“Giant Southern Lizard” Reviewed

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been working on a number of video reviews of new prehistoric animal models that have been introduced recently.  The latest in this series is a review of the not-to-scale replica of the huge, predator from Cretaceous South America known as Giganotosaurus.

A Review of the Schleich “World of History” Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this short, five minute video, Everything Dinosaur reviews this new dinosaur model, with its articulated lower jaw and fine paintwork.  This prehistoric animal model is one of twelve prehistoric animal figures introduced this year by Schleich of Germany.

To view this model series: Schleich Dinosaur Models

This range consists of eleven dinosaurs, plus a model of the flying reptile (Pterosaur) known as Quetzalcoatlus.

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