“Wandering Horned Face” Put into the Spotlight

Concluding our reviews of the four new model introductions into the Wild Safari Dinosaur range (Safari Ltd), team members at Everything Dinosaur have put together this short video about Vagaceratops.  It is always a great pleasure to see a more unusual member of the Ceratopsian clade get introduced into a mainstream model range.  This Vagaceratops from Safari Ltd shows lots of detail and it has been very carefully painted.

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review of the Vagaceratops Dinosaur Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The re-assignment of, what was once thought to be Chamosaurus spp. fossil material has had important implications for palaeontologists as they try to build up a more complete picture of the dinosaur fauna living in both the northern and southern parts of the Cretaceous landmass known as Laramidia (western USA and Canada).

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Safari Ltd prehistoric animal models including Wild Safari Dinos: Safari Ltd Dinosaurs/Carnegie Dinosaurs

This is a super, not-to-scale model of Vagaceratops, a horned dinosaur that was only formally scientifically described just two years ago.

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