Review of 1:50 Scale Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Model (Safari Ltd)

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have received a number of requests to make a video review of the 1:50 scale Brachiosaurus model manufactured by Safari Ltd.  We have made a short (five minute) video which discusses some of the palaeontology behind the making of this exciting, new Brachiosaurus replica.

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review of Brachiosaurus (Safari Ltd)

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

This model, like all the prehistoric animal models in the Carnegie Collectibles range has been approved by the palaeontologists at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  It shows the very latest scientific thinking concerning this Late Jurassic herbivore and great care has obviously gone into the model’s design.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s Carnegie Collectible range: Carnegie Dinosaur Toys

A striking model that shows a new neck position, contrasting nicely with other Brachiosaur models that have a more “giraffe-like” stance and also look carefully to see where the nostrils have been placed.

An exciting new addition to the Safari Ltd range of dinosaur models.


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