Spinosaurus Reviewed

Amongst the twelve models in the new Schleich “World of History” prehistoric animal range, there is a Spinosaurus replica. Based on the “Saurus” Spinosaurus, this is a not-to-scale dinosaur model and we at Everything Dinosaur have produced a brief five minute video review.  It is interesting to note the choice of colour for this dinosaur.  Spinosaurus fossils are associated with lush, tropical, estuarine environments, however, the designers at Schleich have decided to give their replica a sandy-brown colour, camouflage more suited to arid, desert environments.

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review of Spinosaurus

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this short video, team members at Everything Dinosaur describe the model and show how Spinosaurid fossils have been studied to provide this replica with some nice detail.

To view the full range of “World of History”  models from Schleich: Schleich Dinosaur Models

In common with the other Theropod dinosaurs featured in this range – T. rex, Giganotosaurus, Velociraptor and Allosaurus, this Spinosaurus replica has an articulated lower jaw.  The model can be posed either mouth open or mouth closed.

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