Important Reading for Budding Dinosaur Experts

One of our sharp-eyed team members spotted this book whilst at a school delivering a dinosaur and fossil themed workshop with two classes of Year 1 children.  The teaching team had put together a collection of books in the school “dinosaur museum” area in a bid to enthuse and encourage young readers.

Dinosaurs Inspire Some Unusual Book Titles

Dinosaur Book for Year 1 classes.

“Dinosaurs Like Underpants” book.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Whilst we would not like to comment too much about the scientific accuracy of this particular book, the teaching team with the help of the learning support assistant (LSA), had carefully compiled a range of fiction and non-fiction reading materials and allocated a quite area of the creative room at the school as a special reading area.  The large, inviting, colourful mat and plenty of comfortable chairs were bound to attract keen readers.  When we discussed this book with the teaching team, it turns out that this title is an old favourite.  It is nearly as popular with the teachers as it is with the children.

We are confident that this unusual fictional storybook about dinosaurs will inspire plenty of young readers.

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