New Gorgonopsid Model from Safari (Wild Safari Dinos Inostrancevia)

After the appearance of Gorgonopsids on television programmes such as Primeval (ITV) and the sequel to “Walking with Dinosaurs” – “Walking with Beasts”, these advanced Therapsids had become quite well known, but until now finding a detailed model of such an animal would have proved difficult.

However, anybody wanting a model of these Sabre-Toothed beasts can now get their hands on Inostrancevia, one of a number of new models manufactured by Safari of Florida (United States) and marketed under their Wild Safari model series.  It is great to see the Wild Safari Dinos Inostrancevia model.

The Inostrancevia Model from Safari

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the Everything Dinosaur models: Dinosaur Toys – Dinosaur Models

Such a pleasant change to see a Late Permian predator added to a model range.  Inostrancevia is the largest genus of Gorgonopsid known to science, it being roughly the size of a Siberian tiger, which is apt as the fossils of this particular carnivore have been found in northern Russia.  The models shows the usual Safari attention to detail, especially in the open jaws which are nicely painted and show evidence of the different types of teeth this creature had in its powerful jaws – including those sabre-like fangs.

A welcome addition to the Wild Safari range.

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