Sneak Preview of Safari Wild Dinos Models 2011

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Safari Wild Dinos – Four new Models for 2011

Those clever people at Safari Ltd have created four new exciting models in readiness for 2011.  The four models represent two dinosaurs, a Gorgonopsid and an ancient crocodile.  The two dinosaurs are Edmontosaurus, a Hadrosaurine and Guanlong, an early Cretaceous Theropod from China.  The Gorgonopsid is an Inostrancevia, a Late Permian carnivore, whose fossils are associated with Russia.

The Four New Models from Safari Ltd

New “Wild Dinos”

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Clockwise from the back, Inostrancevia, Kaprosuchus, Edmontosaurus, Guanlong.  The crocodile is an ancient ancestor of modern crocodiles.  Its fossils have been found in Africa, and Kaprosuchus was about the size of a modern Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus), but was much better adapted to a cursorial lifestyle, and was capable of running quite quickly.  It fed on a variety of animals including small dinosaurs.  This particular animal is sometimes known as “Boar Croc”, due to the size of its tusk-like teeth in its jaws.  Lots of new replicas including dinosaur models available from Everything Dinosaur shortly.

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