Powerful, Triassic Predator Herrerasaurus

Just reviewing the data we hold on Herrerasaurus (H. ischigualastensis), a powerful, Triassic predator whose fossils have been found in Argentina.  We received an email last night from a young dinosaur fan, who wanted to know all about this Theropod as it features on our Dinosaur duvet set, along with other dinosaurs such as Protoceratops and Apatosaurus.  This dinosaur lived approximately 228 million years ago and weighing in at a quarter of a tonne it was one of the biggest predators on Earth at the time.

Herrerasaurus had a combination of primitive and advanced features for a Theropod, primitive hands with long claws, a box-like skull but a sophisticated lower jaw joint that allowed this dinosaur to take big bites.

An Illustration of Herrerasaurus

Herrerasaurus Illustration

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We wanted to feature a Triassic dinosaur on our duvet and dinosaur themed curtains range and we thought it was time we moved this particular dinosaur into the spotlight.  After all, as far as we know there has only been a handful of Herrersaurus dinosaur models made to date.

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We know that these dinosaurs lived tough lives.  A skull discovered in 1988 has tooth marks on the dentary (lower jaw) indicating that this dinosaur was bitten to the bone by another predator, perhaps a Herrerasaurus or maybe an unknown Theropod yet to be discovered – ouch!  There is also a dinosaur model of Herrerasaurus, part of the Collecta dinosaur model series.

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