Surge in Crocodile Sightings near Cairns (Queensland)

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Residents Fearful of Crocodile Attacks

Whilst plans are being discussed by Australian Government officials whether or not to re-introduce crocodile hunting, residents in the town of Cairns (Queensland), are becoming increasingly concerned about the encroachment of Saltwater crocodiles up creeks, rivers and other popular tourist and fishing spots.

The increase in crocodile sightings, so close to homes has led the Environment Minister for Queensland to take action, visiting Cairns to discuss plans as how best to control the growing crocodile population.  Minister Andrew Powell is keen to explore ways in which crocodile numbers can be controlled before attacks on people and livestock become any more frequent.  For the moment, Mr Powell has stated that there are no plans to start culling crocodiles, however, the Australian Government is reviewing its options.

To read an article about the surprise discovery of a Freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnsoni) in a Queensland weir: Fishery Officials Catch Crocodile

State officials in Australia’s Northern Territory are currently considering a plan to re-introduce sport hunting of crocodiles.  To read more about the proposals: Australia considers crocodile trophy hunting

As the number of sightings increase, so officials are conducting surveys and crocodile counts in the rivers and lakes to try to estimate the population of Saltwater crocodiles in the Cairns area.