A Day of Dinosaurs and Fossils with Year 2

Year 2 pupils at Anfield Infants and Nursery school started the second part of the autumn term with a “dino-tastic” day thanks to a visit from Everything Dinosaur.  All three classes in Year 2 will be studying dinosaurs and fossils as a term topic up to Christmas and our dinosaur expert provided a provocation session to enthuse children and teachers alike.

The school provides a dinosaur themed term topic each year and there are some splendid examples of prehistoric animal themed artwork dotted around the classrooms and corridors.  Around one corner lurks a very colourful three-dimensional sculpture of a Triceratops.  One of the activities the children took part in was to explore the role played by the horns of dinosaurs in communication.  Could the children remember how Triceratops signalled to alert the herd that a Tyrannosaurus rex was approaching?

A Colourful Triceratops Spotted in School

Writing about a pet Triceratops.

Writing about a pet Triceratops.

Picture Credit: Anfield Infants and Nursery School/Everything Dinosaur

One of the extension activities we provided involved the children imagining what it might be like to have a pet Triceratops.  Everything Dinosaur’s expert explained about the jaws and teeth of Triceratops and then challenged the children to compose a story about a pet Triceratops visiting their school and having lunch.  Just how much would it eat on its visit?  It’s a good job we were able to demonstrate what a large appetite this dinosaur had.  We think Anfield Infants and Nursery School would have to order in more breakfast cereal!

Other extension activities we provided involved measuring dinosaur tracks and a novel way of calculating just how long a T. rex was.  With the workshops focused on tactile activities and discovery learning, these extension ideas were introduced with the specific aim of giving the children more confidence with numbers.  Our expert briefed the teachers on the extensions and provided all the resources they would need to conduct the work in the following days after the dinosaur workshop in school.

Tyrannosaurus rex Looks On

We spotted a Tyrannosaurus rex

We spotted a Tyrannosaurus rex

Picture Credit: Anfield Infants and Nursery School/Everything Dinosaur

We loved the teeth on the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex artwork on display.

The children had a fantastic (or should that be “dino-tastic”) time on their first day back after the half-term break.

Commenting on the workshops provided by Everything Dinosaur, the teacher of the Year 2 class called “Bright Sparks” stated:

“It was a very interactive session, the children thoroughly enjoyed it and were so engaged!”

We promised the children that if they wrote thank you letters to Everything Dinosaur, then our team of experts would answer any dinosaur related questions that they included within their thank you letters, but we did explain that we wanted to see proper use of full stops, capital letters and of course question marks.

What a great start to the second half of the autumn term for Year 2!

For further information on Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools with Key Stage 1 children and to request a quotation: Contact Everything Dinosaur – Request a Quotation

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