A Dinosaur Swamp

Children in Year 1 at Earlswood Infant & Nursery School in Surrey had a “dinotastic” time yesterday, as one of our dinosaur experts visited to deliver workshops to help kick-start their summer term topic “dinosaurs”.  This larger than average school is located on two separate sites and it incorporates a popular Foundation Stage 1 cohort.  Earlswood caters from children from age three to eleven and the four classes of Year 1 pupils were relishing learning about dinosaurs, fossils and life in the past.

As part of the topic, the children had been investigating different habitats for animals.  Badger class had built a swamp for their dinosaur and prehistoric animal models to live in.   They had thought carefully about the sort of resources the animals would have required to keep them healthy and happy.

Badgers Class (Year 1) Have Built a Swamp for their Dinosaurs

A swamp home for dinosaurs.

Children explore habitats – a swamp for dinosaurs to live in.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Earlswood Infant & Nursery School

 The teacher had included some feathers to remind the eager learners that many dinosaurs may have been feathered and that the closest living relatives of the dinosaurs are birds.

High Expectations for Young Learners

The staff have high expectations for the children both academically and socially and the dedicated senior leadership of the school places great emphasis on personal, social and emotional development.  The Reception children even got involved with the reptile themed day, with a visit from a pet tortoise!

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