Wind Up Dinosaur Toys – Bring out the Director in Us

The new wind up dinosaurs are proving to be very addictive.  Since they came into stock about a week ago, we have had them racing against each other, acting out the  David Haye/Dereck Chisora boxing brawl, wandering across the warehouse floor and interrupting our regular Friday afternoon company meeting.   It seems that these little, plastic, blue (or orange) dinosaurs, toys based on a fearsome Theropod, are a big hit amongst team members.

Cute Wind Up Dinosaurs Act out the Munich British Boxing Brawl

Great dinosaur wind up toys try boxing

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

These funky wind ups are quite fun, just turn the lever at the back and watch them waddle all over the place.  Most seem to wander around in circles, a description often applied to me as I scoot round the warehouse trying to find items to fulfill orders.

They have even inspired us to take out the video camera and make a quick movie, our sort of interpretation of dinosaur extinction.

Wind Up Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Extinction

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We think they are cute and fun, making good party gifts and pocket money toys.

To see for yourself scroll through Everything Dinosaur’s dinosaur party products: Dinosaur Party Supplies

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