Dinosaurs and Fossils at Gorseybrigg Primary School

Children in Year 1 at Gorseybrigg Primary School have spent the last two weeks studying dinosaurs and fossils.  Gorseybrigg Primary is a bright, modern school, with extensive playing fields and spacious, light, well-equipped and very tidy classrooms.  Displays all about life in the Arctic are still pinned to the walls of the Year 1 classroom, but slowly and surely these displays are being replaced by various scenes of prehistoric life as the children get to grips with all things dinosaur.

Over the last fortnight, the children have learned about herbivores and carnivores, built their own “Jurassic Park” and explored such questions as whether or not dinosaurs had feathers.  The scheme of work that our dinosaur expert viewed prior to his fossil and dinosaur themed workshop was very comprehensive and carefully thought out.

Year 1 Children Make Their Own “Jurassic Park”

Year 1 create their own dinosaur land.

Year 1 make their own dinosaur land.

Picture Credit: Gorseybrigg Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

Footprint Measuring Exercise

The children showed a lot of confidence with the dinosaur footprint measuring exercise that we set them.  The children were comfortable using rulers and they enjoyed comparing the different types of dinosaur track.

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