Year 1 Study Dinosaurs All Morning

Year 1 children at Christ Church Primary School (Stoke-on-Trent, England), were visited by Everything Dinosaur and they took part in a series of fossil themed activities as part of a dinosaur workshop.  The children had been learning about life in the past over the spring term and they were keen to demonstrate their knowledge and to explain to our expert how fossils were formed.  A team member from Everything Dinosaur had been invited to attend the school and conduct a dinosaur workshop with the enthusiastic young palaeontologists.  The classroom was filled with examples of the children’s work, including some excellent posters and clay models of dinosaurs.

As part of our work with the children, we challenged them to have a go at casting museum quality replica fossils from the company’s own extensive fossil collection.  We compared our bones and bodies to that of a typical dinosaur (Ornithopod) and we learned all about how the dinosaurs lived and when they become extinct.

An Example of the Writing Extension Exercise

Writing challenge set by Everything Dinosaur.

Writing challenge set by Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Chirst Church Primary School

Our dinosaur expert set a “pinkie palaeontologist challenge”, could the children write a thank you letter to Everything Dinosaur?  Would they be able to use proper sentences?  What would be the best way to start the letter and to conclude it?  Could they include a comment about their favourite part of the morning?

With the teaching team’s help the children set about this challenge in the afternoon.  A few days letter we received a set of thirty thank you letters from the children.  In this instance, dinosaurs as a subject area is helping Lower Key Stage 1 children to write more confidently and to expand their vocabularies.

To read more about Everything Dinosaur’s workshops: Dinosaur Workshops in Schools

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