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Teachers, teaching assistants and educationalists are busy preparing for the start of the next academic year.  Just a few days to go before it all kicks-off again.  It does not seem like weeks since our last school visit or the last time we taught a dinosaur themed workshop, more like five minutes.  However, our dedicated teaching team are ready to fling themselves into the fray, eager to help inspire the next generation of young palaeontologists and scientists.

Visiting our school website is even easier this year, with the advent of our new platforms (launched in the spring term), all our sites, including this website, which is dedicated to schools, are mobile friendly.

Everything Dinosaur’s School Site is Mobile Friendly

A mobile friendly website.

The Everything Dinosaur websites are mobile friendly.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

No matter what the device, be it a laptop, tablet or mobile, teachers can access our helpful blog articles, teaching resources and free downloads.  Our team members appreciate just how hard teaching professionals work and our websites have been redesigned to help take some of the strain out of their busy day.  If you get chance in the staff room, you can access our huge blog resource and this dedicated “dinosaurs for schools site” to help plan lessons and get hints and tips about teaching about fossils, the Stone Age, natural selection, evolution and so forth.  Scientists now know that most dinosaurs were quite mobile, Tyrannosaurus rex could run about as fast as we can – now Everything Dinosaur’s websites have caught up and become mobile to.

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