fighting the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex (smoke green colour).

King Kong versus the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex (smoke green).

Picture Credit: Luke

Striking the Final Blow

Kong model battles the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figure.

King Kong fights the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex.

Picture Credit: Luke

Our thanks to Luke for taking the time and trouble to send to us these fabulous photographs and we really appreciate the careful way in which he has arranged these shots.  We spotted the Safari Ltd Prehistoric World tree fern and a base from the Rebor Ceratosaurus replica “Savage” that had also been incorporated into the diorama.  The Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex is fantastic piece of dinosaur figure design and with all its points of articulation collectors can create all sorts of action poses.  Thanks Luke for sharing these wonderful pictures.

For further information on the Kaiyodo articulated T. rex figures: Kaiyodo Prehistoric Animal Figures

16 09, 2018

Everything Dinosaur September Newsletter

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Kaiyodo Sofubi, New Rebor and a Soft Toy T. rex

Subscribers to Everything Dinosaur’s newsletter received their latest instalment a few days ago and what a jam-packed newsletter it was.  The headlines were dominated by the arrival of the amazing Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex figures.  These three, articulated T. rex figures have been eagerly anticipated by collectors and they are very rare, so it was great to see all three models featuring (018A, 018B and the “classic” 018C).

Announcing the Arrival of the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Figures

Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex (classic colouration).

The Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex dinosaur figures are in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Dinosaurs

The three Tyrannosaurs with a total of ten points of articulation each, make wonderful pieces for any serious dinosaur figure collector.  It is very difficult to obtain these figures from outside Japan and newsletter readers have been contacting us over the last few days to congratulate us and to express their delight over these detailed models.

To view the limited edition Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex dinosaurs including the “smoke green” and the “classic” colour variants: Kaiyodo Prehistoric Animal Models

Get Your Hands on a Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex

Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex dinosaur figure (018A).

The Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex dinosaur figures are in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

With prices from £32.99 plus postage, these models are already proving to be extremely popular with collectors.

Rebor Vanilla Ice “Jungle” and “Mountain”

The Kaiyodo “Smoke Green” T. rex and Rebor Vanilla Ice “Jungle”

Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex dinosaur figure (smoke green) and a Rebor "Vanilla Ice" - jungle variant.

The Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex dinosaur figure (smoke green) and a Rebor “Vanilla Ice” in the jungle colouration.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur will be stocking the amazing pair of 1/35th scale Rebor Tyrannosaurs which will be sold under the name Vanilla Ice.  There are two colour variants available, the one pictured above, is the Vanilla Ice “Jungle” Tyrannosaur, a beautiful, green-coloured Theropod.  This model will be available at the end of October or thereabouts and Everything Dinosaur has opened a priority reserve list for this dinosaur model.

The Rebor Vanilla Ice 1:35 Scale Tyrannosaur Figure “Mountain” and a Dinomites T. rex Soft Toy

The Rebor "Vanilla Ice" Mountain variant and a soft toy T. rex.

Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Mountain and a soft and cuddly T. rex.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the Rebor Vanilla Ice “Mountain” dinosaur model.  It, like its counterpart “Jungle”, is a superb replica.  Both Tyrannosaur models have an articulated lower jaw and “Mountain” along with “Jungle” should be arriving at our warehouse on or around the end of October.

To join our priority reserve list for the Rebor Vanilla Ice “Jungle” and “Mountain” Tyrannosaur figures, simply email Everything Dinosaur: Contact Everything Dinosaur

Dinomites Soft Toy T. rex

To complete our Tyrannosaur theme for our latest newsletter, a picture and information about our Dinomites T. rex soft toy were included, it is a wonderful example of prehistoric plush.  It is a super soft and cuddly Tyrannosaurus rex, aimed at young dinosaur fans.  For further information about the huge range of soft toy prehistoric animals stocked by Everything Dinosaur: Soft Toy Dinosaurs from Everything Dinosaur

The Dinomites Soft Toy Tyrannosaurus rex

Dinomites T. rex soft toy.

The Dinomites T. rex soft toy.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To subscribe to Everything Dinosaur’s regular customer newsletter, just drop our dedicated team members an email: Email Everything Dinosaur

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