A Fossil Hunting We Will Go

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Bringing a Jurassic Beach to the Heart of Cheshire

Today, team members at Everything Dinosaur have been invited to Alsager (Cheshire) to provide a “Walking with Dinosaurs” experience for school children.  We are going to be undertaking a number of exercises and experiments with young dinosaur fans and their parents/guardians at the local leisure centre.  There is fossil casting, fossil show and tell, dinosaur runaround and we will also be making a mini-Jurassic beach and getting the enthusiastic young palaeontologists to help us find fossils – best of all, if they want to they can take home what they find.

There are not many opportunities to fossil hunting in the county of Cheshire, we have to thank glacial action and the Permian for much of our exposed geology.  During the Permian Period, this part of the world resembled the Sahara desert, it was what is termed a “red desert” which meant there was little life.  Many of the exposed outcrops of rock are sandstone formed from these dunes and therefore they are largely devoid of fossils.

Everything Dinosaur Leading a Fossil Hunt (Indoors)

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture shows team members at Everything Dinosaur helping young fossil finds discover fossils at an earlier event that we held.

It is a good job that we have brought plenty of fossils from our various expeditions with us, I’m sure all the boys and girls (plus their parents/guardians) will have a lot fun.