Argentinosaurus model from Collecta

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Argentinosaurus huinculensis – Dinosaur Model out Spring 2012

For dinosaur fans and model collectors with a huge appetite for dinosaurs they can shortly get their hands on a dinosaur that had the biggest appetite of all.  Collecta are releasing a model of the huge Late Cretaceous Titanosaur known as Argentinosaurus (A. huinculensis).  In 1988, a sheep farmer stumbled upon what he thought at the time was a petrified (fossilised) tree trunk on his Patagonian farm (southern Argentina).  A team of palaeontologists from the Carmen Funes Municipal Museum came to look at the huge object, this was no fossilised tree, but the 1.5 metre long tibia (shin bone) of a huge dinosaur.

After an extensive investigation a number of enormous dinosaur bones were unearthed, including a vertebra (backbone) so large that it was almost as tall as a man.  The fragmentary fossils were not much – broken ribs, the sacrum, the single tibia and the backbone, however, this was enough to permit scientists to formally name and describe what is currently known as the largest dinosaur of them all – Argentinosaurus.

The Argentinosaurus Model due out in the Spring (Collecta Dinosaurs)

A model of the biggest dinosaur known to science.

The pose is very interesting, the animal is depicted with having much larger front limbs than hind limbs a sort of Brachiosaurid/Giraffatitan stance.  The colouration is intriguing, most Sauropods are depicted in an elephant grey colour scheme.  The patterns on the skin would have helped to break up the animal’s outline as it moved with others in a herd, perhaps an adaptation to help prevent individuals being singled out by marauding Mapusaurs and to help protect Argentinosaurus from attacks by Giganotosaurus.  Looks like the Collecta Argentinosaurus is going to be a fascinating model.