Thank You Everything Dinosaur

Last Friday saw Everything Dinosaur up in the Manchester area (north-west England) delivering a series of dinosaur and fossil themed workshops aimed at Reception-aged children.  Our visits certainly helped to inspire the three classes at Bowlee Park Community School who had just embarked on their dinosaur term topic.  Our objective was to provide a very tactile workshop aimed at both visual and kinaesthetic learners.  This well-resourced school had a super “digital den” that we were able to use for the day.  It felt quite surreal handling 180 million-year-old Ammonite fossils in such a futuristic setting.

Moving Fossils into the Digital Den at the Start of the Day

Everything Dinosaur prepares to deliver a fossil workshop in the futuristic "digital den".

Everything Dinosaur prepares to deliver a fossil workshop in the futuristic “digital den”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Start of the Topic Provocation

Over the course of the day, our dinosaur expert delivered three workshops, each aimed at inspiring pupils and teachers alike.  They acted as a provocation to help “kick start” the dinosaur themed term topic.  Our workshop and the extra teaching resources we provided proved to be a big hit.

One of the Reception class teachers who had booked us emailed this morning to say:

“Thanks again for your workshops on Friday.  Both the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and it was a wonderful start to our topic.  Also, thank you for taking the time to email me with resources for Tyler.  I have passed them onto Miss Pilkington (his teacher), who also sends her thanks.”

What resources did we email over especially for Tyler?  A Tylosaurus fact sheet and scale drawing of course.

To contact Everything Dinosaur to request information on our work in schools: Contact Everything Dinosaur

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