Collecta Ankylosaurus Model Review

Collecta have added a 1:40 scale model of the Late Cretaceous armoured dinosaur Ankylosaurus to their scale model range.  This range has increased over the last two years and includes a number of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models, including T. rex, Brachiosaurus and a number of other armoured dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Hylaeosaurus.

A Picture of the Collecta Deluxe Ankylosaurus Replica

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The model measures twenty-five centimetres in length and stands nearly 10 centimetres tall at the shoulder.  The tail club is shown in mid swing and the animal seems to be bellowing, perhaps warding off an attack from a predatory Tyrannosaurus.  The model is well painted and the detail quite fine on what is a large model of an Ankylosaurus.

To view the Collecta range (Collecta Deluxe Dinosaurs) and other dinosaur models: Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls – Dinosaur Models

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