Getting to Grips with the “Thunder Beasts”

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Trying to Round up a Megacerops

We have been experimenting with some of the backdrop pictures that Collecta have kindly provided for us.  The picture team members at Everything Dinosaur have created shows a Neanderthal man bravely trying to corral a fearsome Megacerops (Thunder Beast).  The Brontotheres were extinct by the time the Neanderthals (H. neanderthalensis) evolved but we thought we would practice our photoshop skills by trying to create this image.

Rounding up a Megacerops (Collecta Megacerops)

Horns versus Spear

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fossils of Neanderthals show a considerable amount of pathology.  The sort of injuries identified match those seen in modern day rodeo riders, so palaeontologists think that these hominids tackled large prey at close quarters.  They must have been very tough, the Collecta Neanderthal figure certainly looks very tough.