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3 08, 2010

Dinosaur Lectures

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Presenting Information to an Audience

Over the summer months, team members at Everything Dinosaur are booked to deliver a number of talks and presentations about dinosaurs as part of ongoing science exhibitions.  Currently, a number of the staff are involved with a Tyrannosaurus rex exhibition tackling questions as diverse as discussing Pleistocene extinctions to the very existence of dinosaurs at all.  The work is fun and it is great to meet all the clever, young dinosaur fans.  The theme of the Birmingham (UK) based exhibition centres around the debate as to whether T. rex was a hunter, a scavenger or both.  We try to present the evidence from the fossil record and explain what the fossils actually tell us.  Along with this work we spend a little time de-bunking some of the assumptions people may have about dinosaurs, especially if they have watched a lot of films and TV programmes about them.

Everything Dinosaur has run its own survey with our audience at the T. rex seminars, we are plotting the number of responses to the question as to whether T. rex was a predator or a scavenger, we intend to compile our results once the exhibition work has been concluded.

To view the preliminary results: T. rex – Hunter or Scavenger?

T. rex Hunter or Scavenger?

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows one of the models at the exhibition, a Tyrannosaurus rex feeding on a Triceratops, but was T. rex a hunter or a scavenger?

2 08, 2010

Dinosaurs Go Back to School

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Dinosaurs for School

No sooner has the Summer holiday got started then we are finding ourselves looking forward to the start of the new school year.  Although Everything Dinosaur team members are only part of the way through their programme of Summer activities our thoughts are already turning to the beginning of the Autumn term.  Let’s take a look at the company’s great range of dinosaur themed stationery and dinosaur school kits.

When it comes to equipping young dinosaur fans for school, Everything Dinosaur has just about everything any young palaeontologist might need.  From pencils, pens, art materials, books, school sets and even school lunch boxes (all with a dinosaur theme of course), Everything Dinosaur is a one stop shop for back to school products and stationery.

The Dinosaur Lunch Box

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the lunchbox and other back to school dinosaur themed items: Back to School Stationery & Other Supplies

The Autumn term is likely to be busy with a number of teaching sessions and programmes already sorted with Everything Dinosaur building on the Jurassic and Cretaceous forest themes.  As for equipping the next generation of young scientists, check out Everything Dinosaur it is just about everything required to start the new school term in tip-top shape.

1 08, 2010

Update from Darren Tanke – Royal Tyrrell Museum (Alberta)

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Darren Tanke – On the Mend

Earlier this Summer we wrote in this blog about the Canadian/American expedition to re-create the voyage of Barnum Brown and company in 1910.  Barnum Brown, the then newly appointed Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, along with a dedicated team of researchers and assistants, spent the first of four seasons working along the Red Deer River in Alberta, searching for dinosaur skeletons and bone beds eroding out of the banks.

The scow (flat bottomed boat), used by Darren Tanke and his associates on their fore-shortened 2010 expedition is named Peter C. Kaisen after the technical assistant who accompanied Barnum Brown and logged their trip and discoveries.

Unfortunately, Darren fell ill and could not continue, so the expedition was abandoned for this  year.  In an email sent to Everything Dinosaur team members Darren informed us that he was now on the mend and told us about his plans for the future.

Darren says in his email, commenting on his sudden illness:

“Blood tests revealed low haemoglobin so I was anaemic plus low potassium levels.  After two weeks of vitamins and lots of sleep I am back to normal and will resume light fieldwork soon.”

Reflecting on his voyage on the Red Deer River, Darren thinks he was probably ill before the expedition started.  He thinks the stress of organising all the last minute things that had to be done probably made him unwell.  The scow was floated down to Drumheller after Darren had to leave the expedition, so it did actually float as far (maybe further) as the 1910-1912 scow of the American Museum of Natural History.

Discussing the plans for another attempt next year, he stated:

“We are thinking of a number of modifications to the scow such as adding a thin steel bottom which should allow us to slide over rocks and definitely not allow pointy rocks to burrow into the wooden bottom.”

Darren went onto describe how he and his team could easily spin the stuck scow around 360 degrees (much like a compass needle) but had to do some serious prying and lifting to heave off the scow from any underwater obstacles they encountered.

We wish Darren all the best and hopefully we will be able to report on his plans for the Red Deer River expedition 2011 in a few months time.

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