FS2 and FS3 Children Study Dinosaurs

The spring term has got off to an exciting start for the two classes of Reception-aged children at Endeavour Academy (formerly Leigh Primary School), in Hyde.  With the help of their enthusiastic teachers, the children have been learning all about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.  One of our teaching team members visited the school to conduct some dinosaur workshops in the school’s spacious and well-appointed hall.  The visitor was also give a tour of the tidy Reception area classrooms and shown some of the displays that the children had created.

In one corner of the classroom the teaching team had created a montage of questions that the children wanted to ask about dinosaurs.  The budding young palaeontologists in FS2 and FS3 had come up with some amazing questions.

Reception Children Think About Dinosaurs

FS2 and FS3 children think up questions about dinosaurs.

Reception-aged children think about dinosaurs.

Picture Credit: Endeavour Academy/Everything Dinosaur

Questions About Dinosaurs

With the help of the teaching team the children were given the opportunity to think up questions about dinosaurs.  The questions were then posted up to make a colourful display.

Some of the Questions from FS2 and FS3

Reception-aged children think up questions about dinosaurs.

Reception classes think about dinosaurs.

Picture Credit: Endeavour Academy/Everything Dinosaur

The children compiled quite an array of questions, our favourites include Annabeth’s how long ago did they live?   Daisy asked are dinosaurs happy?  Zayan enquired do they have friends?

What a super set of questions, the teaching team can use some of these queries to help shape and structure the term scheme of work.

The dinosaur expert who visited Endeavour Academy to conduct the two dinosaur themed workshops with the Reception classes stated:

“Dinosaurs as a spring topic for Reception-aged children can provide an excellent bridge helping the class to transition from free-form play into more structured learning as the children prepare for the summer term and the move up to Year 1.  The topic is certainly popular with the children and it lends itself to plenty of stimulating writing and number exercises.”

With the help and assistance of the dedicated teaching team at Endeavour Academy, the children in FS2 and FS3 are having a “dinotastic” time learning all about dinosaurs and fossils.

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