Everything Dinosaur Helps Out at Baltic Science Festival

Back in the spring we were contacted by scientists from the Department of Marine Geology at the University of Gdańsk (Poland) to supply some prehistoric animal models that would help them describe and illustrate some of the ancient marine creatures of the Mesozoic.  The University team were presenting at the eighth annual Baltic Science Festival which ran from the 27th to the 29th of May.  This event involves a number of scientific organisations and academic organisations presenting on a varied number of scientific topics to the public.  Topics covered included the invasion of alien species in the Baltic sea, wave dynamics, conservation projects and studies of the region’s fauna and flora.

We supplied models of Ichthyosaurs, Ammonites, Belemnites, Elasmosaurs and other prehistoric animals, all of them received favourable comments from mums, dads and young dinosaur fans alike.

Everything Dinosaur Models helping the University of Gdańsk

Picture Credit: Małgorzata Leśniewska

The University Team Hard at Work at the Science Festival

Scientists hard at work

Picture Credit: Małgorzata Leśniewska

Commenting on the event a spokesperson for the University of Gdansk said:

“Everything went well, kids just loved the models and we had many questions from the adults about the source of the models.  I hope they will use the information someday.”

Delighted to hear that the festival was a success, well done to everyone involved.

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