Soft and Cuddly Dinosaurs Stomp onto our Shelves

Today, team members at Everything Dinosaur said hello to their new range of dinosaur soft toys, a set of three plush, prehistoric animals – Diplodocus, Triceratops and a funky Tyrannosaurus rex.  Made from super soft (but very practical materials – sponge washable), these new additions to the already extensive dinosaur soft toy range marketed by Everything Dinosaur certainly add a splash of colour to our warehouse shelves.

Bright and Colourful Dinosaur Soft Toys

Super-soft, Prehistoric Plush

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Available in three sizes, babies at around 22cm in length, to big sisters and big brothers up to 29cm long and the Mums and Dads over 40cm in length, this new range gives young dinosaur fans the chance to create their very own dinosaur families.

To view dinosaur soft toys: Everything Dinosaur Soft Toys

The design team wanted to develop dinosaurs that were very soft to the touch but were also very striking and colourful.  With a pink Triceratops, a deep blue Diplodocus and a fearsome black T. rex they certainly have achieved their brief.  Since scientists remain uncertain as to the colour of most dinosaur genera, we at Everything Dinosaur cannot prove the design team wrong.  After all, colour vision was important to the Dinosauria, and why not a blue Diplodocus or indeed a bright pink Triceratops in our soft toy dinosaurs range.

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