Have a Wonderful, Inspiring 2016

The countdown to the beginning of the Spring Term 2016 has well and truly started.  Everything Dinosaur team members are all prepared for the dinosaur workshops in schools organised for January.  The majority of the schools that we are visiting have already received lesson plans and had details sent to them about how to maximise the learning opportunities with regards to a visit from one of our dinosaur and fossil experts.  However, all that is for another day, just time to wish all the teachers, home educationalists, senior leadership team members and of course learning support workers such as teaching assistants a happy New Year.

Happy New Year from Everything Dinosaur

Have a wonderful and educational 2016.

Have a wonderful and educational 2016.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Don’t forget, there is an extra day in Spring Term this year (Monday 29th February) a whole extra day of teaching helping to inspire young people towards considering a career in the sciences.

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