Dinosaur Drawings By William

Our thanks to young dinosaur fan William who kindly sent in a drawing of two of his favourite dinosaur models.  At Everything Dinosaur, we get sent lots of dinosaur and prehistoric illustrations and we like to post these up in our warehouse.  William wrote to thank Everything Dinosaur team members for supplying the dinosaur figures.

William’s Dinosaur Drawing

William's drawing of dinosaur models.

A drawing of dinosaur models sent to Everything Dinosaur by William.

Picture Credit: William

Not only has William chosen to illustrate some dinosaurs for us, but he has produced a lovely copy of our company logo, a large letter “e” that represents a three-toed dinosaur footprint as well as the first letter of our company’s name.  Congratulations to William, for the drawings and for the clear and well-spaced writing.

Drawing the Armoured Dinosaur Ankylosaurus

Lots of children are fascinated by dinosaurs and many schools utilise this love of all things dinosaur as they deliver dinosaur-themed term topics.  Learning about ferocious and thankfully, extinct creatures from the past can really help to motivate and enthuse young learners when it comes to gaining confidence with numbers and improving writing skills.  William for example, as chosen to illustrate one of his favourite dinosaur models – Ankylosaurus.  It we compare William’s drawing to a model of this armoured dinosaur, it is clear that William has taken great care over his work.

William Draws an Ankylosaurus

William draws Ankylosaurus.

William’s Ankylosaurus drawing compared to the Ankylosaurus model.

Picture Credit: William/Everything Dinosaur

William Draws the Fearsome Mapusaurus

In addition, to his armoured dinosaur illustration, William chose to draw a picture of a Mapusaurus.  Mapusaurus, (as we are sure William will know), was a large, carnivorous dinosaur, fossils of which come from Argentina. It was probably the largest predator in its environment, with some palaeontologists estimating that Mapusaurus weighed around six tonnes and measured more than twelve metres long.

William Draws Mapusaurus

William draws Mapusaurus.

William’s Mapusaurus drawing compared to the Mapusaurus model.

Picture Credit: William/Everything Dinosaur

Once again, we congratulate William on the accuracy of his drawing, team members at Everything Dinosaur were able to recognise that this was an illustration of the CollectA Mapusaurus dinosaur model.

Our thanks to William for his drawing and to his kind mum Anna who gave it to us.  We hope you liked the fact sheets that accompanied the models that we supplied.

We noted the suggestion for CollectA to produce a model of a Sabre-tooth Cat cub, this suggestion along with the illustration will be forwarded onto our chums at CollectA.

The CollectA range of prehistoric animal figures that helped inspire William can be viewed here: CollectA Prehistoric Life Models and Figures

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