Dinosaur Adventures at Styal Primary School

Adjacent to one of the best-preserved textile mills of the Industrial Revolution, (Quarry Bank Mill), Styal Primary school is one of the most picturesque schools in the whole of Cheshire.  Quarry Bank Mill might provide a handy location for learning about the cotton industry, but during the summer term, children in Reception and Year 1/2 have been travelling back further in time as they have been learning about dinosaurs and fossils.

During our morning of dinosaur themed workshops with two classes, we spotted in the tidy school hall, a large dinosaur themed mural.  This Sauropod display had been created by children in the Reception class and Year 1 and it certainly brightened up what was a rather cloudy day.

A Dinosaur Themed Mural Spotted at Styal Primary School (Cheshire)

Dinosaur artwork spotted in the school hall (Styal Primary).

Reception and Key Stage 1 children have produced a large piece of dinosaur themed artwork for the school hall.

Picture Credit: Styal Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

During our workshop, we explored the size and scale of dinosaurs, looked at fossils and tried to catch fish like a giant ammonite.  Lexie, was delighted to learn that she had a name similar to the name of an armoured dinosaur that once roamed southern England.  Once our busy morning of dinosaur themed workshops had concluded, our dinosaur expert discussed extension resources with the enthusiastic teaching team.

Later that afternoon, we were able to email over some pictures of Lexie’s armoured dinosaur (Lexovisaurus), along with some further information on Mary Anning.  The Lexovisaurus fact sheet and scale drawing might help inspire the children when it comes to designing their own prehistoric animals – one of the many palaeontology themed challenges we set the classes.

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