Key Stage 1 Classes Study Mary Anning

Children in Year 1 and Year 2 at St John with St Mark Primary in Bury have been studying dinosaurs and fossils.  As part of a provocation to help enthuse the children, the classes were set some homework, could they write some facts about Mary Anning in their work books?

Learning About Mary Anning (Key Stage 1)

Key Stage 1 children learn about Mary Anning.

Key Stage 1 children are challenged to find out facts about Mary Anning.

Picture Credit: St John with St Mark Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

Enthusiastic Researchers

The teaching team was very impressed with the research that the children had carried out.  When Everything Dinosaur’s fossil expert visited the school, he was shown some of the entries in the work books that the children had completed over the weekend.  The Key Stage 1 children had found out lots of amazing facts about this Georgian lady who became a famous fossil collector on the Dorset coast.

The dinosaurs and fossils term topic has got off to a fantastic start, well done to all the eager, budding palaeontologists in Year 1, Year 1/2 and Year 2.  During the workshops we conducted at the school, our dinosaur and fossil expert made sure to include lots of information about Mary Anning to help support the children’s learning.

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