Dinosaur Artwork on Display

Following a visit from one of Everything Dinosaur’s teacher/palaeontologists to Higher Openshaw Community School in Manchester, the young, enthusiastic pupils were sent some dinosaur drawing materials to help illustrate some of the teaching topics covered that term by their teacher Ms Boyd and her colleagues.

We really enjoyed working with the junior palaeontologists at the school and their teacher very kindly sent us some examples of the children’s artwork that they had produced with the drawing materials we had sent them.

Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animals ( Higher Openshaw Community School)

A Jurassic Scene

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Higher Openshaw

At Everything Dinosaur, we try to give pupils a sense of deep, geological time and that different prehistoric animals lived in different geological periods.  The drawing materials that we sent the school included a Jurassic landscape with authentic Jurassic aged plants.  The school children were then able to add their own Jurassic aged prehistoric animals , as we had emailed them specifically, dinosaurs and flying reptiles that lived during the Jurassic.

Jurassic Park – By Higher Openshaw Community School

School Children illustrate Dinosaurs

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Higher Openshaw

Our congratulations to all the school children involved in the dinosaur teaching topics, their artwork and illustrations are super.

Dinosaurs on the Prowl

A Bright red Stegosaurus on the Prowl

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Higher Openshaw

The picture above shows a bright red Stegosaurus as drawn by one of the pupils with a Pterosaur (Rhamphorhynchus) flying overhead.  The colouration on the Stegosaur is particularly apt as palaeontologists believe that this plant-eating dinosaur could flush their plates with blood, making them turn bright red.  Scientist Ken Carpenter proposed that with such a rich blood supply to the dermal plates, they could have been flushed with blood at will making a colourful and impressive display.

Openshaw’s Young Dinosaur Illustrators

A very colourful Jurassic scene

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Higher Openshaw

They are certainly very colourful scenes and we enjoyed working with the school children and helping them to study dinosaurs.

An Allosaurus Hiding in the Ferns

A hiding Allosaurus

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur/Higher Openshaw

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