“Boar Croc” Reviewed  – in Praise of the Safari Ltd Wild Safari Dinos Model

The welcome introduction of a Kaprosuchus prehistoric crocodile model into the Wild Safari Dinos model range  provides collectors and dinosaur fans with the chance to own a replica of a terrestrial crocodile.  Kaprosuchus, a fearsome predator of the Niger during the Cretaceous.  It allows us at Everything Dinosaur the opportunity to compare and contrast the land-based croc. Kaprosuchus with the aquatic Crocodyliform Deinosuchus, also available as a model from Safari Ltd.

In our video review, we discuss the fossil evidence which suggests that Kaprosuchus was a terrestrial carnivore – the stereoscopic vision, the robust, impact resistant snout and the strong neck are all characteristics of a predator that fed on land.  We pay tribute to the Wild Safari Dinos Kaprosuchus.

The Everything Dinosaur Review of Kaprosuchus 

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this video, Everything Dinosaur compares the model of Kaprosuchus to the Deinosuchus replica and looks at the characteristics that indicate that Kaprosuchus was a terrestrial predator.

To view Safari Ltd models and replicas available from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls – Dinosaur Models

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