Linheraptor exquisitus by Caldey

Our thanks to young Caldey for sending in her picture of the “raptor” called Linheraptor (Linheraptor exquisitus).   Most people might be familiar with dinosaurs such as Velociraptor, made famous from the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” film franchise, but in truth, there were a large number of “raptor-like” dinosaurs and they were all (very probably), feathered and potentially quite colourful creatures too.

A Drawing of the “Raptor” Linheraptor (L. exquisitus) by Caldey

A drawing of Linheraptor exquisitus.

A beautiful drawing of the dromaeosaurid dinosaur Linheraptor by Caldey.

Picture Credit: Caldey/Everything Dinosaur

The Dromaeosauridae

Dinosaurs like Velociraptor and Linheraptor are members of the Dromaeosauridae family.  The Dromaeosauridae are very geographically diverse, bird-like dinosaurs that were particularly abundant during the Late Cretaceous.  Linheraptor was named relatively recently, (2010), the first of dromaeosaurid was named in 1922 (Dromaeosaurus).  Like many of its kind, the fossils of Linheraptor come from Asia.

Our thanks to Caldey for sending in her super illustration.

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