Why Do Asteroids Always Land in Craters?

With the need to work scientifically being emphasised in the national curriculum for England (science syllabus), Everything Dinosaur team members have been busy supporting teaching teams with their schemes of work.  As well as providing all the usual assistance and support, staff at the Cheshire based company have just introduced a new pair of primary school lesson plan downloads to help support a dinosaur or space themed term topic.  The lesson plan is entitled “Why do asteroids always land in craters?”  The aim of this lesson plan is to challenge the Key Stage 1 children to create an experiment to test ideas about what happens when a space rock crashes.

Why Do Asteroids Always Land in Craters?

Why do asteroids always land in craters?

Why do asteroids always land in craters – lesson plan and teaching notes.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Simple Experiment to Encourage Working Scientifically

Two downloads have been created, one aimed at KS1, the second targeted at KS2.  Both these lesson plans challenge children to work scientifically.  For example, the Key Stage 1 download focuses on exploring the physical properties of materials and encourages the use of simple, comparative tests, whilst the Key Stage 2 download challenges older children to devise a suitable experiment to test this idea about asteroid impacts.  A list of suggested resources is provided in both downloads and the photographs and bullet points provided help with tailoring the exercise to meet the specific learning needs of the class.

Free Download Linked to Space and Dinosaur Term Topics

Teaching resources for a dinosaur themed experiment.

Resources for tackling the question – why do asteroids always land in craters?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Teaching Notes and Extension Activities

The downloads are available free from Everything Dinosaur.  These downloads are amongst a huge range of free dinosaur, fossil and prehistoric themed teaching resources available.  All these materials have been checked, tested and approved by our own teaching team.

To view the range of free teaching resources, lesson plans, experiments and information sheets available from Everything Dinosaur: Visit the Downloads Section of this Website

The “why do asteroids…” lesson plan includes helpful teaching notes with suggestions as to how to deliver this exercise.  In addition, a series of extension ideas are listed, all designed to help teaching professionals differentiate and challenge more capable learners.

It seems when it comes to exploring how the dinosaurs died out, or learning about outer space, these handy downloads from Everything Dinosaur are going to have a big impact”.

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