Colourful Dinosaur Drawing

As August draws to a close and our teaching team turn their thoughts to the start of the new term, Tom’s colourful dinosaur drawing brightened our day.  We might have to spend much of our weekend planning (just like most teachers), but at least this lovely, colourful dinosaur drawing sent into our offices by Tom cheered us all up.

A Very Bright and Colourful Prehistoric Animal

Tom's colourful dinosaur drawing.

Tom and his very colourful dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Tom

A Rainbowsaurus

Tom did not give his dinosaur creation a name so we have called this prehistoric animal “Rainbowsaurus”.  With his red, yellow, bright orange and green colouration this is one dinosaur that would have had no trouble standing out from the rest of the flock.  Dinosaurs did have (in all likelihood), colour vision, so some species may have been very brightly coloured indeed.   As for that huge, custard-coloured, backward pointing horn on the dinosaur’s head, it might not be as fanciful as it first appears.  A duck-billed dinosaur from China may have possessed a very similar looking horn, the dinosaur is called Tsintaosaurus.

The Dinosaur That May Have Had a Strange Horn on its Head – Tsintaosaurus

Tsintaosaurus dinosaur model.

The Lambeosaurine Tsintaosaurus.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our thanks to Tom for sending in his very beautiful and colour dinosaur drawing, it made our day.

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