A Video Review of the New Papo Sabre-Tooth Cat Model

Papo introduced a hand-painted model of a Smilodon into their “Dinosaures” range a few weeks ago.  Our team members at Everything Dinosaur, have already written a number of reviews and articles concerning this new replica from the French figure manufacturer.  As part of our product review, we have produced this short video that shows this new model and comments on the use of Smilodon fossil material to help re-create this predator from the Pleistocene.

A Video Review of the Papo Smilodon Prehistoric Animal Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

These extinct predators seem to hold a fascination for many people, and no Ice Age tale such as 10,000 BC or indeed the trilogy Ice Age animated films can do without its resident Smilodons or Sabre-Tooth Cats amongst the cast of characters.

There are a number of Smilodon models available, the fine detail on the coat and the attention to anatomical accuracy puts this new Papo Smilodon up there with the best replicas.

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