Preparing for the arrival of Kosmoceratops Models

All is in readiness to receive the new Collecta dinosaur models, they will be arriving sometime next week at Everything Dinosaur.  Team members have been finalising the fact sheets and checking over the data in preparation for sending them out with customer orders.  As part of our preparations to receive the Collecta prehistoric animal models we have commissioned a series of drawings of the prehistoric animals featured in the new releases – animals such as Kosmoceratops, Mapusaurus and Utahceratops.

The Scale Drawing of Kosmoceratops

Ornate horned face – Kosmoceratops

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The new models include scale models, as well as not to scale replicas.  We are particularly looking forward to the Neanderthal figures and the chance to replenish our stocks of Plateosaurus and Torosaurus.

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